While retrying to find this question, I came across a pair of conflicting images of Superguy in space.

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First we have actually him in space via no helmet - and talking to one more character.

As much as I deserve to tell, this shave the right to is from Superman/Batguy Volume 1, Issue 13, published in October 2004.


But then we have actually him in area via a helmet.

This sdeserve to seems to be from Superman Volume 1, Issue 677 - published in August 2004


Now, you could easily argue that the helmet wouldn"t really carry out much tbelow as there is no oxygen tank, yet the picture still indicates that he requirements to breathe. The first image, however, really contradicts that though. I found other imeras of him speaking in space without a helmet, but I think the one picture demonstrates the point well sufficient.

So, which is it?

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Superman"s powers have been inconsistently shown given that his inception. The best way to save track of his capability to breathe in room is to think about the depiction of the character and also the time period. Most contemporary comic versions, his invulnerability allows him to exist in any kind of hostile environment with little difficulty. This includes atmospheres without air or under extreme press. See: As of 2012, exactly how many kind of various canon versions of the Supermale character exist?

Superman"s Versions

Early Superman: Golden Period or Earth-2 Supermale, Fleischer Films, Supermale on Television in the 60s - All of these Supermales tfinished to be men through super-powers. So they ate, slept, breathed a lot like normal human beings did. They can suspend their require for much longer than normal people, organize their breaths for long times, go without sleep for days, not eat for longer than a month, yet eventually they would certainly need to partake of these things bereason the emphasis was on the MAN not the SUPER.

Earth-1, Silver Age: When DC started boosting Superman"s powers in the Curt Swan age of the late sixties, the emphasis shifted from the MAN to the SUPER. Superguy came to be bigger than the various other heroes of the DC Universe. His powers let him go without breathing, sleeping, eating (and we assume excreting). His invulnercapability appeared to incorporate his ability to stand up to the harsh atmosphere of space and also his capacity to survive without any of the points humans generally should live. He became a static thing impervious to all atmospheres including underwater and also deep area. His adendeavors in room never had actually him using a helmet or suit unless he was visiting a world with a red sunlight (under which he would revert to a normal huguy physiology, unbolstered by his stselection solar energy conversion).

Animated Adventures: However, as soon as they made a decision to develop the 90"s versions of Superguy for Superman Adendeavors (based upon the famous series Batguy Adendeavors which began in 1992) he was significantly depowered. He was a little bit stronger than the Fleischer Period Superguy but much less qualified than the Earth-1 conventional we had grvery own supplied to. He seemed a revision created tv enabling him to be effective however not unstoppable and thus able to be composed for on a continuous continual basis. This Superman could not breath underwater, though he could hold his breath for a while, and also could not breath in space and also essential a suit designed for him at Star Labs. This would certainly reprimary the status quo in the series. When the JLA and JLU series began, it was intended to be the exact same character, but they tweaked the architecture a little bit.

Man of Steel, John Byrne: In the comics, for the a lot of component, the only time he lost the ability to go without breapoint and interacting in space was in the time of Byrne"s Man of Steel era. Aacquire, an effort to use a little bit of science to explain the Man of Steel"s powers. His hair grew, he ate food, he shaved through a mirror (though he did that in some of the Curt Swan era work too.)

The Death of Superman/Energy Supermen: After his resurrection, and transformation into the Energy Powered or Electric Superguys, Kal-El went back to his, "a-nearly-impervious, godlike-element of the DC universe" able to go wbelow he wanted and also execute what he wanted if he believed it was feasible (as capable as the plot demanded).

The New 52: Like most of the contemporary versions of Superguy he does not show up to need a spacesuit (though his current costume is far more capable technologically-speaking) to endure in space.

See more: All Work And No Play Makes Homer Something Something, All Work And No Play Makes Homer Something

As much as interacting in space: Supermale is incontinuously shown being able to connect in area. In the Silver Age, Superman was said to have the ability to "throw his voice using super-ventriloquism" permitting him to connect via others in space... Modern era Writers who pay attention are sure to make a technological factor for his interaction (the JLA provided tiny ear-bud communicators, or Martian telepathy (once they had actually a Martian). In the instance above, I don"t think Environment-friendly Lantern is helping him breath, he is making it feasible for them to connect.

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