I'm playing Ireland in the 15th September 1066 start, I have actually taken the county I obtain a case on in ~ the start, and I am trying to fabricate insurance claims on the rest however it bring away sooooooo cursed long. Is there another/better method to get land?


Honestly the ideal thing you deserve to do is pat the marital relationship game, through a couple of lucky proposals and a kind amount that patience (and intrigue) you deserve to do it.

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The three basics for expansion outside of insurance claim fabrication will certainly be marriage, murder, and marketing.

Marriage: seek to marry ladies who space suo jure rulers of neighboring counties. You won't gain jure uxoris regulate of those counties, yet your heir will certainly inherit lands indigenous both his father and also his mother, thus broadening your realm as the game progresses. Seek comparable marriages for your heir, bearing in mind throughout the search that you don't necessarily require to uncover them someone that is a current ruler - just somebody who will be a leader down the road. Her grandchildren will at some point inherit those counties.

If friend can't uncover somebody that is a current ruler, or will certainly be a ruler, the next ideal thing for the expansion-minded is somebody close to a current ruler - typically a sibling - v a solid claim on their title. Once married, you can then push their case to take the land(s) in question. As above, you won't get jure uxoris control, but your heir will inherit it for you.

Murder: If the case that you, her spouse, your child, or among your vassals has actually is sufficiently close, you have the right to sometimes waver the pendulum of background with a well inserted manure explosion or pillow smothering. Make certain you understand the inheritance mechanism in location for the targeted area, however Ag-Cog primogeniture provides things very simple if it's in effect. For example, if your wife is the eldest daughter in a titled family members that has only one son, and also that son stands to inherit everything, killing that boy will leaving your mam as the heir if the kid doesn't have kids of his own yet. Alternately, if the son has actually children, death them will have the exact same effect. If the child has currently inherit the titles, however doesn't have kids yet, killing him will most likely instantly do your mam the ruler.

This is a good way to get a an effective claim, and also even kingship, for your heir. Look for a powerful person with a territory you desire to gain - a duchy, also a kingship, will carry out nicely. Verify inheritance laws, as always. Marry your kid to your eldest daughter, or come the most desirable, as you prefer. When they space married, and can't earlier out, killing the hell the end of those in the heat of inheritance front of her. As soon as the case devolves to her, prevent murdering, and let her end up being queen. Make sure she and your son create an heritage (your grandchild) and also you're collection - in two lives, you will certainly be the brand-new duke or king of that territory, as well as whatever rather you've picked up in the meantime.

One additional use of murder (and there room many) is to produce a singles sector where none previously existed. Go you uncover an incredibly preferable marriage target, enduring from the unique inconvenience the being already married to somebody else? death their existing spouse. Guess that is now in search of love? Swoop in through your marital relationship proposal before the human body is cold, and win you yourself the spouse of her dreams. Don't forget come exterminate any type of children they may currently have, for this reason yours get all the claims.

Marketing: I call it Marketing partly because it starts with M, and alliteration is fun, but mostly since it's around making people like you. Between all the killing and also imprisoning, it can easy to forget the you can additionally expand your holdings significantly just by getting people to choose you enough that they sign up with you. There room two main ways to pull this off. Firstly, you deserve to pay off, join households with, or sweet-talk adjacent nobles who fall in your du jure area. Instead of walking to war for du jure claims, an independent lower-ranking noble that is in your du jure area could just oath fealty if friend ask castle politely. If you have the choice to ask, but they're saying no, inspect the tooltip once you Mouseover the "No" an answer to see what is keeping them native doing so. If it's simply "opinion" and the plusses and minuses are virtually equal, a healthy and balanced gift could easily be enough to turn the birds to joining you peacefully. You can additionally use similar method to invite people to your court that have claims you desire to press. Check out the perform of claimants because that the preferred title, and look for those with a eco-friendly thumbs-up indicating they would be ready to move to your court. If you don't watch any, check the tool-tip because that the one that is closest come agreeing, and also start buttering castle up. After part gifts and also sweet talk, they might be willing to come to your court, and also you have the right to press their claim. If doing this, make sure to grant them a title at the very least equal to the you're walking to press for them, so they stay as your vassal after ~ the conquest rather 보다 leaving again come go become a ruler somewhere else.

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The other aspect of marketing is in killing world softly. Utilizing the intrigue emphasis or politics, you can probably come up v a way to imprison a troublemaker within your realm, or the holder the a neighboring title, there is no any an adverse opinion hit. Eliminating that human directly, by execution, is likely to make civilization think you're a tyrant though, and those opinion hits add up easily (especially if you count on vassals for your army, your council, or to no declare war on you!). Instead of execution, drop people in the oubliette. It still just counts as imprisonment, but very couple of characters live an ext than a te in there, and plenty will certainly expire in ~ a year or two. Much more importantly, while they're in there, a regent will take their place at home (who can be less troublesome), and when they dice you won't it is in penalized in any method for what was many assuredly a long, sluggish execution the a politics opponent.