If CHIPOTLE.COM works, but you cannot access the website or its separation, personal, instance page, shot one of the possible solutions:

web browser cache.

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come delete the cache and get the present version of the page, refresh the page in the internet browser using the key combination Ctrl + F5.

Access to the site is blocked. clear your web browser cookies and change the IP attend to of the computer.

Antivirus and firewall. check that anti-virus program (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus or one analogue) or a firewall mounted on your computer do no block accessibility to CHIPOTLE.COM.

DNS cache. clear the DNS cache ~ above your computer system and try to accessibility the site again. clock how-to video clip ↓

VPN and different DNS services.

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VPN: for example, NordVPN; alternate DNS: OpenDNS or Google windy DNS.

internet browser Plugins. because that example, the AdBlock extension, in addition to ads, can block the contents of a site. Find and also disable comparable plugins for your site.

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Admin • comment pinned # Possibly, redirect from various versions is configured erroneously on chipotle.com. In this case, usage the links below: http://chipotle.com https://chipotle.com http://www.chipotle.com https://www.chipotle.com

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Guest • 4 mins back # 11 September 2021 Log-in

Guest • 6 mins earlier # 11 September 2021 app

Guest • 2 days ago # 9 September 2021 Website

Guest • 5 days ago # 5 September 2021 general Outage

Guest • 30 days back # 12 respectable 2021 GeneralOutage

Guest • 43 days ago # menu says they are temporarily out of lettuce and also fajita veges however store is no out when you walk insi

Guest • 49 days ago # Rewards

Tracy • 64 days ago # Oh...did no download app....this was their regular website

Tracy • 64 days ago # produced an account with their website...tried to log in yet get message that "somethings not rather right". Number of attempts. It let me reset password. Tried to log in in with brand-new password...same message.

Jeanne Andres • 66 days earlier # app not working. I have actually been make the efforts to gain into my app all day come take benefit of my BOGO entree that expires this day at 10pm. My app says net not working yet obviously the is because I to be posting here and also I have had no problem with any type of other apps or internet consumption all day. My coupon will certainly expire and also I to be never also able to access my prize offer. I"m wondering if anyone rather is having the same worry as it appears oddly coincidental that it works every various other time except the job I require the coupon for a freebie...

Guest • 66 days back # using rewards online

Tony • 78 days earlier # as with many the you, not able to use the app - obtaining that No Internet link error. This has actually been choose this for several weeks now. Greatly recently tried to launch this night - no luck! also deleted app and also reinstalled. Nothing works. I usage a Galaxy S7. This has acquired to be a Chipotle this firm tech worry with the app. Expect they have the right to resolve that soon. It"s annoying.

Cindy • 78 days earlier # I"ve to be trying for three days to placed my receipts in, what"s going on

Steve • 83 days ago # app says aw shucks no internet link

Rachel • 85 days ago # app says no net connection. I have an S7.

Guest • 86 days back # application

Hungry Hungry Human • 87 days ago # app still down, won"t go past the display with "Aw shucks, there"s no internet connection."

Zach stewart • 90 days back # app says no net connection... Android galaxy s9

Brigette • 90 days ago # is Chipotle application down ??

Guest • 97 days ago # app not allowing login

Guest • 105 days earlier # online ordering down

Guest • 107 days back # Network link

Guest • 113 days earlier # App and website and rewards

Guest • 115 days earlier # recent Orders

Guest • 130 days ago # i can’t add anything to the bag

Guest • 142 days back # App and also website

Guest • 146 days back # Can"t submit credit card because that payment

Guest • 150 days back # Payment part

the was out but • 162 days ago # It worked for me just now

stella • 162 days earlier # hey y’all chipotle worker here, our mechanism isn’t agree orders so they room restarting that so sorry

Guest • 162 days ago # Who"s DTF?

Guest • 162 days back # Website under

Guest • 162 days back # ns think its down

Mel • 162 days earlier # App and also website down

Guest • 162 days ago # app and also website not working

Guest • 162 days earlier # App and website

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ChrisEOlive ns sorry to hear that. You have the right to reach ours customer care team straight at https://t.co/f9ORz2lwlF. IF friend have problems submitting the form please clear her cache and also cookies or usage a various browser. Friend can likewise use the chat option at https://t.co/xw5wqbYse9. -Ty read the resource 69 days back 4 July 2021


JagerPugh ns would try on desktop computer to check out if that works! If the app is still giving you problems please let us know much more at https://t.co/f9ORz2lwlF -Ty review the resource 92 days back 11 June 2021

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