Yeah...I"m favor a "88 classic, Apathy walk backTo Fila"s v straps and Don Mattingly throwbacksI"m back bitch, on part asshole lab shitRarely ever before seen like oriental dudes through black chicksYou muthafuckas wanna scrap? it is in quiet!You recognize when Apathy drops, you happily buy itAll these cats space a riot, wanna rap, for this reason they shot itBut"ll quit as fast as Ruben Studdard ~ above the Atkins dietI ain"t the form to blow scrape on tricksSlap tricks in the trap if teeth scratch the dickChicken"s in the kitchen makin" chicken from scratch and shitCheck it, Chum"s ~ above the track v the scratch and mixY"all don"t even understand that you scrappin" withI obtained Timbs in the trunk, won"t scrape my kicksY"all are brewin" increase a plot, tryin" to acquire Ap to flip?Do you yourself a donate - scratch that shit, "cause...Even though muthafuckas tryin" to view me... "Can"t leaving rap alone, the game needs me"The method I think, i make it look easy "Can"t leaving rap alone, the game needs me"You got doubts, yet please believe me "Can"t leaving rap alone, the game needs me"Go questioning your mommy to cop this CD "Can"t leave rap alone, the video game needs me"The Rubix Cuban"s at your door, yet I ain"t singin" no carolsI"m prefer Donkey Kong, I got you niggaz dodgin" mine barrelsDon"t give a fuck where your label"s fromWe runnin" up in her office, holdin" your CEO hostage with a staple gunAnd ain"t no stoppin" this don; I obtained soccer momsPuttin" glocks in their palms and also wildin" the end to opera songsBlow off her brim, turn your fitted to a kufiI"m prefer Ricky Ricardo except, "I Love Uzis"When I"m in the crowd, these rappers room shookThey won"t phase dive unless they acquired a harness through a grapplin" hookDamn right, mine raps are actual illThe Celph titled talkin" doll says, "Kill, kill"Oh, you"s a tough guy, sayin" the you brawl in this fights?But you acquired your nose broken by a white bitch native a volleyball spikeOld timers ask me wherein I gained my pimp game from"Cause I obtained 99 bitches and also ain"t a problem with oneI"m the one to speak to when your 3rd verse is freeSlip slug in a pump and disperse emceesSix gunner with a potty mouth, spittin" increase mudI remain trippin" v a 40 oz., sippin" lock sudsOutta Cali with a bang, bitch! Fuckin" insane, bitchThe guy savin" L.A., forget around Game, bitchI never case Crip, but I"ll murder my languageIf ns can"t handle it quick, I"ll have it i ordered it thenLast nine summers, you been suckin" the same dickBut Jay"s gone, and also I"m tho fuckin" "em brainlessAt the vacation Inn, mine Doc holiday grinsA small too lot for one, so I"ll probably acquire twinsLet the party begin, take it it back to the tellyYour body is doper than coke, however your cracked is smellyAt the show, they to be rippin" all their panties and bras downThey love it, "cause officially I"m among the godz now