Why hide favourite photos in a computer subfolder once you deserve to proudly display screen them ~ above a digital picture frame? uneven a traditional print-under-glass holder, today’s electronic frames operation slideshows, present videos, play song and twin as clocks and also calendars. Part models space portable, with built-in rechargeable batteries. Almost all contain enough memory to keep hundreds, also thousands, that photos. Capacity practically always have the right to be expanded using a frame’s built-in card slot or USB port. One model even shows 3D images. 


Screens differ from a wallet-size 1.8 inches to a wall-mountable 19 inches; resolutions from as little as 160 x 128 pixels to as much as 1440 x 900 pixels.

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Pocket Viewers (1.8 – 3.5")

The smallest photo viewers also happen to be the least expensive; wherein for once in technology you nothing pay a premium because that portability. The Coby

DP180 Digital photo Keychain is so reasonably priced and also lightweight that you might hang a bunch, displaying shifting images of ornaments from a tree—real accessories optional. It’s important designed to be a digital wallet/keychain digital structure with 1MB of nor Flash memory, which would be plenty of an are to load and display assorted image of family, friends, pets and also special places—all attached to your keys or in your purse. Just gift-wrap them because that placement under the tree. An combined rechargeable lithium-ion battery strength the show, and the very same USB 2.0 port that charges the photograph Keychain lets you transfer JPEG, GIF and BMP records for viewing. The 1.8-inch slim Film Transistor liquid Crystal display (TFT LCD), with 160 x 168 full-color display resolution, is bordered by your choice of blue, black, red or white frame. Don’t forget to take advantage of the added functionality by attaching your home keys come the loop.

A action up in wallet photo-like carriage is a larger screen inside a stylish snap-cover case. The Impecca DPA 350 Touch screen Digital

photograph Album sporting activities a 3.5-inch TFT LCD touch screen with 320 x 240 resolution. When you open the cover, the album instantly powers on and affords accessibility to as many as 4,000 JPEG or BMP images, organized in approximately nine folders. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides constant power for 4 hours, much more than enough for the stranger ~ above the trip next come grandma come feign the should nap. A special feature reserves battery life once the digital picture album isn’t in use. The touch-screen controls administer a user-friendly interface to share her photos in the slideshow mode and you deserve to even add text to her digital images. This style photo album is appropriate for travelers, students and also professionals. Plus, the album case is accessible in colors including black, purple, tan, red, blue, white and also even warm pink.

Larger Portables (7 – 8")

The Digital Foci photograph Book could it is in the can be fried wedding or infant book. The contempt larger, 8-inch (800 x 600) TFT LCD display screen is equipped v a speaker and a security cover the doubles together a stand. The Photo book features 800 x 600 resolution and 4:3 element ratio. Deliver RAW, JPEG, TIF, GIF and also BMP photos v music or videos into the 4 Gigabytes of interior memory (expandable via SD and also CF storage card slots and additionally offering support for SDHC, MMC, storage Stick, ms PRO, xD cards and also a USB port); it also supports transfers from USB thumb drives. The Photo book becomes a true multimedia suffer that may also surpass my parents’ jumbo black-and-white wedding album v integral windup “Here comes the Bride” music box. (By comparison, the Photo publication weighs just 2.2 lb.)

Now, instead of putting on the soundtrack of that summer driving cross-country while girlfriend look v old photographs, you have the right to transfer the tunes and also play them right from the Photo book as you enjoy the elegant page-turning result of the slideshow feature. Uneven the pocket-sized portable albums, this unit’s rechargeable lithium polymer battery can be charged by AC adapter or USB port, and also you don’t have to use a coin together a crank.

Compared come the picture Book, the Impecca Digital Ph

oto Album offers less functionality however is additionally less expensive. Available in a white framework with black color case, the album does feature the very same 800 x 600 resolution, however only on a 7-inch LCD. The 2GB inner memory, if only half that that the photograph Book, can store approximately 1,000 digital photos and is equipped through one map slot (SD-type, yet not CF). There is no speak to assistance music or video. The display screen can be powered by an interior rechargeable battery for traveling or AC power when you stand up the structure for table use. The slideshow interval deserve to be readjusted from displaying as numerous as three photos per second to one photograph per day.

In an unusual twist, Aiptek supplies a portable, rechargeable frame with 8-inch display screen that walk something nobody of the other models in this roundup have the right to do: display photos and videos in 3D—glasses free, come boot! The Aiptek Portable 3D Photo

& video Display incorporates a parallax obstacle that superimposes one image on height of another and effectively reasons each eye to watch a separate image, developing the illusion of depth. The frame can immediately convert 2D into 3D. This important takes the classic photo frame into the 21st century; plus, friend don’t even need those 3D glasses. The screen supports JPEG for photo files, MPEG4 for video and MP3 because that audio files. Like other similar-sized albums and frames, the Aiptek display features 800 x 600 resolution. It’s only equipped v 512MB of internal memory—much much less than other units. But, you can broaden memory with SD or SDHC storage cards of as much as 16GB. Because that video, the 3D digital framework does support 720/30p output and it’s even accessible as part of the Aiptek 3D Combo kit, which includes the this firm 3D-HD 720p Camcorder.

Medium Frames (7 – 10.4")

Just as the dusty 7- come 10" picture frame is widely popular on mantles, walls, dressers and also tabletops, the 7- to 10" digital picture frame marks the most popular size variety in today’s market. The electronic version virtually always comes through an AC adapter, i m sorry is retained out of sight on a wall outlet.

Sony provides a variety of Digital photograph Frames including 7-, 8- and 10.1-inch models, each v 2GB of interior memory and multi-card slots. Like various other makers, Sony offers an LCD digital photo Frame, which it calls its Clear picture LCD Display. That boasts WVGA 800 x 480 resolution and a 16:10 facet ratio. These frames display

slideshows (a preferably of 4,000 photos have the right to be stored on their inner memory, including copies to and also from memory to storage card) and also videos (including AVCHD and motion JPEG) and also can store 40 lift songs for use through your pictures. The Sony Digital picture Frames support the MemoryStick Duo, MemoryStick pro Duo, MagicGate MemoryStick Duo, SD, SDHC and also SDXC memory cards. As well as displaying your JPEG, TIFF, BMP (Windows Format) and RAW (preview only), this frames also support motion JPEG, AVCHD, MP3, AAC and also WAV because that HD movie playback and audio playback. Sony made certain that they might playback 1920 x 1080/60p videos taken by camcorders as well. In addition, each digital frame functions an LED backlight and Image Display setup for centering the image on the screen or pour it until it is full the entire screen.

Like other digital frames, these three Digital picture Frames have actually a slideshow playback because that stills that have the right to follow ten different patterns. They also have video clip slideshow, picture playback, a clock feature and also a calendar playback as well. You have the right to juxtapose a clock/calendar in addition to

your pictures or reason the clock confront to go full screen. 

Calendar, clock and also alarm features are also obtainable in the Viewsonic 8" Digital Media Album, and also you’ll be able to enjoy customized photograph slideshows through 13 various transitions and background music. You can zoom right into a picture or play video. However, the frame has no inner memory, so you’ll should store photos, music and videos on one SD map or USB flash drive. There room programmable on and also off attributes to save energy, i m sorry supplements the already-efficient LED backlight.

The Viewsonic 8" LCD Digital framework is equipped with 4GB of internal memory, yet you deserve to insert one SD map or USB flash drive for storage expansion, too. Prefer the Media Album, the Digital structure has one energy-saving auto on/off feature, brightness adjustment and also LED backlight—making the a pretty fit for a environment-friendly home. 

The Digital Foci picture Moments 8 is an additional TFT LCD

digital photo framework with LED backlight the comes with 3 interchangeable carpet (cream, gray and also black), providing you the power of analog “surround” control. Past the 450MB of inner memory, slots accommodate CF, SD and also other memory card types. Skilled photographers will likewise appreciate the frame’s capability to read RAW and also TIFF images and also the much more common formats. It’s likewise compatible with motion JPEG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 video. Because that audio, the structure plays video, MP3, WMA and AAC files through built-in stereo speakers.

The Pandigital PanImage 10.4" Digital Photo framework is identified by an espresso-colored hardwood bezel v removable photograph matte, 1GB of inner memory and also CF map support. Girlfriend can also store and also display approximately 5,000 images, in 4:3 aspect ratio, from a USB speed drive. Integrated stereo speakers boost the show. Keep in mind that compatible styles are minimal to JPEG photos, AVI video and MP3 music.

Larger Frames (12 – 19")

If you desire your pictures and also slideshows to do the biggest impression, walk large. It’s hard to disregard the vibrancy and also brightness of photos emitted by an overlapping digital photo frame. Many frames deserve to be held on a wall as an alternate to occupying room on a tabletop. (Hooks space not included.) similar to most that the medium-sized frames above, all of the bigger frames come through remotes for to run the show from throughout the room.

The Aluratek 12" Digital Photo structure sports a glossy black bezel and tabletop stand. The last lets you revolve the display 90 degrees.

The was standing is removable so you deserve to take advantage of wall-mount holes on the ago panel because that horizontal or vertical placement. Past pictures, yes sir a built-in clock and also calendar. Girlfriend could also use the framework for digital signage. The built-in speakers pat music with a slideshow (the default) and provide audio for video. The frame has 512MB that memory, an SD card slot and also USB port.

The Viewsonic VRM1536-11 Digital picture Frame is a15-inch framework with an superior resolution the 1024 x 768 pixels. The frame display screens a 4:3 picture under one anti-glare glass surface, filling a 12 x 9-inch the town hall area. The LCD provides a wide viewing angle of 160o horizontal and 160o vertical. The VRM1536-11 has an anemic 256MB of internal memory, yet compatible storage cards incorporate SD and Memory Stick.

You deserve to enjoy picture (JPEG, MJPEG), video clip (MPEG-1/4) and also music (MP3) or you deserve to use the framework as a clock, alarm and calendar. Behind holes are constructed in for optional mounting. 

With a 19-inch diagonal, the Aluratek ADMPF119 Digital photo Frame is the largest model in ours group. Shouting 1440 x 900 pixels, it uses the highest possible resolution. The removable stand rotates 90 levels for upright orientation. The frame has 2GB that memory and accepts an SD map or USB drive. The black frame with white matting has integrated speakers and mounting holes. In addition to presenting photos, music and videos, the framework can display screen a clock or calendar.

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So, whether you desire a travel-ready slideshow that tucks into a pocket or a stay-put screen that regulates a bookshelf, yes a digital photo frame accessible to brighten her day.

 Screen SizeResolutionInternal MemoryBuilt-in BatteryBuilt-in Speaker(s)Remote Included
Aiptek Portable 3D photo & video Display8"800 x 600100MBYesStereoYes
Coby DP180 Digital picture Keychain1.8"160 x 1281MBYesNoneNo
Digital Foci photo Book8"800 x 6004GBYesMonoNo
Impecca Digital photograph Album7"800 x 6002GBYesNoneNo
Impecca DPA 350 Touch display screen Digital photo Album3.5"320 x 240unspecifiedYesNoneNo
Coby DP356 Digital photo Album v Alarm Clock3.5"320 x 240unspecifiedNoStereoNo
Sony Digital photograph Frame7"800 x 4802GBNoStereoYes
Sony Digital photo Frame8"800 x 4802GBNoStereoYes
Sony Digital photo Frame10.1"1024 x 6002GBNoStereoYes
Viewsonic Digital Media Album8"800 x 600NoneNoMonoYes
Viewsonic LCD Digital Frame8"800 x 6004GBNoMonoNo
Viewsonic VRM1536-11 Digital picture Frame15"1024 x 768256MBNoStereoYes
Aluratek Digital photo Frame12"800 x 600512MBNoStereoYes
Aluratek ADMPF119 Digital picture Frame19"1440 x 9002GBNoStereoYes
Digital Foci image Moments 88"800 x 600450MBNoStereoYes
Pandigital Digital picture Frame10.4"800 x 6001GBNoStereoYes
Pandigital LED-Backlit Digital photograph Frame15"1024 X 7682GBNoStereoYes