Twitch is a live TV streaming platform wanted by gamers throughout the world. It allows them live stream their gaming conference to people throughout the world. Apart from that, people are likewise using Twitch to stream their activities like cooking, singing, and also more. If you uncover an amazing streamer, you have the right to follow your channel to acquire instant notifications around their broadcast. Moreover, you deserve to stream their video clip on the bigger display screen of TV by spreading it via Chromecast. Also if you had Chromecast integrated TV, you could actors Twitch videos to it from her smartphone or Chrome internet browser installed Smartphone or PC.

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Twitch has built-in support to view the videos top top the Chromecast device. Girlfriend can actors it straight from the Twitch application that you mounted on Android or iPhone. Those who had actually Windows or Mac computers can use the Chrome browser to cast the Twitch videos.

How to Chromecast Twitch Videos utilizing Android/iPhone

Step 1 – beginning the Twitch application that friend installed and also ensure that you’re logged in.

Step 2 – Click the Cast icon that you can view ~ above the peak of the screen.

You can’t discover the actors icon if her smartphone and Chromecast are associated to various WiFi network.



Step 4 – once connected, beat the video you want and it will certainly play ~ above the TV.

While casting, you can use the smartphone for other purposes without transforming off the WiFi connection.

Step 5 – as soon as you finished watching, click the Cast symbol again and choose STOP CASTING.


How come Chromecast Twitch Videos using Computer

Ensure the the Chrome browser installed ~ above your web browser is updated on the recent version. If not, update your Chrome browser and also then follow the below steps.

Step 1 – launch the Chrome browser and also visit

Step 2 – Login to her account and also select the Twitch video that you desire to cast.

Ensure the your PC and also Chromecast was connected to the same network.

Step 3 – Right-click top top the screen and hit the Cast menu.


Step 4 – select your Chromecast machine and wait because that PC screen to mirror on the TV.

After mirroring the screen, pat the Twitch video that you want to view in bigger screen.

Step 5 – Now, watch the Twitch video clip on your TV screen.

Twitch Not functioning on Chromecast – an easy Fixes

Sometimes as result of some reasons, the Twitch might not be cast to your desired device. The reason may vary follow to the issue. Regardless of the reason, shot these procedures out to settle the issue.

Check even if it is the Chromecast is properly linked to the TV or not.Choose the ideal input source on her TV.Check for recent updates on her Chromecast an equipment and Twitch app.Uninstall the Twitch app on your smartphone >> restart your an equipment >> reinstall the Twitch app.

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Most probably, the concern will be addressed with the above steps. If not, reset her Chromecast and then shot to cast the Twitch videos.

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