"Fresh off the Boat" creator Eddie Huang and Propagate team to develop immigrant-concentrated food series. "Cash Only" will certainly check out the hot-switch worries of immigration and multiculturalism by visiting immiprovide kitchens throughout America and abroad.

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Propagate and restauranteur/Fresh off the Boat writer Eddie Huang are teaming as much as produce an immigrant-concentrated food show that will certainly discover the topical problems of immigration and also multiculturalism.

The original series, titled Cash Only, will follow Huang on his journeys to the immiprovide kitchens of the UNITED STATE and also awide, celebrating both immigive foodculture and also its contribution to American life.

“Eddie Huang is a worldwide storyteller through that has primal and firsthand also experience of the prominence and tiremuch less contributions of immigrants to our society,” Propogate’s Ben Silverguy and also Howard Owens shelp in a push release announcing the job.


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Huang’s interest in informing immiapprove stories showed a substantial success with ABC’sFresh off the Boat, starring Randall Park and also Constance Wu, which was based upon his New York Times best-offering book of the same name. Huang has actually also tackled the issue of immigration, race and also multiculturalism for Viceland.

Cash Only will certainly be created by Propagate via Huang, Silvermale, Owens and also Brett-Patrick Jenkins serving as executive producers.

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Propogate’s other upcoming projects encompass Apple’s first original series, Planet of the Apps, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, will.i.am, Jessica Alba and also Gary Vaynerchuk, and also Nov 13: Attack on Paris for Netflix, directed by the Naudet Brothers.


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