Today I"ll it is in doing Close and Open Deamons and also the Dead so let"s obtain straight right into it.

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General Info

Title: Close and also Open Deamons and also the Dead

Romaji: Musunde Hirate Rasetsu come Mukuro

Unoffical English: Hold, Release; Rakshasa and also Carcasses

Producer: Hachi

Ft. Hatsune Miku (Kagamine Len)

Uploaded: July 5, 2009

Views : 4,639,000+ (Niconico)


The song has a an extremely mysterious vibe come it i beg your pardon is an excellent for a song around deamons. It has actually a many of traditional sounding things to the too. I believe Miku"s voice sound a small high pitched yet that can just it is in me. Over there are parts in the track where she voice goes really high and Len joins in. In ~ the component where she says "In the end, everyone is however a stranger" the voice that repeats the is Len! five y"all knew that already....darn it



This track is a bit intense. That talks around the surreal people of monsters and deamons. There is no actual main story however after searching through the web I obtained something. Miku is in a romantic connection with a deamon however miku is dead. (Deamons and the dead) Fanodom Wiki claims she provides birth come cats.... Ns couldn"t make the up if ns tried. They to be aborted v skulls within them. Reportedly they live and also are sent to occupational sending fear to the world for your father.

The exact meaning is open up for interpretation.



Deamons and The Dead

Designed by: Hachi

People speculate the this is supposed to be a blend between Miku and also her Deamon boyfriend. Ns think that would make sence because that the surname of the model. I honestly dont choose this model very much mainly since of the colours. She has pail white skin and a ombre of black, green, and red for her hair. She has actually eyes painted on she hands and she wears a deamon mask.

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art through My-Magic-Dream


I honestly would have liked this tune if i didn"t recognize the meaning. Currently I"m just desturbed..... Yet it has an excellent music and a pretty module therefore I"ll give it


That"s quite reasonable

Welp ns hope y"all took pleasure in this!

Next song: Hm? Ah, correctly or 1925 (still deciding)



art through Hachi(?)

art by Alegria

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