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\"Castle ~ above the Hill\" is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It to be released together a digital download ~ above 6 January 2017 as among the dual lead singles indigenous his third studio album ÷ (2017), along with \"Shape the You\". \"Castle top top the Hill\" was written and also produced through Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco. The song describes Framlingham castle in Sheeran\"s house town. Released on the exact same day together \"Shape of You\", \"Castle top top the Hill\" reached number two in a number of countries, consisting of the UK, Australia and Germany, if \"Shape that You\" debuted at number one. that was first time in the history of the UK, Australian and German charts the an artist has actually taken the peak two chart positions with new songs. The song debuted in ~ number six in the US, while \"Shape the You\" gotten in at number one; this do Sheeran the very first artist ever before to have actually two songs simultaneously debut in the US height 10. Much more »

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When ns was 6 years old I damaged my legI was to run from my brother and also his friendsAnd taste the sweet perfume that the hill grass i rolled downI to be younger then, take me earlier to when IFound my heart and also broke that hereMade friends and also lost them v the yearsAnd I\"ve not checked out the roaring areas in so long, I understand I\"ve grownBut ns can\"t wait to go homeI\"m on my wayDriving at 90 down those country lanesSinging come \"Tiny Dancer\"And I miss out on the method you make me feel, and also it\"s realWe watched the sunset end the lock on the hillFifteen year old and smoking hand-rolled cigarettesRunning native the regulation through the backfields and also getting drunk with my friendsHad my first kiss on a Friday night, ns don\"t reckon that ns did that rightBut i was younger then, take me back to whenWe uncovered weekend jobs, once we got paidWe\"d to buy cheap spirits and also drink castle straightMe and my friends have actually not thrown increase in for this reason long, oh exactly how we\"ve grownBut ns can\"t wait to walk homeI\"m on my wayDriving in ~ 90 down those nation lanesSinging to \"Tiny Dancer\"And I miss the way you do me feel, and also it\"s realWe watched the sunset end the lock on the hillOver the castle on the hillOver the castle on the hillOne girlfriend left to market clothesOne functions down through the coastOne had actually two kids however lives aloneOne\"s brothers overdosedOne\"s currently on his 2nd wifeOne\"s simply barely getting byBut these civilization raised me and also I can\"t wait to go homeAnd I\"m on my way, i still rememberThese old country lanesWhen us did not recognize the answersAnd I miss the way you do me feel, it\"s realWe watched the sunset end the castle on the hillOver the lock on the hillOver the castle on the hill

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Ed Sheeran Edward Christopher \"Ed\" Sheeran (born 17 February 1991) is one English singer-songwriter and also producer. He was born in Halifax, prior to moving to Framlingham. He learned come play guitar and also started creating songs in ~ a young age. He started recording in 2005 and also moved to London in 2008 to seek a music career. In 2009, he played 312 gigs. In beforehand 2011, Sheeran released an independent extended play, No. 5 Collaborations project which led that to it is in signed to Asylum / Atlantic Records.

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Lifebuoy by the commercial breakthrough that the singles \"The A Team\" and \"Lego House\", his debut album + has been certified quintuple platinum in the united Kingdom. In 2012, he won two BRIT Awards for ideal British male Solo Artist, and also British Breakthrough of… more »