If you’re looking for the BEST ultimate TH4 HYBRID/TROPHY base 2020!! town Hall 4 Hybrid Base style – Clash of Clans, climate you have concerned the ideal place. This base is among the finest bases for coc town Hall 4 accessible on YouTube. This city Hall 4 coc basic layout deserve to be supplied for agriculture loot/resources as well as for Trophy pushing. To know more about this TH4 ideal coc base, proceed reading this post.

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Hey guys, Dark barbarian here, now we’re do a brand-new Town hall 4 hybrid base and also I’m certain you space going come love it, This basic is so good because the so countless reasons about which I’ll tell you more later in the video. I’ll also explain why I’ve placed those elixir storages outside, for this reason don’t forget to clock the base analysis where I’ll carry out a malfunction of the basic so that you deserve to understand why I’m putting details buildings in specific places. Ns will see you guys after the rate build.


The first thing girlfriend can notice is the the townhall is well protected in the center because it has actually some loot in it and it is precious one star, therefore it is one of the an easy rules to keep in mind while make a hybrid base.

let’s discuss why those elixir storages are kept outside, well, that simply due to the fact that there space not enough walls at city hall 4 to put all the storages and also defenses inside, so clearly have to do a an option whether we desire to place our defenses external or ours storages outside, if we put the storages inside and the defenses the are exterior gets taken out there will certainly be nothing to protect those storages together they can’t defend themselves, so it makes an ext sense to ar defenses inside and use ours storages as a tank because that those defenses because those storages have high hitpoints they deserve to be supplied as a guard for our defenses, in this case, defenses room protecting storages by killing the troops that strike the storages while storages space protecting the defenses by offering them time.


you have the right to switch in between the storages depending on the type of source you require, because that example, if you’re collecting elixir for a substantial upgrade however don’t really require gold because that now, climate you switch those storages without any problem, I’ve maintained gold storages within at default since it’ll be compelled to gain those walls done.but it’s not favor we’re giving away our elixir simply to defend our defenses, us have set up some actions to store the storages defended as well, like we have placed this trash buildings in close come the storages, what this go is save the attacker troops engaged in useless buildings while our defenses will certainly be targeting opponent’s troops, and also we’ve excellent this on the other side together well, so enemies will need to takeout those 3 trash buildings prior to reaching our elixir storages.


I expect this made sense to you, the placing those storages external doesn’t do this basic a poor base.

Now let’s take it a watch at other stuff,

Mortar is put in a well-protected compartment that the base and also it consists pretty lot all the defenses and a huge portion the this outer region to protect our storages, for this reason that’s a an excellent thing.


Archer towers are inserted in such a way that their selection covers the entirety base, which means the basic is well secured versus air assaults from all sides.

The air defense is inserted in a well-protected compartment in ~ the spot from where it’s range covers a big portion that the basic or you could say pretty lot the whole base.


Cannons fill the rest of the spaces in the basic and carry out a good balance to the basic which helps united state in defending against ground strike armies.

the clan castle, we’ve inserted it outside, due to the fact that we can’t perform the unlurable clan castle stuff here, as the base is too small, and the cc doesn’t hold a the majority of loot, so ns don’t think it’s crucial to put it inside, specifically at a reduced town hall like 4let’s take a look at the trap placement,


I’ve been observing therefore many strikes on this base because that the last 7 days, and also after that, I’ve placed those spring traps in ~ the point out which perfectly align with adversaries troops pathing, for this reason if the adversary uses giants, it is very likely that they room gonna step on both of this traps.those two small bombs are those for protection versus spam attacks like BARCH and mass goblin.

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that’s pretty much it for the base analysis


I’m gonna be directly up moral with girlfriend guys, this base will be more than sufficient on that is own just if the attackers room attacking you there is no clan castle troops however if they have something their clan lock you’ll be acquiring Rekt every time unless you have actually something in her clan castle of defense as well. That’s why I constantly recommend reduced town halls to have something in their cc for defense together its one integral part of the defense specifically at lower town room levels. If no one in your clan donates shot to join some request and also leave clans, they were the ones that assisted me thrive when i was a Townhall 4 on my main and I couldn’t uncover a great donating clan, mine cc referrals would be valks or baby dragon with a balloon, however if girlfriend can’t acquire them, just have anything, miscellaneous is much better than nothing, that’s pretty much it because that this video, i hope you males learned something useful, just prior to you go to the base copy connect that I’ve detailed in the description and also the very first pinned comment, I’d really appreciate it if you could hit that subscribe button, for this reason that ns can aid you with your town hall 5 base together well, that’s every I wanted to say, view you males in the next one.


Using clan castle troops because that defending your base is highly recommended together they deserve to put the attacker in problem by distracting them. Even though the base alone is sufficient to stop many of the attacks used by city Hall 4 attackers, using the clan lock can assist a lot. At city Hall 4 girlfriend can obtain Maximum the 15 housing an are in her clan castle, below are some of my recommendations for CC troops combinations for defense at town Hall 4 :-

1 Valkyrie + 1 wizard + 3 Archers(Recommended)1 baby Dragon + 1 Wizards + 1 Archers1 Witch + 3 Archers

Since most human being can’t acquire these troops from their clans, you can also use various other troop combinations which room easily available like every wizards, every balloons or any other troop mix but i highly recommend you to have actually above-mentioned troops for ideal defensive endure at city Hall 4.


Mortar put in a well defended spotDeadly catch placement follow to troops pathingTownHall inserted in the centerAir Defense is well protectedCannons evenly placed gives a balance come the baseGreat against ground and air armiesOptimal for Farming and also Trophy PushingArcher Towers pretty much cover the entirety base


If you want to copy this base just click the Copy basic Button, it will redirect you, from wherein you can conveniently copy this base design.