All the bases are anti-whatever and also might not be bconsumed on any kind of clan war. All the war base attach is provided below the base layouts.

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Below reflects all the clash of clans bases for th4.



In town hall 4, players only make huge attacks, and also it’s an extremely reliable strategy for 3-star town hall 4. So I made a base that will protect versus max troops.

That’s the reason it’s an anti gigantic th10 war base.




All the battle base attach is functioning. By clicking the copy attach button it will redirect you to clash of clans layouts there you have the right to paste the base wright here you desire.

Keep an eye out for that $3 bundle in the keep for low tvery own halls to rate this up. Even if you don’t desire to spend money, I recommend simply putting the $3 dvery own for this; I think it is so worth it and also restricted for lower townhalls.

I got it to randomly pop up on my second and 3rd accounts at a lower tvery own hall, and also it offered prefer 2000 gems and also a ton of loot if I remember correctly.

In town hall 4, doing archer, barbarian strike is so simple. Deffinishing the archer, barbarian assaults is hard in the th4 battle base.

This base will assist you to protect against the archer, barbarian methods.

Speaking of these bases, did SuperCell readjust match-making bereason I favor to drop to bronze for loot from these bases (th11 versions but still just a cannon) but freshly, dropping down there gets me seeing a bunch of th7 stuff via 0 loot?

Ok, I foracquired they are called engineered bases till I googled it, lol

It takes virtually 3 days to max out town hall 4 through three builders hut. If you have actually an extra builder hut, then it will be the fastest method to max out tvery own hall.

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To know about all the patch notes of new update below is the connect.

Clash of Clans new summer update 

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