All the bases space anti-everything and could not be win on any clan war. All the war base connect is given below the basic layouts.

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Below shows all the clash that clans bases for th4.



In town hall 4, players only make gigantic attacks, and it’s a an extremely effective strategy because that 3-star town hall 4. So i made a basic that will defend versus max troops.

That’s the reason it’s one anti gigantic th10 war base.




All the battle base attach is working. By clicking the copy link switch it will redirect you come clash that clans layouts there you can paste the base whereby you want.

Keep an eye out for the $3 bundle in the save for low city halls to speed this up. Also if you don’t want to invest money, ns recommend simply putting the $3 down for this; i think that is so precious it and minimal for reduced townhalls.

I gained it to randomly popular music up ~ above my 2nd and 3rd accounts at a reduced town hall, and also it offered like 2000 gems and a ton of prey if ns remember correctly.

In town hall 4, law archer, barbarian strike is therefore easy. Defending the archer, barbarian attacks is challenging in the th4 war base.

This basic will assist you come defend against the archer, barbarian strategies.

Speaking of these bases, did SuperCell adjust match-making due to the fact that I like to drop come bronze because that loot from this bases (th11 versions but still only a cannon) but recently, dropping down there gets me see a bunch the th7 stuff through 0 loot?

Ok, ns forgot lock are dubbed engineered bases until I googled it, lol

It takes virtually 3 days come max out city hall 4 with three contractors hut. If you have actually an extra builder hut, climate it will certainly be the fastest method to max out town hall.

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To know around all the patch note of brand-new update below is the link.

Clash the Clans new summer update 

 Finite Gamer

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