I have been listening come a lot of Chris Stapleton songs lately. His real tear-jerker song, “Daddy doesn’t Pray Anymore”, is one that hit me this week. It is in his “Traveller” album, which won Top country Album on the country Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Academy of country Music Awards, and also Billboard Music Awards indigenous 2015 come 2017.

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A song Penned in just 10 Minutes!

Years ago, while chris Stapleton and also his wife, Morgane, were acquiring ready for an event Chris was trying to make her rush, involved they would certainly be late. Morgane, thinking she still demands a the majority of time come prepare tells kris to “write a tune or something” while the waits. So, he did. Chris currently had the idea in his mind prior to he put it intoa paper. Thinking around his father, he defined him as someone that “prayed-at-every-meal” sort of guy. Until, someday he saw on among the holidays and also it fight him the he did not hear his dad pray. Kris recalled writing the song about 2005, but it acquired weight after ~ his dad passed away.

Morgane added that castle did not leave automatically because Morgane has actually to gain her composure after chris sang it for her. The tune was written in simply 10 minutes. As what Morgane said, Chris’ constantly has half-written lyrics, a line, or a guitar riff in his page, never ever was the blank.


Of “Traveller”, “Daddy doesn’t Pray Anymore”

Chris Stapleton’s father as he claimed turned top top his switch. It do him desire to execute some points harmoniously the he believed his dad would have liked. Such to be what that did ~ above his 2015 album “Traveller”. that is about highways and also heartaches. The is also a natural blend that the music Stapleton’s father filled their house with country, soul and also Southern rock. “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore” is absolutely one the his finest, ethical story songs ever released. He likewise told that the song might sound various now the his father is gone.

“Today I adhered to daddy down to church and listened to the preacher read god’s word us sang his favourite hymn yet daddy didn’t do a sound This afternoon fine lay that in the soil Daddy don’t pray anymore i guess he’s lastly walking with the mr He used to fold his hands and bow his head under to the floor however daddy nothing pray anymore.”

Like Chris, I once coped with my father’s loss. Through Jesus, mine dad taught me to find out to love people. Like Chris’ blog post in composing the song, let us all love a little an ext before we perform not pray anymore.

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Click the music video clip below, and I imply you seize a hanky prior to hitting play.