The Wrath that the maker raid, one ARG and a prolonged Exotic pursuit all resolve in Outbreak Prime, a brand-new Exotic pulse rifle come fill out the A Life Exotic entrance in your record Book.

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Destiny: climb of steel players have actually unravelled a prolonged and delightful mystery.

Find an ext Exotic quests and other tricks in our Destiny: rise of iron guide.

Turns the end this week"s baffling Destiny: climb of iron ARG eventually produced a map, which enabled players to find and activate the final monitor in the Wrath the the an equipment raid. This unlocked the critical laster prevent the secret chest in ~ the end of raid, i beg your pardon kicks turn off a new Exotic quest leading to the Exotic pulse rifle everyone"s been looking for.

Serious kudos come the Destiny community, especially the Destiny and also Raid keys subreddits, for resolving this hugely connected mystery.

Tracking down and completing this Exotic quest will tick off one more entry in A Life Exotic bringing friend one action closer to perfect your rise of Iron document Book, for this reason you certainly want to acquire on it. Arekkz explains the quest step-by=step in the video above, yet let"s quickly break that down:

Update: In the walkthrough listed below we point out how necessary it is to have a fireteam consist of of one Warlock, one Hunter and also one Titan. Don"t worry about this too much; it turns out players that have already completed the pursuit can assist out those act it because that the very first time by purchase a new SIVA Engine native Shiro-4. If you"re functioning alone and also ready to tackle Be The Battery, That Light may Bind or Equalisation Equation, make a short article on one LFG site specifically requesting assist with this quest. We recommend The100, which works best for game sessions advertised at least half a day in advance.

Channeling the Corruption Exotic quest

1. Activate the 5 monitors in the Wrath the the machine raid

Dive into Wrath of the device and search out the monitors you"ll need to access the last chest behind the laser grid.

Climb into the waiting vent in the front-left safe room in the second Archpriest Vosiks encounter arena.Turn ideal halfway with the jumping sequence between Archpriest Vosiks and the Siege Engine. Rise the pipes and also scaffolding in the room in ~ the end.Jump off the ago off the Siege Engine after completing the encounter and also wait because that it to fall. Look for a panel turn off the side of the wall. Rise onto the pipe inside.The 5th monitor is best by the laser network after the second Aksis, Archon prime encounter.

2. Open up the chest after ~ Aksis, Archon Prime

Take under the last boss that the Wrath of the an equipment raid and also you"ll have accessibility to the 5th monitor. If you"ve hit all of them, you have the right to then pass through the now inactive laser grid to open the chest. You"ll receive a SIVA Engine and the Exotic quest Channeling the Corruption.

3. Speak come Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

Speaking come Shiro-4 completes the search step An Engine less Ordinary.

4. Complete Be the Battery

The 2nd step the the Channeling the Corruption quest has actually multiple requirements, yet it"s no as directly forward together it looks. In order to have the tasks listed below count, your fireteam should contain one Hunter, one Warlock and also one Titan and all 3 players should be moving the SIVA Engine item.

If you satisfy those requirements, get through this task list:

Complete a Nightfall strikeComplete three public occasions (including Archon"s Forge) in the PlaguelandsComplete three Heroic strikes or Crucible matchesGet 50 kills through a pulse rifle

5. Complete That Light might Bind

Now it"s time to synchronise your three SIVA engines. Gather your fireteam of one Hunter, one Warlock and one Titan in ~ Felwinter Peak and also inspect the SIVA Engine in your menus. Activate the very first node to pack the rest of the grid. Each of the three characters must then go into their succession simultaneously. From left come right, the sequences are:

Hunter: middle, bottom, middle, middle, bottom (2,3,2,2,3)Warlock: bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom (3,1,3,1,3)Titan: bottom, middle, bottom, middle, bottom (3,2,3,2,3)

When all three fireteam members have entered their sequences, all will be able to tick turn off the extra 2 nodes that appear, and also then the an extremely final node, to finish the quest step.

6. Speak come Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

Shiro-4 will provide you the parts of the entirety quest step.

7.Complete parts of the Whole

Now you have a brand-new shopping perform of jobs to complete. "Actively explore" just way making kills, collecting resources and doing missions, and also you"ll most likely tick the off together you execute the Archon"s create battles. Because that Sepiks Perfected, you"ll need to load the Devil"s Lair strike at the 320 irradiate level.

Actively explore the PlaguelandsFight in the Archon"s build three timesDestroy Sepiks Perfected

9. Complete Equalisation Equation

Return to Felwinter peak for an additional round of succession entry ~ above the SIVA Engine. There are four nodes in each shaft this time, therefore we"ve numbered them from one to four, height o bottom. Therefore from left to right, you want to get in the complying with simultaneously:

Hunter: 2,4,4,1,4 OR 4,1,2,3,3Warlock: 1,3,3,3,4 OR 2,3,4,4,4Titan: 4,2,1,2,3

Hunters and also Warlocks should shot both patterns and also if one doesn"t job-related switch to the other. As soon as everyone"s finished, just hit the critical node come finalise.

8. Speak to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

Shiro will give you the running the Math pursuit step.

9. Finish Running the mathematics

The step has you operation the raid again v the same character. After defeating each the the three major encounters (Archpriest Vosik 2nd encounter, Siege Engine, Aksis Archon Prime second encounter) friend will get a SIVA manage Grid. You need all three to proceed.

11. Speak come Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak

That"s it! Shiro-4 will provide you the Outbreak prime Exotic Pulse rifle.

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What a marathon. Hopefully the weapon is worth the initiative - however certainly ticking of a increase of stole Record book items is a big deal to many players.