Deep conditioning your hair need to be a weekly exercise in every transitioners’ journey. Eck! It have to be a weekly practice in everyone’s hair regimen. Us all know the benefits our hair derives native it, and consequently us, when we view it shiny, bouncy, strong, elastic and also growing. However this just happens if girlfriend don’t interact in practices that delay or destroy such benefits together is the usage of heat or hair dye. However, there are other practices that have the right to put a hamper top top your healthy hair goals. This is the situation if you do overnight deep conditioning. It is damaging her hair!

Overnight deep air conditioning is damaging her hair and also you should stop doing it! If this is something you generally do you, review this article and also know why you must stop this. If this is not you, then acquire informed and also alert friend cousin, her BFF or your organic sista.

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Why Do human being Do It?

I never condition my hair overnight because I can’t go to bed with wet hair saturated with conditioner and also in a cap. It feels weird to me. Strangely, law a pre-poo with oil is no maybe since I do it on dried hair. Anyway, I’ve read and also watched a couple of video tutorials of females who perform it and speak marvels of it. Here are few of the asserted benefits:

No have to moisturise and seal together oftenHair feel soft, light, elasticHair feel lightEasier come detangle

Gosh, this sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I assumed so together well and want to shot it myself in spite of not liking the idea of resting with wet hair. So, because I to be a really cautious person and also like come predict results I started digging for details that might discourage me native doing it due to the fact that I currently had the advantages from several vloggers. Hold and also behold! I uncovered it!

Why Shouldn’t You perform It?

I guess that if you’re doing an overnight therapy to her hair you’re expecting to obtain the most benefits feasible out of it. You want the ingredient in it to penetrate right into your hair strand and do their best work. You believe that’s only feasible if you leave it on because that a long period of time, best a time slot the won’t interfere v your daytime routine, so doing that while capturing some ZZZ sounds perfect.

However, for ingredients in a product to penetrate our hair strand (be that a conditioner or deep conditioner) they have to have the ideal molecular structure, otherwise,

they’ll just stay ~ above the surface ar of the hair.

Ok, so let’s assume the your certain hair treatment has all the conditions for this to happen – ingredient that deserve to work outside and also inside the hair structure. Good?! no so good, especially due to the fact that products don’t come with an clues of the molecular framework of proteins or vegetables oils. So, we don’t recognize if they pass through or not. Us assume castle do.

Additionally, a research performed top top nails verified that after a 10-minute water entry they had actually reached their water holding capacity. At the finish of the 15-minute experiment, it to be observed that nails had a softer structure. In situation you room wondering, this is relevant because nails are made the end of keratin, a protein the is a very important component in the framework of hair.

We currently know native the effects of hygral fatigue, that having our hair over moisturised leads to damage in the cortex the the hair wherein keratin is found. Normally, the hair loses elasticity prefer an overly supplied elastic, the curl pattern loosens, hair becomes weaker, an ext porous (high porosity) and also starts come break.

Therefore, we can assume that human hair is delicate to overfill moisture. Letting her hair deep condition overnight is placing your hair at hazard for:

BreakageDamage come protein (keratin) bonds in the hair framework Looser curly patternLoss of elasticityHigh porosity


Plus, follow to scientist blogger from The organic Haven, in order for a conditioner to it is in effective, it needs no much longer than 30 minutes, and also application that moderate heat reduces this time.

What must You Do?

I’ve put the situation over to you, regarding why deep air conditioning overnight is damaging your hair and I expect you think about the evidence and rule a fair verdict. See, watch what i did there…did you prefer my clumsy lawyer jargon? (Yeah, i watch too lot Law&Order and also The an excellent Wife!) Anyway, this has actually been a different post, perhaps much more like a Uni record due to my background in science and need to back up mine findings. Nevertheless, i hope friend can discover your way in the center of every this information and also do what friend think is best for girlfriend (your hair). This post is only meant come serve world as a warning.

As I claimed before, ns don’t do any overnight treatments other than for my imperative oil pre-poo, i m sorry by the way, is useful in instance you’re wondering. The helps avoid the damages discussed before. Check out this post about Pre-Poo and also this one around Penetrating or Sealing oil to find out more.

I have to confess ns don’t deep condition my hair for 30 minutes, I usually do the while I’m clean the home on a Saturday morning come maximise my time, therefore I perform it for at least 2 hours, plus I have actually low porosity hair, treatments take much longer to penetrate without help. Sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, i will use my hooded dryer because that 10 come 15 minutes, rinse that off and style as usual. We have to all aim for the 30-minute mark.

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What around you? carry out you deep condition overnight? just how does your hair feel? have you noticed any kind of undesirable signs?

Featured Image: native MoKnowsHair top top YouTube.