Google teamed up with Lucas Film to add Star Wars themes to many type of of the apps you use every day on the desktop and also mobile.

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Thanksproviding doesn’t happen until Thursday, yet Google is currently preparing a feastern of sorts for Star Wars fans leading approximately the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18. Starting Monday, you deserve to add a Star Wars theme to numerous Google apps and declare your allegiance to the Jedi or the Dark Side.

Visit from your web browser (Chrome functions ideal, of course) and choose your allegiance once signed in to your complimentary Google account—work-related, education, and federal government accounts can’t use this feature.


YouTube mirroring Jedi lightsaber colors.

Then watch as your Google apps reflect your option. Gmail gets a new background picture, YouTube’s progression bar turns right into a blue or red glowing lightsaber shade, and Google Maps adds Star Wars-themed pegmales and also location indications on mobile—the light side gets Rey’s crazy-looking land also speeder.


Chrome’s Star Wars-themed tabs.

There’s additionally a Chrome expansion dubbed Awaken the Force Within that mirrors you different Star Wars background pictures when you open up a new tab—I counted seven all together for the light side.


Google adds Star Wars dates to your calendar.

The one thing you might uncover annoying is that Google adds occasions for Star Wars: The Force Awakens days to your calendar, including first showings and also the official theater dehowever.

Tright here are far more apps through Star Wars additions—12 at this writing—consisting of Android Wear, Chromecast, Google Translate, and also Waze.

Google says there are likewise some easter eggs surprise amethod for you to uncover, and more Star Wars additions will certainly roll out leading approximately the movie release.

The influence on you at home: If you don’t check out any type of alters right away give it some time. Google states “it may take a couple of hours for the Force to awaken within all your apps.” Some items are additionally just obtainable on the desktop consisting of Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube. If you obtain exhausted of one allegiance and also desire to endure the other side, you have the right to execute that by visiting aobtain and also clicking Change Side. You have the right to additionally revert to the non-Star Wars look if you’d favor. Google’s Star Wars experience works on Android, iOS, Chromebook, Mac, and also Windows.

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