Star metal: 2 x star steel ore; 1 brimstone; 1 black color ice in a furnace. Star steel is discovered in meteorites the land between the mounds of the Dead and also Frost holy place - black color ice is discovered in the same area.

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Obsidian: 10 x obsidian and also 1 steel bar in the build at the fine of Skelos. Obsidian deserve to be discovered in the volcano.

Star metal can be obtained by mining meteors the land all over the snowy area 12-13 D-E on her map grid. If you set your graphic settings- effects quality and also view distance to the max you have the right to spot this meteors much easier by the black color smoke the emanate. After you get the ores, location them right into a heating system with black color ice and brimstone to acquire the bars.For obsidian, go to the volcano area and also mine obsidian ores. ~ you obtain the ores, you have to go to the volcano inner area with a teleport and also reach the build there, wherein you ar the obsidian ores v steel bars and turn them into composite bars.

Also you need explosives i recommend arrowhead explosions to open up star steel meteorite and additionally note the star metal will only autumn if your in the area so friend may have to sit and wait a bit

Ps sit above where the outcast camp and bring building pieces lots for me autumn up there and also in order to mine the you have the right to not be climbing so place building right below it to getTo it toMine but don’t punch your me up usage arrows from distance the walk up and also get it

You don’t need to be in the area to have actually the meteors spawn. I newly farmed part star metal and also all i did was teleport come the snowy area and find at least 6 meteor lying around.

I play solitary player yet in digital if someone else was in the area that would create the timer however that’s what online players need to do sp have to sit and also wait a while yet it simply depends

KubiSS71 In a nutshell, due to the fact that only the immediate area around the player exists in Singleplayer mode, star steel won’t loss unless you’re in the frozen area. Choose
Gloatingtomb6 said, a an excellent place to wait is the outcast camp or on the plateau just above him. You could have come wait much more than an hour, but the meteors will fall eventually. Ns didn’t view anyone else point out it yet, but to usage the obsidian, friend will also need to learn the recipes. They deserve to only be learned by reading the stone tablet behind the ceo in fine of Skelos.

For an ext information, view Star metal Bar and Obsidian on the wiki.You can additionally use the search feature in the top right for anything else.

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Also you deserve to use grease orbs ~ above the meteors followed by demon-fire orbs to crack them opened. This is a cheaper alternative to explosive arrows.