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Kakadu nationwide Park is popular fishing area in the north Territory.( News: Sara Everingham)

Dr Britton claimed while crocodile strikes remain rare neighborhood fishers need to be vigilant, an especially because a great wet season had filled flow systems, make it less complicated for crocodiles to move around.

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"It would not surprise me the there's been an ext sightings, much more call outs and potentially much more incidents since there's higher opportunity because that crocodiles to come into call with people," he said.

Dr Britton warned night fishers come avoid food preparation in boats, saying this can have motivated the crocodile in the Kakadu attack.

In a statement, Parks Australia claimed it had been made mindful of the incident and that that wildlife operations team was at this time searching because that the crocodile.

Parks Australia added that it performed surveys in Kakadu to screen crocodile numbers and behaviour, and encouraged tourists to be "crocwise" when close to Kakadu's waterways.

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Posted 29 Apr 202129 Apr 2021Thu 29 Apr 2021 at 8:43pm, updated 30 Apr 202130 Apr 2021Fri 30 Apr 2021 at 4:43am

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