One the the most typical questions we obtain at CRS is “how perform I understand if mine bowel prep is working?

See Dr. Carry Gentry with CRS describe what to expect and also the optimal 3 reasons some patients take longer than others.

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When prepping for a colonoscopy her doctor has actually probably talked to you about how crucial the bowel prep process is for exact results. Residue left behind deserve to make that harder because that the medical professional to check out your colon throughout the exam – an interpretation a polyp or other issue might no be checked out as clearly or also missed.

And no one desires to gain to a colonoscopy appointment and also be told their prep didn’t fully empty the colon and they’ll have to do that again.

So how do you recognize if your bowel prep isn’t working?

Everyone Colon Is Different

When To contact Our Office

If it has been an ext than 4 hours since you began bowel prep and you aren’t emotion the effectsIf you endure persistent nausea or vomiting during preparation

Many civilization start your prep and expect other to occur within minutes– but everyone is different and also for some people, prep simply takes longer to begin and complete.

For the average patient prepare takes about 6-8 hrs to complete, and also often women deserve to take much longer than men. Women often have longer colons due to childbirth or hysterectomies, so it can take much more time for product to travel with the colon.

Generally, if you’ve began prep yet haven’t feel the urge to walk to the bathroom ~ an hour, over there is no cause for issue or a contact to the doctor’s office.

However, if it has actually been much more than 4 hours because you started the bowel prep process and you aren’t feeling the impacts please call our office because that instructions. Or if you suffer persistent nausea or vomiting during preparation you need to call and let us know.

Health problems or Medications might Also impact Prep

Not complying with the instructions, or drinking clear liquids together prescribed can slow or negatively impact bowel prep. And patients through diabetes, neurologic problems or those that take particular medications or suffer from chronic constipation might take up to twice as long to complete the process.

This is simply one the the countless reasons the medical professionals at CRS may meet with patient beforehand to evaluation your health history and identify and factors the might affect the form of prep given.

It is essential to carry a list of every medication you room taking, together there room several various colon preparations and also your CRS medical professional will identify the best prep based on your certain situation.

If necessary your CRS doctor may consult with your main care, or GI doctor, to discuss stopping or transforming dosage, or specific medications before your exam.

Signs her Colon is Clear

The morning of her exam if you are still pass brown liquid v solid product mixed in, her colon may not be ready and you should contact your doctor’s office.

Passing greatly clear or just a light color, including yellow, is a sign your colon is clean enough for precise examination.

Talk to a Colon doctor in Richmond, VA

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The physicians and also staff that Colon & Rectal Specialists are committed to giving all ours patients through the special care and education needed for the treatment of colon and also rectal problems.

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