*Imagine conserving up your money because that a Jazz cruise the a lifetime, just to spend your hard-earned money top top a nightmare. According to cruise-goers, this is precisely what lock encountered top top the 10th annual Capital Jazz Cruise, top top the Norwegian cruise line, out of Miami, Florida, last week.

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From exceptionally long lines, overbooked shows, smaller concert rooms, malfunctioning interaction apps, lack of communication, and an unscheduled destination, the pilgrimage did no live as much as the cruise goers expectations.

From the moment cruise goers boarded the ship, Theresa Rankin, 56, of mountain Pedro, California, states things were chaotic and out of control. Filled v live entertainment, good food and also drinks, the weeklong cruise expenses anywhere from $1,895 to $4,500 per human plus airfare cost.

“It was chaotic. I never ever experienced anything like that in mine life. That was an elderly citizens and disabled world who couldn’t get around, for this reason they couldn’t book any of the shows,” says Rankin. “They had actually a helluva lineup, but they didn’t obtain to see fifty percent of the shows because things to be booked. The factor I went on the expedition was for the lineup. It to be my first time top top this cruise, and also I know others in the past that have actually experienced greatness. For a first-timer, this was some scary sh*t!”

She added: “When girlfriend tried to do a reservation, it was already sold out or overbooked. As soon as it filled up, it to be filled up. They had actually lines on the ship to get tickets come the shows. You had to do a reservation to see the ‘featured’ shows. The Interactive application did not work-related on the ship and we hadn’t even pulled out of Miami as soon as we had actually to gain in lines to operate the apps to publication the ‘featured’ shows. There were lengthy lines and also if “line A” didn’t work. You had to go to “Line B.” If “Line B” didn’t work, you had actually to go to “Line C.” castle (managers) come out to talk to the crowds, yet the staff was booed. The people weren’t enthused about sh*t. Human being were angry. Human being were pissed off.”

Theresa Rankin

Theresa Rankin (left) and two friends from the cruise

However, cruise goers Valrie and Jimmy White, of Atlanta, had an entirely different experience. As soon as they obtained on the ship, Valrie said they automatically got in heat to book the ‘feature shows’ and also were may be to book every present they wanted, other than one. The cruise was she pre-retirement gift, and she said they delighted in the cruise. “It was our first time seafaring with funding Jazz. Norwegian Getaway to be a quite ship. Mine balcony to be fine. However, the organization could have actually been better. There were some comes to that needed to be worked out. Overall, us met some an excellent people, and the entertainment to be outstanding,” claims Valrie and her husband. We just missed one display that we wanted to see.”

As if, work one was not enough drama… On work two, the drama was worst. The cruise was booked to go to the beautiful great Stirrup Cay Island. However, Rankin says the good Stirrup Cay walk not occur at all; instead they to be bused come a ar in Nassau Bahamas, wherein the renowned Atlantis hotel to be the backdrop, protest to the good Sirrup Cay Island that was supposed to be component of the trip. The routine Highlight for Day 2 that the cruise states:

Free job on NCLs private Island an excellent Stirrup Cay.”

It go on to state that, “The SuperCruise will have this beautiful island all to itself for the entire day! enjoy fun beach tasks with various other SuperCruises, add to a complimentary buffet having lunch on the beach!”

However, Rankin states no one offered them any explanation as to why they to be rerouted come Nassau, Bahamas, because that the live concert and they go not receive the totally free buffet lunch the was an alleged to be contained with the good Stirrup Cay destination. “The totally free outdoor concert in ~ Stirrup never ever happened. Much as I’m concerned, that Jill Scott sh*t to be a rip off. Jill Scott did 4 songs and was gone. They never ever apologized. The skilled management didn’t come out. They sent their unprofessional people. I desire to view the #1 or #2 guy and also they never ever came out. Rankin says she knew a lot of the artists and says, “The artists to be complaining since they knew human being didn’t gain to check out them.”

When Rankin complained to the world that they go send out to address issues, she stated they added a few comedians reflects at midnight to try to compensate because that the marketed out shows, yet the comedians were no the ‘featured shows’ the everyone came on the cruise come see. “They gotta carry out something as well as offer more shows. They need to give civilization a discount. They had actually no experienced PR people to come out and also apologize. They sent out their volunteer staff out to apologize and also these world were no professional. Customer business is one thing. Public relations are one more thing. It to be a definite failure in communication,” she says. The owner, Cliff Hunte, was i do not have anything to it is in found.


When asked, was it the weather that brought about the change in the cruise, she stated she did not know due to the fact that they never announced why. She also indicated that they never used the intercom device on the delivery to relay message or updates the the cruise goers deserved to receive. “They never ever told united state why the change. If it to be a weather situation, castle should have actually told us,” says Rankin. “People weren’t even laughing at the comedian (Wanda Sykes) due to the fact that everyone was pissed.” due to the fact that returning indigenous the cruise, she referred to as Norwegian and she said they told she it was negative weather in good Stirrup Cay.

Although Rankin was plainly upset and not pleased with her cruise experience, she controlled to do the many of the last few days the the trip. She said the food was an excellent and nearly the to mark of the trip.

“The O’Jays was the highlight of the trip. They to be classic. All the musical artist was the sh*t. That eased some of my pain. I was in there partying choose there’s no tomorrow. I got some of mine anger the end by partying. To no see some of the shows and also we hadn’t acquired off the water good… that was crazy sh*t,” claims Rankin.

Rankin says she met a judge on the ship and he walk on Facebook and blew them out with comments. She said the judge wrote a many of an adverse comments and so did numerous other people but they were all deleted. “There were a the majority of angry black women pissed. And, the guys were mad, too.” says Rankin.

“It was my an initial cruise with them, but it to be a cruise come hell and also back. The last three days we tried to make the best out of it,” says Rankin. “They have to apologize to united state or give us a discount or something. There to be a mix the feelings and emotions since people didn’t gain to perform what they paid to see. Civilization were upset about the brace beach trip.”

She added, “The interactions was for this reason f**ked up. If friend come out and apologize, it would certainly be a an excellent thing to do. We didn’t do the mistakes, they did. The trip was a nightmare, a headache and no sleep,” Rankin exclaims.

Rankin claims she called the resources Jazz Sales office again and also spoke to a person but the person wanted to stay anonymous.

“I told she the interaction with us customers was broken when the communication went negative with Norwegian. The brand had no PR to interact to us points gone poor that influence the itinerary. Example, Norwegian posted on their website that good Stirrup to be hit through the hurricane. If funding Jazz had PR representation, it would have actually been able to communicate effectively the transforms made to the itinerary. Instead, a lot of angry folks was no happy, feeling unimportant and left out. I imply the brand needs to ar PR in their company structure to safeguard their brand once things take place that can give them an unfavorable response and also be effective in interactions with Norwegian.”

She added, “It would certainly be quite to receive a discount since I paid because that entertainment, in addition to the cruise, instead I and also others got short readjusted because the their damaged communication through Norwegian. Clearly, that was no my fault. Norwegian’s technical feed to be not functioning that interfaced v interactive and development reservations. Thus creating total chaos, lengthy lines and also made dysfunctional energy. ”

After contacting Facebook individuals who walk on the cruise, Valrie White to be the just one who responded come my inquiry for an interview. However, EUR internet pulled this comments indigenous the resources Jazz Cruise on facebook pages.

Gwen Netta posted, “My very first and critical cruise with capital Jazz.” hours later she posted, “I got an email today v an apology and also a $300 credit transaction that i can use to my following cruise as much as 3 years. The apology was very sincere and also I might reconsider…did anyone else get the exact same email.”

One human responded. Ida McIntyre posted, “Yes I gained the email as well. Ns took the survey that was contained and noted some really honest feedback.”

Dayle Rice Reed, of Madison, AL posted, “What a poor experience!”

Carol Reed posted, “Just went back from the cruise 2016 10th anniversary WHAT A poor TIME lengthy line, can not to gain into shows, then they had JILL Scott present out in a ar hot, hot a couple of chairs if you stayed had actually to sit top top the ground had to pay because that food, water no shade as soon as I said the human being at the gate we require a ride earlier he declared we were an alleged to it spins 2:30 buses were still bring people to the ar got a ride earlier on one of the buses that was return to pick up other world so lot was bad, ship too little for the amount of people, no going again Tom Joyner has actually a much better cruise been on that 3 time plus you gain a tax write off think about it.”

Atlanta cruisegoer, “My an initial and last as well. If it wasn’t for the great people ns met and the great performances that ns was may be to watch it would have been a full bust.”

Brenda Goss andrews posted…. Yes woefully disappointed this year together this is my 3rd cruise. For this reason disorganized native the rip; at kiosk for almost 2 hours to only discover that most of our shows were not booked. Long lines to check out a show that ns paid for. Who made the decision to bring on 4k people and have significant entertainers in rooms the only organized 225 come 600+ people. Someone must be fired for this miscalculation. This is the 10rh year anniversary and there was no mention. Sheesh. Wont be back next year.

Kathy Newton posted… Wow!!, I’m soo upset v CJSC! my booking for 2017 is in question now!!, cancelled this years as result of port chgs mess.. I hope they acquire this mess solved for 2017!!, thanks for sharing Yess they have to be shame & unpleasant to placed out product prefer this for a 10th Anniversary cruise!! call at stake

Comment after ~ comment to be posted on on facebook expressing disappointed in the 2016 cruise. Some said they would never ever go again, if others claimed they must fix the issues before they consider another cruise with capital Jazz. Some people were very upset that the owner never apologized publicly ~ above the ship, while rather expressed disappointed in receiving an unsigned file supposedly indigenous the owner apologizing because that the problems encountered top top the cruise.

“Capital Jazz is reimbursing everyone for their mistakes. Anyone is receiving $300 voucher because that the following three year if friend cruise with them again. Mistake happen. Us were figured out to have actually a good time anyway. We did! We will back,” says Valrie.

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At press time (three job later), rwandachamber.org still had actually no solution from the owner. Rankin and many various other cruise goers tho feel management needs come come out from hiding and also apologize publicly.