We every love walking tanning--who doesn"t?! however those 10-15 minutes yes, really rack up as soon as you"re standing there just soaking up the UV lights. What carry out girls really do while standing about in the wake up tanning booth?


Whether over there is music blaring right into the tan booth or you"re blasting music on her phone or wearing headphones, nobody is in there to judge or watch you, so of course you space going to DANCE! It"s the best method to make the time pass, and while you"re capturing that UV light, you additionally are obtaining down and also funky listening to music.


2. Text/go through social media

Other 보다 dancing and also listening come music, ns think we are all guilty that bringing our phones into the tanning booth and catching up on part Instagram write-ups or Snapchat stories. Heck, us aren"t simply looking at them... But snapping our besties attract the funny feather goggles we have to wear.

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3. Sort through an individual items/money

Once, my friend told me a story about her tan experience. She said she had to go from institution to work and also wanted to gain a rapid tan in, however needed to additionally stop for gas and also dinner. She essential to counting her money come make certain she had enough money. She forgot about the air the flows with the tan booth so once she put her money ~ above the floor to counting it and started, the tanning booth turned into a MONEY MACHINE!


4. Stretch in monster positions

No one desires those awkward tans present under your butt or ~ above the side of her stomach. Therefore in order to avoid those weird tan lines, us stretch right into weird positions, even if it is it"s bending front or leaning end to every side, obtaining that nice next stretch so every customs gets that nice, even tan.



There is nothing far better than going come lay under in the demorphs booth and also taking a nice 10-15 minute nap. The warmth puts you right to sleep, and if you have actually your music on next to you or inside the booth, that too will placed you come sleep.

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We are all therefore busy, so over there is no much better nap time than the moment that you"re laying in a cook booth.


So next time you ladies or gents desire to go acquire your tan on and also soak up the UV lights, think of every the things you do in the tan booth. We"re every doing them with you!