If you desire your whole Tumblr blog timeline come be focused on the page, install a simple center-justified theme that does no contain columns. Number of such themes room available cost-free of fee from Tumblr template Garden. Themes favor Art She Said, The Minimalist and also Observer all display posts centered in the middle of the page. When you have installed a center-justified theme, girlfriend can center the contents in each of your text short articles by “tricking” the platform through HTML code. The contents of your text short articles will be centered on the page. Some themes facility the write-up title while others execute not.

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Apply Theme

Log in come the Tumblr dashboard, click the down arrowhead next come your main blog and select the blog that you desire to modify.

Click “Customize” to open up the blog layout in modify mode.

Click the “Browse Themes” tab to open Theme Garden.

Type the surname of among the focused themes in the find box. As you type, the specified theme displays in the Customize menu. Girlfriend can also click the “All Themes” tab, climate click “Minimal” come view only themes with an easy designs.

Click the desired theme to preview the theme applied to her blog in the Preview pane. Repeat clicking themes come preview them used to her blog. Once you uncover the template you desire to apply, click the “Use” button.

Click “Save,” climate click “Exit.”

Center a Post

Open the timeline that the blog you wish to modify.

Click the “Aa Text” symbol to open a new Text post form.

Type an optional title for the post, then type your message in the article body.

Click the “” choice in the brand-new Text Post type to readjust to HTML code view. Your message will be enclosed in between the and also


Edit the an initial “” tag come “.”

Click the drop-down arrow next come the “Post” icon, climate click “Save together Draft.” Click “Save Draft” come save and close the post. The draft post is conserved in your Drafts folder. This step is vital in centering the text.

Click the “Drafts” tab in the dashboard to open your draft folder. The brand-new post is detailed at the height of your Drafts list.

Click the “Publish” alternative at the bottom that the post, climate click “OK” come publish the post. Keep in mind that the write-up text go not show up centered in her dashboard. The dashboard supplies the default Tumblr Redux layout, i m sorry supercedes the paragraph tag.

Select your blog from the dashboard to open its key page. If you mounted a center-justified theme, the contents you post in the text short article is centered.


Tumblr additionally supports custom themes designed by friend or a third-party designer. To install a layout from a source other than design template Garden, copy and paste the new theme HTML password over the existing password in the Tumblr HTML editor.

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If you attempt to insert HTML password to facility the text in a message post, climate publish the article without saving it as a breeze first, the HTML code is stripped the end of the post.