In enhancement to the leg verb and the intransitive verb, over there is a 3rd kind of verb called a linking verb. Words (or phrase) which complies with a linking verb is referred to as not one object, however a topic complement.

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The most typical linking verb is "be." other linking verbs are "become," "seem," "appear," "feel," "grow," "look," "smell," "taste," and "sound," among others. Note that several of these are periodically linking verbs, occasionally transitive verbs, or sometimes intransitive verbs, depending on how you usage them:

Linking verb with subject complement

He was a radiologist before he ended up being a full-time yoga instructor.

Linking verb with topic complement

her homemade chili smells delicious.

Transitive verb with straight object

i can"t odor anything through this terrible cold.

Intransitive verb through no object

The inner of the beautiful new Buick smells strong of fish.

Note that a subject match can be either a noun ("radiologist", "instructor") or one adjective ("delicious").

It"s def. No A or D.

I"m not sure, but it"s def. In between B and also C and also I lean an ext towards B. An excellent luck!

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Choose the sentence that has actually a subject complement.?

A. The nurse felt my pulse.

B. I felt much better.

C. The day ended with plenty of surprises.

D. Us can't leave without seeing her.

Definitely B.

Reason: In A, the word "felt" is an activity verb. The nurse is doing the activity of feeling someone"s pulse.

C: "With countless surprises" is a preposition phrase. Straightforward subject is "day." activity verb is "ended." Thus, there is no topic complement.

D. "Without seeing her" is another prepositional phrase. "We" is the basic subject. "Can" and also "leave" room the helping and main verbs, respectively.

And finally B: "I felt lot better." Substitute words "am" for "felt" and you can quickly see the no action is going on -- just a description.

I pick B.

Felt is a linking verb and also "much better" defines how the subject, "I" felt.

B is absolutely correct. I simply did the test - B is right.

I THINK C. I really didn"t discover those in school but my procedure of removed I obtained C.

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B is incorrect

its actually A!!!

none of them

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