"Fresh off the Boat" creator Eddie Huang and also Propagate team to develop immigrant-focused food series. "Cash Only" will check out the hot-button problems of immigration and multiculturalism by visiting immigrant kitchens across America and abroad.

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Propagate and also restauranteur/Fresh turn off the watercraft author Eddie Huang room teaming up to produce an immigrant-focused food display that will discover the topical worries of immigration and also multiculturalism.

The initial series, title Cash Only, will certainly follow Huang top top his journeys come the immigrant kitchens of the U.S. And abroad, celebrate both immigrant foodculture and its contribution to American life.

“Eddie Huang is a worldwide storyteller v who has primal and firsthand experience of the importance and tireless contributions of immigrant to our culture,” Propogate’s Ben Silverman and Howard Owens said in a push release announcing the project.


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Huang’s attention in telling immigrant stories verified a substantial success v ABC’sFresh off the Boat, certification Randall Park and also Constance Wu, i m sorry was based upon his New York times best-selling publication of the same name. Huang has likewise tackled the problem of immigration, race and multiculturalism because that Viceland.

Cash Only will certainly be developed by Propagate through Huang, Silverman, Owens and also Brett-Patrick Jenkins serving together executive producers.

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Propogate’s other upcoming projects encompass Apple’s first original series, Planet the the Apps, special Gwyneth Paltrow, will.i.am, Jessica Alba and Gary Vaynerchuk, and also Nov 13: assault on Paris for Netflix, command by the Naudet Brothers.


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