In the 1960"s No-Hub Couplings were the following finest plumbing creation to hit the industry and transdeveloped actors iron drainage pipe installations. This occurred simply prior to plastic piping ended up being accessible and acceptable in the plumbing sector and transdeveloped the sector all over again. In this short article we hope to administer you not just a brief background yet likewise advantageous indevelopment regarding the versatility of no-hub couplings and also their capacity to be offered for plastic piping as well.

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The History of No-Hub Couplings


No-hub couplings changed actors iron drainage pipe installations from a hazardous, tedious, professional craftsman profession, to a easier, quicker, much less devices required, safer occupation.

Before no-hub couplings were developed, hub and also spiobtained actors iron piping would certainly be linked right into fittings through hubs or bells by utilizing lead, oakum, melting pots, burners, special clamps, cast iron ladles, joint runners and also caulking irons.

All of these tools were necessary in order to encertain the plumber could pour the melted lead right into the fitting and acquire the result in evenly flow roughly the entire pipe and also seal the fitting properly. This strategy was embraced as the best feasible means to sign up with and seal pipe. You not just had to be trained, you additionally had actually to have actually years of exercise as first an apprlure and then as a journeymale, prior to you might be taken into consideration as a master phardwood in this area.

In the 1950"s the residential housing boom surfaced. The Servicemen"s Readjustment Act of 1944, which became known as the G.I. Bill, gave army veterans accessibility to affordable college education. This in turn brought about highly-educated, productive employees entering the work-related force and also Amerihave the right to businesses were willing to pay optimal dollars for monitoring and design abilities. Inexpensive oil from residential wells was helping the engines of industry to move forward. New advances in scientific research and also modern technology boosted work place efficiency. And given that any kind of would-be rivals in Asia and also Europe were in the procedure of respanning from the results of the devastation carried around by World War II, our economy flouriburned, the baby boom had started and new real estate was desperately necessary.

With the housing boom in complete swing, plumbing and building home builders involved the conclusion that connecting pipes through lead and oakum was no much longer expense efficient bereason it required as well much time and labor. Builders realized they required a a lot quicker method to attach pipe and mitigate their building costs. The Amerihave the right to pipe industry uncovered and also created a solution through the shielded no-hub coupling design.

However before, exactly how could something so easy be much better than lead and oakum? New ideas are not constantly easily acceptable bereason human being tend to be unconvinced until something proves to be better. By the late 1960"s home builders started to realize the no-hub coupling was not simply a "band-aid" yet a viable quality product that was indeed solid and also secure and was passing the test of time.

As you have the right to see, the development of no-hub couplings systematized the drainpipe pipe installation process significantly, and also with simply a 15 minute training period needed, hub and also spiacquired lead and also oakum installations quickly came to be a point of the past.

When, Wright here, and also Why You Might Need a No-Hub Coupling

Cast iron piping is still offered in most commercial structures choose hospitals, hotels, car dealerships, financial institutions, office buildings, colleges, lube shops and plenty of various other framework. Even though ABS or PVC piping can be supplied for commercial structures according to the Unicreate Pipes Code (UPC), oftentimes other neighborhood or state building codes may specify cast-iron pipe be provided due to assorted factors. Some codes limit plastic piping to no more than two story structures. Some structures may autumn under neighborhood codes for health and wellness or safety and cast iron piping might be mentioned bereason it is not susceptible to burning prefer PVC or ABS piping, have to a fire take place.

Cast iron piping is frequently used in many type of residential multi-story housing jobs bereason it provides a much quieter circulation of waste water than either ABS or PVC plastics. If you have actually ever before remained in a room on the first floor of a two story building wright here ABS or PVC was mounted and also someone flushes the upstairs toilet, you would certainly recognize what we suppose.

Although no-hub couplings were designed for cast iron they are additionally a very handy means to repair ABS or PVC. They have the right to be particularly valuable as soon as the piping is in a difficult to reach spot or the pipe is unable to be relocated in either direction to permit the repair to be made with a solvent (glue-on) coupling. The pipe can be reduced to remove the damaged location and a no-hub coupling can be set up in addition to the replacement piping.

3" ABS No-Hub Adapter through 3" No-Hub Coupling

ABS and also PVC schedule 40 piping have a slightly bigger as a whole external diameter than cast iron pipe. Tbelow is not a significant difference when comparing the outside diameter of 1-1/2" or 2" actors iron to 1-1/2" or 2" ABS/PVC pipe. For these 2 smaller sizes you can usage a no-hub coupling to affix ABS or PVC straight to cast iron piping without a difficulty. However before, if you are making use of a no-hub coupling to connect 3" or 4" actors iron to ABS or PVC then you will certainly notification a much more characterized distinction between the outside diameters of the cast iron and the ABS or PVC pipe.

To make it much easier to adapt ABS and PVC to cast iron, the ABS and also PVC fitting manufacturers produced the ABS and PVC No-Hub Adapter fitting. One side glues over ABS or PVC and the various other side is the same dimension as no-hub cast iron pipe. Without the usage of these one-of-a-kind adapters, the inner gasket of a no-hub coupling will certainly stretch as well a lot and also not provide the ideal seal possible. Note: ABS and also PVC are not compatible to glue together so if you are making use of PVC then you will certainly need a PVC No-Hub Adapter fitting, and also if you are making use of ABS you will need an ABS No-Hub Adapter fitting.

How to Install a No-Hub Coupling

No-Hub couplings have actually an inner gasket made of a man-made rubber compound, polychloroprene (neoprene). The inner gasket is surrounded by an outer stainmuch less steel shield or band through stainmuch less steel worm clamps strategically riveted to the shield to save them in location. Series 300 stainmuch less is provided for corrosion resistance. With the use of a No-Hub Torque Wrench, the installer applies 60 inch-pounds torque to the 5/16" hex-head screw for optimum and correct assembly.


Tip 1: Sindicate slide the external stainmuch less steel shield over and down the pipe first. Then put the inner gasket onto the pipe.


No-Hub Couplings are regularly perplexed with Flexible Rubber couplings which are a a lot thicker walled rubber coupling through two stainmuch less steel clamps yet carry out not usually encompass a stainless steel shield. As characterized in the Unidevelop Pipes Code area 705.4.2. a mechanical joint shielded coupling for hubmuch less cast-iron pipe and also fittings shall have a metallic shield where set up aboveground. Flexible rubber couplings through stainless steel clamps, without a shield, are designed for use below ground.

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The no-hub coupling shield is designed to readjust to variations in diameters of pipes to be associated. As the stainless steel worm clamps are tightened, the corrugated shield interlocks through itself. As even more tightening occurs, press is exerted both parallel and also crossmeans versus the inner gasket, tightening it against the pipe and also offering a solid trustworthy seal. The shield keeps the pipes aligned via each various other, avoiding sagging or changing, which could reduced or break the inner gasket. The gasket creates the seal in between the pipes (or pipe to fitting) and also helps proccasion the pipes or fittings from pulling out of the coupling.

We hope we"ve provided you answers to any questions you might have actually had actually around no-hub couplings and also if not, please execute let us understand. As you have the right to check out, tright here are many kind of supplies for no-hub couplings that can make your plumbing experience a small less complicated and also maybe more enjoyable yet still provide a sound, solid link.

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