Rumors the cell phone call numbers room going to be exit to telemarketers if their owners don"t authorize up v the perform Not speak to registry room false.

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Published10 December 2004

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Cell call users must register their numbers with the nationwide "Do no Call" brochure by a provided deadline to avoid their cell phone numbers from being released to telemarketers.

Despite dire warnings like the one above around the imminent release of mobile numbers come telemarketers that proceed to be circulated via e-mail year after year, mobile users do not need to register your cell call numbers v the nationwide Do Not speak to registry before a soon-to-pass deadline come head turn off an onslaught that telemarketing calls.

The panic-inducing e-mails (which circulate especially widely every January or June, due to the fact that many version of the warning perform the finish of those months together a cut-off date for registering mobile numbers through the nationwide Do Not speak to registry) prospered out that a misunderstanding around the proposed production of a wireless magazine assistance service.

Cell phone number have typically been exclude, from printed telephone books and also directory help services. However, since after the usage of cabinet phones burgeoned in the early 2000s (to the suggest that many world no longer maintained landline call service), several national wireless carriers (AllTel, at & t Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, sprint PCS, and T-Mobile) banded together in 2004 and also hired Qsent, Inc. (since purchase by TransUnion) to create a Wireless 411 service. Their goal to be to swimming pool their listings to develop a an extensive directory of cell phone customer names and also phone numbers that would be made accessible to brochure assistance providers.

Someone made the wild leap of thinking that the proposed creation of a cell phone magazine was the indistinguishable of “giving cell phone numbers come telemarketers” and also began the chain of madness inaccurate e-mails warning cabinet phone individuals to register v the national Do Not call List in stimulate to prevent this fate. This warning to be overblown, because that a pair of significant reasons:

The Wireless 411 business was to be strictly “opt-in” — that is, cell phone customers would certainly be contained in the catalog only if lock specifically asked for to be added. The phone number of wireless customers that did nothing would not be included, those who decided to be provided could have their numbers gotten rid of from the magazine if they readjusted their minds, and also there to be no fee for requesting come be included or picking not to be included.The Wireless 411 information was not to be consisted of in printed phone directories, spread in various other printed form, made easily accessible via the Internet, or sold to telemarketers. It would be made obtainable only come operator service centers performing the 411 brochure assistance service.

All of this points have been synthetic up in countless media articles, such together the complying with from the Milwaukee journal Sentinel:

There is a grain of reality in the post making that believable, however it’s wrong on 2 counts: no all mobile numbers will be detailed in the national directory planned for 2006. And also telemarketers will certainly not have access to the directory. It is illegal because that marketers utilizing auto-dialers and also most do — to call wireless phone call numbers.

Here’s the truth:

A national magazine will it is in compiled, yet numbers will certainly be consisted of on an opt-in basis. If a mobile subscriber does nothing, the number will not be listed. Once the catalog is ready, it will certainly be accessible only as part of the currently 411 catalog service, accessed by call in and also asking for a details number. It will not be published in a publication or on the Internet. And it will not be marketed to telemarketers.

Cell phone call subscribers deserve to list their numbers ~ above the do-not-call it is registered if castle choose, yet there is no deadline to gain on the list, together the e-mail messages now circulating suggest<.>

Cellular individuals can pick to register their cabinet numbers through the nationwide Do Not call registry as secondary measure the protection, back FCC regulations currently in place outlaw most species of telemarketing calls to cell phones. (The have the right to SPAM plot of 2003 prohibits unsolicited commercial messages to wireless phones, and also the Telephone consumer Protection action of 1991 prohibits any kind of calls to cell phones the employ auto-dialers or any kind of artificial or prerecorded voice messages.)

There is no (and never has been) a deadline to perform one’s phone number through the nationwide Do Not call Registry — it deserve to be excellent at any time. (Contrary to previous statements, the FTC announced in October 2007 that do Not call registry entries will not expire after 5 years, therefore those who signed up as soon as the it is registered went into result in June 2003 will certainly not have to register again in 2008.)

Unfortunately, client have tiny recourse versus telemarketers that willfully ignore the carry out Not contact Registry and also violate various other restrictions versus placing calls to cell phones. Violators can be report to the FCC, but that organization has minimal resources come investigate and take action concerning the thousands of situations reported come them daily.

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In in march 2013, the FTC published “The Truth around Cell Phones and also the nationwide Do Not call Registry,” in solution to recirculating rumors around the national do not speak to database, cabinet phones, and also telemarketers:

There is no deadline for registering a call number on the do Not speak to Registry.No numbers on the carry out Not contact Registry are being exit to telemarketers.
Published10 December 2004