Call the Duty: WWII"s large reveal to be accompanied by a quite weak showing of screenshots, and also Activision is most likely holding ago for E3.

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When publishers expose big-name games like the next speak to of Duty or Battlefront game, they frequently drop a couple of screenshots to companion the expose footage and also info-packed push releases. But Call that Duty: WWII was different--after scouting around, I controlled to dig up only 4 official screenshots--none of i m sorry were uncovered on Activision"s push site.

This isn"t really anything new. CoD: WWII"s expose was a strategic hype-building initiative to open the pre-order floodgates and also build excited while promising lots of "gritty, visceral" content and also lightly touch top top multiplayer and also co-op features. Us know contact of Duty: WWII will have a unique story-driven Nazi zombies co-op mode, the it"s project takes ar in the europe Theater between 1944 and 1945 with multiple regions favor Belgium, France, and the well known landing on Normandy, and that multiplayer features a create-a-class feature, a brand-new mode dubbed "War", and features a huge arsenal of yes, really WWII era weapons.

And of course we have the two-minute expose trailer i m sorry is more hype-building 보다 actual info.

Sure the game won"t relax for an additional six months, but I just discover it a little bit odd that there"s only four contact of Duty: WWII screenshot floating about...especially after the huge multi-million viewed livestream took place. Gamers are eager to consume brand-new info on contact of Duty, and also screenshots space a large part of the process.

Activision even released screenshots because that Destiny 2"s reveal...although they to be literally stills native the trailer. Still, though, we gained them and it to be something else to look at at and dissect.

"This video game is the video game you"ve been waiting to see," to work CEO Eric Hirshberg said throughout the speak to of Duty WWII livestream.

"Call the Duty WWII bring the collection back come its roots, earlier to the gritty, authentic visceral suffer that contact of Duty was constructed on. It also strives to record the intense bonds the brotherhood that come from usual everyday people who rose over the most epic and horrible problem in person history. And with Sledgehammer gamings at the helm, we knew we had actually the best team to supply the cinematic scale and also the relentless fist to detail that this problem deserves and also demands."

Call of Duty: WWII will certainly be released on November 3, 2017 because that Xbox One, PS4 and also PC.

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The game is currently available for pre-order in three different tiers:

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