How perform you use gel polish over dip flour nails?

Sometimes, you might want come cover a wrong or repaint over your dip nails with gel polish or nail polish. Girlfriend may pick to execute this due to the fact that acrylic powder lasts a lot longer than gel, and also you want your color to critical longer. Perhaps you’re just wanting to use nail art. Or possibly you just want to change your pond color. Every little thing the reason, we’re right here to call you the you can, in fact, apply gel polishing over dip powder nails!

Is it basic to repaint over emboldened nails? just how do you perform it?

It’s actually quite easy come apply any kind of color over your dip flour color, but there’s a couple of things you have the right to do to do the process go a lot of smoother. We’re going to cover those.

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Tips for using gel polish over dip nails.

Apply a thin acrylic/dip nail coat.If girlfriend don’t desire your pond looking atrociously large and thick, you’ll want to shot applying a single, even coat the dip flour over her nail. That way, as soon as you repaint your nail polish over your dipped nails, it won’t include too lot height. Typically one dip coat is enough, just make certain it’s even coverage.Use a light-colored dip nail color, choose white.If you’re simply wanting to paint over your dip powder because it large a long time, then select a light-colored coat. This will help your gel polish was standing out more against the dive powder and also the color won’t obtain muddled.When girlfriend dip your nails, leave an are between the cuticles.You have to make certain you leave enough spacing between your cuticles therefore you deserve to properly repaint all the curves of your nail powder. If you don’t do this step, friend won’t be able to cleanly reach the bottom of your nail color and you’ll end up through multicolored nails!Use a slim layer of clear height coat before applying your pond polish color.Pick a very pigmented nail polish color.

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There’s a large difference between a watery polish and also a thick polish. Some gel polishes deserve to have a “clear” sheen to them. You want to pick a polish that’s thick and also highly pigmented to go over her dip powder, otherwise you’ll be able to see the base dip shade underneath.

And that’s exactly how you apply any polish end dip powder!

I hope this helped you decide if you want to try this an approach of combine dip powder and gel polish. It deserve to be really funny to integrate the different species of nail polish methods and you have the right to really come up through some crazy ideas. Have actually you tried gel polish end dip flour before? how did the go? permit us recognize in the comments!