It ultimately happened friend guys. After 7 years of noticeable chemistry, trials, starts and stops, Castle and also Beckett finally said, “I Do!”

To get there though we have to solve the instance of the main which entails a guy handcuffed to a instance who it s okay murdered. Earlier at the Caskett loft, Kate is do breakfast and apparently acquiring invited to she ex’s wedding. The two talk about what their stays would have been like had they not fallen for each other. Kate believes she would be Captain that her own precinct and Castle trust he would be ~ above his way to his 2nd Pulitzer.

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At the crime scene, Castle supplies his skills to uncover coal dust ~ above the victim’s shirt. Also – Lanie and also Esposito space hooking up and also running so late to the crime scene. When entering the coal plant, Kate says she doesn’t desire to clock someone else’s perfect day. UGH. Girl is unintentionally laying it on thick.

They uncover the situation that was reduced off of the dead guy’s arm and also of course lock picks increase the medallion inside. This triggers an alarm of some kind and also the bad guys begin shooting. They likewise throw a speed bomb at them because bullets aren’t enough. The pressure blows Castle with a door… and also into an alternative reality. An alternate reality wherein he never operated with Kate ~ above the instance all those years ago.

The instance of the main is honestly very unimportant: the male who owned the coal structure searched because that years and years because that the medallion. The driver and his partner were trying to take it back for their people. Together usual, lock gets into trouble but additionally helps the instance move forward. The takes Kate come a bar where one of the identified shooters likes to frequent based upon a tattoo special a teams’ mascot.

The exciting things come take far from this alternative reality room the changes that happened because they never ever met. Kate did end up being Captain that the 12th precinct. Castle still thinks her short hair ago in the day to be adorable. Debatable but love provides you choose weird things so we will certainly let the pass. Espo and also Lanie date but damaged up and also she’s pregnant with someone else’s child. Ryan was date Jenny but when Kate ended up being Captain and their case load doubled, the didn’t think the had sufficient time to offer her.

On the homefront, Martha is a thriving actress; having actually starred in part well got revivals and won two Tony Awards. Alexis has black hair, not good with her skin tone, and moved to LA to be with her mom. Why did all of these things happen? after his last Derek Storm novel, Richard attempted to create a good American novel and it failed. Horribly. Add to Martha now co-owns the loft because he spent most of his money top top women and gambling. YIKES.

The main takeaway is that Kate is still clearly drawn to Castle. That realizes that the reason he was carried to this world was due to the fact that he wasn’t certain he was great for her. Obviously he is and it will make everyone’s life far better once he gets back. Kate doubts she abilities as a homicide detective, having actually never to be able to fix her mother’s murder. After being told multiple time to back off, he realizes only he can acquire Kate come realize the she requirements him come get back to his Kate and also as that heads back to the precinct, v their signature coffees, the is abducted by the various other shooter.

Kate, acquisition what Castle said to heart about her no taking the easy way out earlier, retraced the case’s steps and also it led she to the warehouse. She saves Rick and also they are having actually a moment right as an additional shooter appears. Castle conserves Kate, when holding the medallion, tells her he loves her and also is thankfully transported earlier to our reality. The situation is resolved in both realities. Stack tells Kate around the alternating reality. He climate asks she to get married him, right now.

This was perfection. Minus Kate’s “dress” yet I am very biased towards the finale dress.

“From the minute that ns met you, my life ended up being extraordinary. You taught meto it is in my best self, come look front to tomorrow’s adventures. And when ns was vulnerable, you were strong. Ns love you, Richard Castle, and also I desire to live mine life in the warmth of your smile and the stamin of her embrace. I promise you I will love you. I will certainly be her friend and also your partner, in crime and also in life, always.”

“From the minute we met, mine life became extraordinary. You teach memore around myself 보다 I knew there to be to learn. You’re the delight in my heart, you’re the last human being I want to see as soon as I close mine eyes. Ns love you, Katherine Beckett, and also the mystery of you is one I desire to spend the remainder of my life exploring. Ns promise come love you, come be your friend and also your partner in crime, and also life, ’til fatality do us component — and also for the time of our lives.”

And now we are all dead with remarkable Caskett feels.

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Side Notes and also Quotes:

– vast shoutout to Nathan Fillion’s physicality this week. The made acquiring to the real an excellent stuff worth waiting for.

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Next main we obtain to view a twisted variation of Kate and Castle’s honeymoon, top top a dude ranch! Check back in for more info on Castle later in the week!