Clash that Clans is conveniently one of the most popular mobile gamings of all time. There are many Mod version of Clash the Clans obtainable online. Clash the Clans exclusive Server provides the very same possibilities as the official version, through upgrades and also unlimited gold, gems, and also elixir. Therefore today, let’s look in ~ the top 10 most renowned Private Server that Clash the Clans and how come download Clash that Clans mod on your Android or iOS device.

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Why CoC private Servers exist?

We all have actually played Clash the Clans or CoC as soon as in a while. It was the most renowned mobile game back in 2015-2018. However, nothing lasts forever. Through the increase of fast-paced battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile and also Fortnite, Clash of Clans has somewhat shed its popularity. Numerous players left Clash the CLans due to the fact that it requires a the majority of time and also patience. You build your village, update your town hall, unlock brand-new troops, upgrade them in Labotary, update your town hall again and repeat. That is a never-ending process. Also, cultivating sources take a long time.

It is primarily an issue for players who want the ultimate troops and town as conveniently as possible. Together Clash that Clans is an digital Game, using any type of illegal approaches like (hacks, cheat codes) will get you banned. However, there is a method to get unlimited gems, Gold, Elixir in Clash the Clans. How? girlfriend will require a Privet server apk.

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Top 10 best Private Server Clash of Clans

There are thousands of personal CoC servers top top the internet, however all servers aren’t the same. While most of castle are sluggish with poor uptime, others space malicious and insecure. Detect a good server is crucial for a great game experience. Furthermore, a poor malicious server may pose privacy and also security issues. So, is there an easy way other than testing each one wasting hrs trying to discover a dependable safe server? Yes, the course!

Lucky for you, we at Shadow items Gaming, have currently gone v the trouble of testing each one of them the end personally, for this reason you can rest easy! right here is the list of the Top 10 ideal Private servers the Clash of Clans

Clash the MagicMiroClash COCClash of LightsDark spirit COCToxicLandClash of PhoenixClash HeroNew FHx-Server RebornClash the DreamsRoyalWar | Builder Base

All this servers are secure and also have fantastic uptime. Come further aid you, below are our optimal 5 picks amongst the bunch.

Clash of Magic


Clash the Lights, aka Clash that Clans light Server, is the many stable, fastest, and also robust exclusive server. Comparable to the FHX exclusive server, Clash that Lights is only accessible for Android users. This COC server has the lowest downtime among all other servers. No wonder it has actually the largest user base (52%) of all personal servers. Ideal gaming experience, countless resources v the finest uptime, makes Clash of lights the server of an option for a many clash that clans fans. There room a total of 5 servers.

Clash of lights server 1COL server 2Clash of Clans irradiate server 3CoL server 4Clash of lamp server 5Features:Unlimited resources and gemsUnlock whatever in minutescreate custom buildings and also heroes (Bowler King, infant Dragon Tower, whatever your fantasy will come increase with)Zero develop timeNo root RequiredRequirements :operating system: Android 4.4 or aboveRAM: 512MBStorage: 500MB

ToxicLand is one of the most well-known Coc private servers. Toxic Land likewise has a variety of servers. Every one of them have limitless Dark Elixir, Coins, Gems, and also Elixir. There room 4 servers below in the game. Server 1 and also 2 come with an imaginative building items and troop items. Meanwhile, Server 3 and 4 are favor the original games with infinite resources. . Therefore, if you are searching for Clash of Clans mod app, then you could try the following two servers.

As mentioned over there space 4 private servers APK’s for the ToxicLand COC version. The includes:

Server 1: toxicity Magic: This server has unlimited mods, commands, and buying.Server 2: The room of Toxicity: This server has mods and also commands with a purchase limit.Server 3:- The strength of Toxicity: This server walk not encompass mods and also buying limits.Server 4:- The power of Toxicity 2: The server contains commands, but not any mods.Features2,000,000,000 Coins, Elixir, Gems, Dark Elixir.Buildings: Bomber Tower, heal Tower, etcResources: consisting of Gem Mine, Clock TowerCommands: used at global ChatRequirements and extr information:operating mechanism requirements:Android 4.0.4 or aboveTo install the app you have to turn ~ above installation native the “Unknown sources” option inSettings> added setting> privacy

Clash of Phoenix

Clash of Phoenix is a personal server because that Clash that Clans that offers unlimited quantities of coins, gems, and elixir, no waiting time, and much more. As it is on a exclusive server, you can get everything you would generally have come pay because that in main Clash the Clans. It’s just cost-free once you start playing the game.

FeaturesUnlimited resources choose coins, gems, and elixir.Unlimited troops. 0 build time for troops and also heroes.Global conversation and challenge global players for a fight.Battle with new troops like Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, and also Bomber, etc.Night mode is also available for both bases.

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Requirements and added information:operating device requirements:Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)To download the application you should turn on installation indigenous the “Unknown sources” alternative inSettings> added setting> privacy


These room a few of the Best CoC private Servers present to date. Us hope this short article was helpful. Let us recognize your think in the comments below. Also, follow united state on social media for more Clash the Clans news. We will watch you in our really next post.