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Hi,Quick question: everyone tried come exchange the oil pan gasket on a Nova (68-74, CSB) there is no removing the engine?Is it come tight as soon as it comes to subframe/steering?Kind regards /Peter


Bummer... There"s never ever a fast fix. Got myself an oil leak in prior of my new built engine. More than likely (hard come see) where the oil pan and timing covering meets. Annoying.../P

I have properly fixed a leak that area double without removing the pan. Very first clean the area genuine well through brake clean, maybe much more than when until any evidence of oil seeping out is gone. V the pan, timing cover and rubber seal every clean and also dry apply RTV and work it into the areas over and listed below the gasket. Store pushing little amounts roughly the gasket until the entirety area is covered, wipe off the overfill and enable to healing overnight at a minimum. I usage RTV the same shade as the gasket and the repair is not evident when done. The key is to remove all the oil and push the sealant right into the open spaces. Don"t just run a bead on top and expect the to stop leaking.

Uh, that "can" it is in done. It was done to mine 406 once one of the 7/16 con rod screws to be hitting mine crank scraper.I was lucky reason I didn"t eliminate the pan, mine buddy did.It was however on a lift.I think he gotten rid of motor mountain bolts and also jacked increase the engine. Then removed pan.I would think speak converter to be disconnected and also flex plate.
3515#,all steel,406ci N/A,10.6/122.38, quick shifting, N/A
The infectious diseases worldwide would need to be pulled or at the very least moved earlier far sufficient to obtain the flexplate off before the oil pan would come the end on a 68 and also newer. Having actually a lift and also the appropriate transmission jack would certainly make the quicker.
Is the leaking native the former pan seal or is it coming from the balancer seal ?Either method you deserve to fix that by pulling the time chain cover, if you want to go that way.I have actually pulled many oil pans v out removing the engine or trans, you have to lift the motor up pretty high and the crank rotate in the right position helps. The is not that hard.
Most old cars let you take off the oil pan v the engine tho in the car. Did the pole bearings in a 73 last year, so I"m pretty certain the pan come off. Trick is you need to take the motor mount bolts out and jack the motor up together high together it will go (watch the fan and also distributor). And you might have to spin the crank if a counter weight is in the way. Not sure why the flexplate needs to come out, uneven you"re act the rear main seal
Thanks for all tips and also advices!To be really honest, I suspect it is the balancer seal (easier to settle with engine in car) the is not doing it"s job and also leaking the most. It"s difficult to see even when spring from below the car. More than likely I will have to discover me a car lift and also start the engine ~ above it to see...But I likewise wan"t come do change the oil pan gasket come Felpro"s one piece. Some oil is weeping out the gasket as soon as I placed the pedal come metal.Kind regards /Peter
The infectious diseases worldwide would need to be traction or at least moved ago far enough to gain the flexplate off prior to the oil pan would come the end on a 68 and newer. Having actually a lift and also the suitable transmission jack would certainly make the quicker.
Your probably right. :thumbsup:Like i said, ns wasn"t there when He walk it, and also he does have actually all the suitable tools to carry out it together he owns a performance shop out right here in NJ.I asked if he pulled the engine and he stated "nope".
3515#,all steel,406ci N/A,10.6/122.38, brief shifting, N/A
I did it twice...last year... Very first time didnt solve the leak. Second time I changed the oil pan, both times with the engine in the car. Ns disconnected the header at the collector(drivers side) took the end that engine bolt and also jacked up the motor and also held that in location with a 4x4 block of wood. The crankshaft requirements to be in a correct position also..I think I just rotated it about untill I might get the pan out. That is horribly difficult, and pretty frustrating however it have the right to be done. My advice...pull the motor...I let my stubborn rearend tell me I can do it and also I did yet I"ll never do that again. Good luck on her decision. JD
I have actually made - as with you (ha ha) - a couple of stubborn decisions before, always regreting them... I will pull the engine when loss comes. It spins then, I know where they sell much more oil... Thanks!Kind regards /Peter
It is horribly difficult, and pretty frustrating but it can be done. My advice...pull the motor...I let my stubborn rearend call me I can do it and I did however I"ll never ever do that again.
I vote for pulling it too. After girlfriend finishing crawling approximately on your earlier and twisting your body in miscellaneous contortions, you"ll great you had just traction it. In the end, ns think pulling it would take the very same or much less time. Once I did the in the car, I used a hoist--the floor jack/harmonic balancer an approach sounded a little risky come me.

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Last time among my techs do the efforts at residence to eliminate a oil pan there is no pulling the engine . The jacked it increase , supported the motor. Long story short. The block dropped on his hand . 25 minute of the screaming and also smashing a wrench ~ above the bottom of the car. A ar heard and helped him. Hand to be crushed and virtually lost it.
On the Power tour in 99, a man I met the job before, crawled under my car and rolled a collection of main and rod bearings into the injured 406, ~ a failure roller lifter sent out all it"s small needle bearings through the engine. This was after lock towed me 130+ miles behind a 37 Desoto, through a nylon strap that preserved getting shorter and shorter from breaking as soon as attempting to go into a highway!I walked around Gateway International, drink beer if strangers took treatment of everything! too many of good people ~ above the strength Tour:yes:
Dropping the oil pan ~ above a 3rd Gen, no problem...I"ve done this job 3 time now and has become 2nd nature. I believed I had actually 2 failure oil pan seals to reason leaks in ~ the front and rear the the oil pan. Changed the oil pan on the 2nd go-around. The third time was to eliminate the rear key oil seal the was causing the leak on the 2nd oil leak issue. Every one of this when the motor remained in the car.All I had to perform is eliminate the bolts because that the motor mounts and the transmission and disconnect the fan shroud native the radiator, and remove the distributor lid to clean the motor from hitting the firewall. Jack the engine up through a floor jack and also a 2X4X6 item of wood and once the engine is clean of the engine mounts ns would placed a block that wood between the block and also the mounts or use a thick long bolt i put earlier into the engine mount and it typically sits high enough to drop the pan indigenous the motor.I also had to eliminate the center link indigenous the steering assembly to clean up an ext room to acquire the pan out. Various other than that..... It to be a item of cake:devil: