Our beautiful Christmas map list resolve book binders are designed and also handcrafted in our own bindery in the united States. Each exhibits high-quality craftsmanship, timeless style, and a convenient design. Save the names and also addresses of Christmas map senders and also receivers in ~ it’s alphabetically indexed pages. Space is included to track the year you got a map from each gotten in person and also when you sent out one. That is compact 4x6 size enables you to carry it around with you throughout the holiday season. Every is finished with a top quality faux leather and also features a seasonal design.

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Handcrafted in ours Connecticut bindery for the highest quality and also attention to detail. Beautiful design & color on a durable faux animal leather material. Christmas card list attend to book come pre-filled indexed pages. Perfect 4" x 6" size to organize and also track her list of yearly Christmas map recipients.
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Address Books
Holly through Red Ribbon
1 Holiday map List book with Inserts
Faux Leather
4" x 6"
Switzerland, unified States
Robert Dohar
Robert Dohar to be born in Warren, Ohio in 1958. He began his researches at the Ivy institution of skilled Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before moving to Lucca, Italy where he studied with Giovanni Delmonte. He later on attended the art Students league of brand-new York under the indict of Robert Beverly Hale, and the Rhode Island college of Design. The has showed widely in new England, and is in numerous private collections throughout the country. Mr. Dohar currently lives and also works in Kennebunk, Maine.

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