This is rather a weird trouble to confront on your computer system as it appears that the role wheel on her computer’s mouse doesn’t seem to job-related while you space using Google Chrome. Exiting or minimizing Google Chrome provides the difficulty go away but many users wonder what could have resulted in this issue and how to settle it.

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Scroll Wheel Not working In Chrome

Luckily, plenty of users post the methods they used to settle this difficulty online and we have chose to conference the most helpful ones in this post for you to inspect out!

What causes the Scrolling Wheel to prevent Working in Google Chrome?

There are rather a few different things which can cause the scrolling wheel to stop working when in Google Chrome. Us have decided to create a shortlist of feasible causes for you to check out. Determining the correct cause can assist you find the perfect method more quickly so make certain you check out the list below.

Smooth scrolling – Smooth scrolling is probably already handled by your mouse’s administration program mounted by the manufacturer. That is why it’s crucial to disable smooth scrolling in Google Chrome, under speculative features.Extensions – Google Chrome expansions which manage mouse movement and scrolling can likewise cause concerns so make sure you disable them and see even if it is the worry persists.

Solution 1: Disable Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome

Smooth scrolling is an speculative feature in Google Chrome. Many users who proficient the role wheel worry in Google Chrome reported the disabling this option fully managed to resolve the issue and also make the wheel operate typically again. Follow the instructions listed below to settle this issue!

Open Google Chrome through double-clicking its symbol from the desktop or by trying to find it in the start menu. Form in the attend to below in the deal with bar to open up Experiments:

chrome://flagsLocate the Smooth Scrolling noted below within the Experiments window, under the Available tab. You have the right to use the search bar in ~ the optimal of the home window to locate it as the perform is really long. Make certain you find for Smooth Scrolling, discover the connected settings, and set it to Disabled.

Disable Smooth Scrolling in Google ChromeRestart Google Chrome and also check to watch if utilizing the scroll wheel is quiet a problem!

Solution 2: Uninstall Mouse-Related Google Chrome Extensions

Using extensions and plugins which readjust how your computer mouse behaves once using Google Chrome is no recommended. No issue whose computer mouse you are using, you probably mounted their drivers and also management programs which address scrolling and mouse movement. Utilizing Chrome extensions as well can only reason this problem to appear and you more than likely don’t want that!

Open Google Chrome by double-clicking its symbol from the desktop computer or by trying to find it in the start menu. Type in the attend to below in the attend to bar to open Extensions:

chrome://extensionsTry to locate the expansion which could cause mouse concerns (e.g. SmoothScroll or CRxmouse) or an extension which was included recently and click the eliminate button beside it to eliminate it indigenous Google Chrome permanently.

Disable Chrome extensionRestart Google Chrome and check to check out if girlfriend still notification that the scroll wheel ~ above your computer mouse doesn’t job-related when utilizing Google Chrome on your computer!

Solution 3: Reinstall Google Chrome

Reinstalling Google Chrome is a great way to resolve countless different issues regarding many various things. Also, this will make certain you have the latest version of the browser installed on your computer and many users have actually reported that the newest versions it seems to be ~ to have handled this difficulty completely! follow the steps below to reinstall Google Chrome.

Click the Start menu and open Control Panel by in search of it merely by typing v the start menu window open. Alternatively, you have the right to click the cog icon in the lower-left part of the Start menu to open up the Settings application if you room using windows 10.
Opening setups from start menuIn Control Panel, choose the View as: Category option at the top right edge of the regulate Panel window and click Uninstall a Program under the Programs section.If you space using the Settings app, clicking Apps should immediately open a perform of all set up programs on your computer so wait because that a while because that it come loadLocate Google Chrome in control Panel or Settings and click ~ above Uninstall/Repair. Follow any instructions which show up afterward come uninstall the completely.
Uninstalling Google Chrome

Solution 4: use Microsoft Office Scrolling Emulation Only

This beneficial option situated inside computer mouse settings in regulate Panel regulated to deal with the problem for many users. Unfortunately, the option is not accessible on home windows 10 and also 8 so only older version of the home windows operating device might advantage from this method. Check it out below.

Open Control Panel by searching for it in the Start food selection or by making use of the Windows crucial + R vital combination, typing “control.exe” in the run box, and also clicking OK to run Control Panel.
Running regulate PanelIn control Panel, pick to View as: huge icons in ~ the top right corner and click ~ above the Mouse switch to open this section. Navigate come the Wheel tab and make sure the box next to the “Use Microsoft Office Scrolling Emulation Only” box is checked!
Use Microsoft Office Scrolling Emulation OnlyTry scrolling within Google Chrome currently to check out if it works properly!

Solution 5: add an exemption for Google Chrome in her Mouse’s Settings

This an approach is also meant because that older versions of Windows where this problem most often occurs. Including an exception for Google Chrome way it will certainly be cure differently and the existing settings i will not ~ apply. This pipeline room for the app or extension at this time controlling Google Chrome to take it over. This must resolve the problem for great so make sure you monitor the steps below carefully!

Locate the Google Chrome shortcut anywhere on your Desktop. Girlfriend can likewise search because that it in the Start menu by click the Start menu or the search button and typing. Either way, right-click the Google Chrome entry and choose the Open file location native the context menu which will appear.
Chrome >> Open file locationThe folder include the chrome.exe executable have to open. By default, it need to be C:\Program papers (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application.No matter which folder opens, left-click the attend to bar in the folder, right-click the selection, and choose the Copy option from the context food selection which will appear. Friend can additionally use the Ctrl + C crucial combination.
Copying the route to chrome.exeOpen Control Panel by trying to find it in the Start menu or by using the Windows vital + R vital combination, inputting “control.exe” in the operation box, and also click OK to run Control Panel.In regulate Panel, pick to View as: large icons at the height right corner and click on the Mouse switch to open this section. Navigate to the Wheel tab and also select Exception in the Wheel section.
Mouse in manage PanelA pop-up window should show up so make sure you choose Add when it opens. Under Application name, write Google Chrome and under Program Path, right-click and also choose the Paste choice from the menu. You have the right to use the Ctrl + V vital combination together well. Click on use >> OK and exit computer mouse settings.Try scrolling inside Google Chrome currently to check out if it functions properly!
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How to solve the scroll Wheel not functioning in Chrome problem on Windows?

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