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» Mon may 27, 2013 11:20 pm

Just a fast word that advice come everyone, i didnt understand this, and also Im sure some other human being dont understand this, yet when you space using NMM and also these 2 mods, because that the love the god, put magnified lighting and FX directly after the climates of tamriel ESP files, otherwise CoT will overwrite the light mod and also your caves will certainly not obtain the suitable light FX. I just did it and there is a human being of difference. Caves space still dark native CoT, yet the torches not blotted the end by everything filter is applied to them. There is quiet the issue of things being dark outside, yet im not fairly sure exactly how to settle that yet.

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» Tue may 28, 2013 11:38 to be

Just to provide you one idea of how much of a distinction there is.

This photo is with CoT esp records going after intensified lights and FX

This is with EL and FX going after ~ CoT

Generally together a ascendancy of ignorance i follow BOSS" fill order, yet in this situation they are very wrong.

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If friend think it"s one error in the masterlist, go report the in the boss thread.

It can just be a issue of preference regarding which result the user wants, hence BOSS puts them in around the appropriate area yet lets you decision their relative placements yourself. There could be other changes when friend swap the order, it could fix interiors yet screw up water/transparency, for example.

It"s good practice come understand just how load order will influence the mods quite than thoughtlessly trusting BOSS.

Looking at your screens, I"d say it the cross the line from choice to bug. Lights that give off basically no light are most likely unintentional


Not certain you know, yet your not supposed to use the interior/dungeon light plugins indigenous CoT through EL and FX.

Then the dungeons are waaaaaaaaaaay come bright though. It functions well as long as you location it after CoT, very well in fact. Only difficulty now is outside at night, it kind of dims the light sources. Does magnified lighting and FX darken dungeons too? i know around interiors choose inns and also what not.

This happens outside at night too, the lights end up being reallllly dim in ~ night, and also i havent discovered a equipment to that yet, except keeping default night settings, i beg your pardon is no acceptable. Yet yeah, i untintentionally uncovered out the appropriate load bespeak from another lighting mod page, tried it out, bam, much better.....

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Its not the function of ELFX come darken the dungeons (afaik) or other interiors per se but it does modify lighting in numerous of them. Likewise remember that the mod is quiet a WIP and not all interiors have actually been perfect yet.

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