Haley Reinhart indigenous Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox performs in ~ L"Alhambra on march 12, 2015 in Paris, France.

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The video, because that the track made well-known in an Extra gum ad, features fellow "American Idol" alum Casey Abrams on piano.

American Idol singer Haley Reinhart"s intimaterendition the Elvis Presley’s “Can’t aid Falling in Love” is featured in the popular Extra gum commercial "The Story that Sarah and also Juan," and also now rwandachamber.org is exclusively premiering the song"s official music video, which attributes fellow season 10 alum Casey Abrams.

The Story Behind Haley Reinhart & Wrigley Gum"s i can not forget "Sarah & Juan" Ad

The video clip offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse that Reinhart and also Abrams, ~ above piano, developing magic in the studio as they document the tune together.

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"It brings me for this reason much pleasure in learning I can be the voice the helps lug this breathtaking love story come life,"Reinharttells rwandachamber.org. "This video clip captures raw emotion and intimacy that i hope people can attach with. Happy to have actually my music soulmate, Casey Abrams, playing alongside that me on tricks as well."

Director Daniel Ryanfrom power BBDO states he aimed to capture thatconnection together he filmed the Wheeling, Ill., singer. "The minute she started singing in the studio, it was clear that she had immense talent. Since we only had actually a short time together, I want to record a couple of moments the conveyed her charismatic personality, then change into a simple, elegant performance of the timeless ballad," the says. "I think the finished filmgives the viewer a look at Haley"s real charm and talent, helpingthem feel associated to her as an artist."

Since the commercial debuted critical month, the songhas already sold 46,000 units, amassed 3.2 million streams top top Spotify, and also is No. 1 ~ above Spotify’s worldwide viral chart. The campaign is quiet growing, v 86 million views via on facebook and much more than 12 million see on YouTube.

The adtells the love story of 2 young adults that experience little yet meaningful moments through sharing Extra gum, leading toa large point in their relationship. This bring to life “Give Extra, acquire extra,” the idea that little moments lead to something meaningful. Reinhart states that is why the point out is connecting in a large way. “Once I saw it had me in tears prefer a the majority of the public right now,” she says. “There is no a dry eye.”

To create the tear-jerking moment, the 25-year-old vocalistimmediately called on Abrams. “I had actually just discovered out about this exceptional ad, and also the civilization at Wrigley were an extremely excited, i m sorry is pretty neat, due to the fact that I’m a Chicago girl myself, therefore we have actually that hometown connection,” she says. “I was eager to obtain to it. And I called Casey that I needed to find a pianist by tomorrow and he is like, ‘Well when do us start?’ he is always down for everything and he theatre just about everything."

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With Abrams committed, the procedure moved quickly. The two met the following day at son of guy Recording Studio and Mixing in Los Angeles.

“It was really organic,” she says. “We to be in one intimate setting in the room, and we had candles and also he was playing and we really had actually to make certain that us were in sync, timing-wise, so we had actually to have the ability to look at each other and kind that feed turn off each other’s energy and rhythm, so it to be nice.”

Overall, she is happy with how the tune meshed through the love story that Sarah and Juan. “It to be a nice, pleasant surprise, due to the fact that you have to really acquire an intimate vibe, and also Extra is all around the little moments the lead up to the large finale and also one trip of life and also love,” she says. “I wanted to make it sound together if ns was talking to or whispering to a love one beside me, that kind of vibe.”

As for Reinhart’s own journey, that route leads come her existing touring schedulewith Postmodern Jukebox and also animated voice occupational with the Netflix series F Is for Family, debuting Dec. 18. In addition,Reinhart isputting the finishing touch on her brand-new EP of original material, obtainable early spring 2016 via red dot.

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“I am really excited come put brand-new music out. It has actually been kind of a labor of love. Ns took a many the demos i have had actually over a span of 3 years, and also some of this songs to be written earlier then,” she says. “I take it the original productions and also had a live band cut it, and I currently fused the 2 styles and production with each other so they have actually a powerful, meaty foundation.

“I simply want to put out things that human being will called to,” she continues. “It’s all really sultry whereby it’s comes from.”

With American Idol kicking turn off its taking leave season in January, over there is constantly the opportunity that the well-known alum will go back to her roots. “Idol has actually been really good to me,” she says. “Hopefully us will have actually some the my songs in the next season, even just in the episodes for contestants. That would be wonderful, and I would love to gain back. Ns heard a few things circulating, however nothing collection in stone yet.”

There is tho hope because that fans that season 10, she says. “I recognize our season -- we are all a pretty close group and I simply would love to do something,” she says. “Our suffer was incredible.”