I want to pat Garry"s Mod and also Team Fortress 2 at the same time so when I get bored the one ns can easily alt tab come the other and when I"m needed back on the RP sever I favor to sign up with I deserve to go back then together well.

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Steam doesn"t have such limitation, yet you can"t beat two gamings that use source Engine in ~ the very same time.


Yes, friend should have the ability to just alt-tab the end of one game and also open the other. This is a little resource-intensive, though, for this reason you may suffer part performance loss if you don"t have actually a pretty an effective computer.


I haven"t do the efforts this with Garry"s Mod and also TF2 specifically (I don"t very own the former), but there is typically no such restriction. In fact, earlier today, i accidentally introduced two copies of DEFCON at when with Spiral Knights to update in the background!


Steam does no limit how plenty of games you have the right to run in ~ once, however, you deserve to only operation one resource based video game at once. This is a limitation that the engine, no Steam.

Yes, assuming that both (or all but one) that the gamings you want to run concurrently are fairly gracious around being switched out of context. But that"s an problem with the gamings in question, no Steam.

Steam"s only limitation in the mix is the it will just start one video game at a time; as shortly as the "preparing to launch XXXXX" dialog vanishes vapor hands over manage to the video game itself and you have the right to start a second.

As others have actually said, only if it"s not two resource games. But, countless non-source games can be opened up together (and you can have ONE resource game and another non-source game). Heavy steam doesn"t yes, really care, it largely depends on the games. However don"t shot to open two yes, really memory-destroying games at once. Unless you"re utilizing a supercomputer.

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