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Located 15 kilometers west of the capital of Costa Rica is the little city the Santa Ana. Located in the center of the nation within the central Valley, Santa Ana is a growing and thriving community. There are around 12,000 people living in ~ the 2 square mile of the city and also over 2.2 million in the metropolitan area.

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Santa Ana is thought about to be one of the most modern-day and luxurious communities in Costa Rica. Complete with high-end shopping malls and also restaurants and also a championship golf course, Santa Ana is poised to proceed its ascent; and it has actually room come grow. Santa Ana still maintains a landscape feel and also was called the number one place in Costa Rica because that life expectancy, education and living standards. There are no greater education organizations in Santa Ana however there space two public schools and an global private college - United human being College of Costa Rica.

Life in Santa Ana centers around both the traditions of Costa Rica and a luxurious vibe created by the students who attend the private schools and also the fine gourmet dining in town. Simply a couple of kilometers north of Santa Ana space a collection of recognizable brands like McDonald’s and also Taco Bell. The beautiful Santa Ana Catholic Church, dating earlier to 1880, is situated in the center of the city and is a recognizable landmark and also meeting area because that residents.

Most experts believe that Santa Ana was the an initial official Spanish settlement in the central Valley. With evidence going back over 450 years, the is thought that the explorer, Juan de Cavallón y Arboleda, founded the city but faced resistance indigenous a regional tribe. This settlement lasted just two years prior to the settlers relocated elsewhere. Over the centuries, though, the area developed into the modern-day city it is today while still preserving its an initial settlement status.

You’ll discover the Sunday new fruit and also vegetable markets, the Herpetological Refuge Costa Rica, and the Centro de Conservación de Santa Ana.

Santa Ana is located in the central Valley the Costa Rica and also is taken into consideration to have actually a tropic climate. That does get a small warmer in Santa Ana compared to the adjacent capital of san Jose. The warmest months of the year space February through might when high temperatures reach right into the mid-80s. For many of the year, short temperatures will dip into the low-to-mid 60s. The driest month is January through rain right exceeding 0.2 inch whereas the wettest month is September with an typical of 13 customs of rainfall.

Real estate and rentals are equivalent to other central Valley places although the emphasis tends to be more on gated communities and also neighborhoods and less top top apartments and condos. There space homes obtainable to suit all budgets and also preferences with more planned.

Although tiny in area, Santa Ana is a thriving and also luxurious location to contact home. Its proximity to san Jose and also its upscale, yet easy-going, environment makes it among the most up-and-coming suburbs in the main Valley.


Santa Ana, Costa Rica Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Country: Costa Rica

Province: San Jose

Population: 11,775



Lifestyle and Culture

The museums in-and-around Santa Ana offer exhibits because that both adults and kids. Nearby, travelers and also residents will discover the Museo de los Ninos and the Museum of Costa Rican Art. The agricultural Historical Museum, situated at the Santa Ana conservation Center, consists of historic buildings, a arsenal of tools that was provided to harvest and process coffee, farming plots and also more.

The biggest festival in Santa Ana is the Festival Gastronómico de Santa Ana. This annual festival offers food and also beverage tastings, theater, dance, music, activities for children and also much more. Over there is additionally a range of annual festivals and events throughout the central Valley.


Entertainment and also Tourism

The Santa Ana preservation Center, or Centro de Conservación de Santa Ana, is a 140 acre wilderness area featuring trails, numerous forests, animals, picnic areas and more. There is a home on the residential property dating ago 250 years that was provided as the first church in Santa Ana.

Although not known for having a significant nightlife, there room a couple of locally renowned bars and clubs in Santa Ana and the neighboring area including Henry’s coast Club, AITapas and Jazz cafe Escazú.

Golf is the key sport in Santa Ana. House to the Parque Valle del Sol, this is the very first pro golf food in Costa Rica – and it’s open up to the public. There is additionally a range of public basketball courts, football fields and parks.

Entertainment and Tourism


As the main Valley continues to grow, there are plenty of thriving communities roughly Santa Ana that make living here a good experience.

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Lindora is located north of Santa Ana and also is most famed for that is Miami-style “Golden Mile” the is fill with famed companies such as Taco Bell, Quiznos and car dealerships. The busy roads in Lindora lead to everything from clinical buildings and banks to brand-new shops and also restaurants.



Known together an upscale suburb just 10 mile from downtown mountain Jose, Escuza has everything from bowling alleys to nation clubs. If Escuza supplies a high conventional of living, it retains its older Tico culture visible in the atmosphere, eateries and markets.

Ciudad Colón

Ciudad Colón is simply west that Santa Ana, it provides a an ext natural presence than its adjacent suburbs and also is well-known as a place where aspiring writers, musicians and also artists deserve to visit an Artist’s Colony. The cost of life is low and the amenities are not as contemporary but it still offers every little thing one would need to enjoy retiring or life in Costa Rica consisting of markets, stores, banks and also more.

Real estate Market

A solid infrastructure and contemporary amenities room making Santa Ana, Costa Rica, a much sought-after location to live because that retirees or those trying to find a new location to contact home. House prices have risen substantially over the last few years and also are poised come increase also more. Regardless, Santa Ana is quiet affordable.

Considering the luxury sector of dwellings in Santa Ana, housing options are rather affordable contrasted to other major cities. Contrasted to the capital, mountain Jose, prices are comparable with simply an roughly 5% difference. When compared to other warm destinations like Mexico City, Santa Ana is around 10% more expensive. Regarding warm weather destinations in the united States, Santa Ana is end 40% lower in both rental and also housing contrasted to for instance Phoenix, Arizona.

There have actually been proposal that Santa Ana resembles a suburban neighborhood like those outside major United says cities. A collection of piece malls, restaurants and also businesses include to the appeal, and also gated communities give the sense of neighborhood and safety discovered in contemporary suburbia. Unlike san Jose, builders and also developers are placing their efforts into creating communities and also not residential towers v apartments or condos.

Foreigners purchasing property in Costa Rica have actually the same legal rights as citizens, which is not constantly the case in other nearby countries. While many opt to purchase home in their very own name, rather decide to develop a corporation and also buy property that way. The reason to buy a home in Costa Rica this method is greatly for taxes purposes and also estate planning.

Price per Square Meter come Buy Apartment in City Centre: $1,760.60 Price per Square Meter come Buy Apartment exterior of Centre: - Home layout Average rent Price
1-bedroom apartment in City Centre $425.94
1-bedroom apartment exterior of Centre $408.34
3-bedroom apartment in City Centre $799.63
3-bedroom apartment outside of Centre $999.54

Source: www.numbeo.com (June 2017)


United world Colleges has a campus in Santa Ana. This private school is known for giving a unique education in a diverse and supportive environment. Collection amid the organic beauty of Santa Ana, students age 16-18 can attend this civilization class school. There are two public schools in Santa Ana as well.

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The set of Public education and learning manages the public schools in Costa Rica. Under Costa Rica’s constitution, universal public education and learning is guaranteed and school is obligatory from preschool come high school. Private schools are regularly bilingual to accommodate students that speak English, German and other languages.