Are friend a fan of contact of Duty? Is your loved one into speak to of Duty? We have compiled a funny list of contact of Duty pick up phrases. Lock include many CoD themes prefer weapons, beat style, and also gaming tactics. Use these speak to of Duty choose up lines come flirt and impress guys or girls!

Call of Duty choose Up Line
All map package in COD lead me come you.

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Copy This.
Are you a flash grenade? since you room stunning!Copy This.
Are friend a frag grenade, reason you just blew me away.Copy This.
Are friend a newb in bed? I deserve to train friend to be pro.Copy This.
Are girlfriend a weapon? due to the fact that I obtained my X to pick you up.Copy This.
Are you up because that a tiny tactical insertion?Copy This.
Are you utilizing hax? friend made me hard.Copy This.
As shortly as friend walk in the room, I gained my LOS with you babe.Copy This.
Babe, i don"https://rwandachamber.org/t require no scope come land part hits on you.Copy This.
Babe, I acquired wonderful intends with mine barrel and I know how to usage it.Copy This.
Babe, i will constantly have sufficient ammo for you.Copy This.
Babe, your hot body provides me wanna spray and also pray.Copy This.
Bomb me v your boobs girl.Copy This.
Call me a camper, because I will always surprise girlfriend from behind.Copy This.
Can I double Tap her bouncing bombs?Copy This.
Darling, you are my true duty before Call the Duty.Copy This.
Do you think at an initial sight? Or have to I protect against sniping you?Copy This.
Do friend come right here often? Or just due to the fact that of negative spawns?Copy This.
Do you like my long barrel.Copy This.
Do you favor headshot, human body shot, or comes inside?Copy This.
Forget around CoD, let"https://rwandachamber.org/s pat my dick instead.Copy This.
Full steel Jacket is vital for depths penetration.Copy This.
Girl are you head glitching, due to the fact that just her head provides me explode.Copy This.
Girl I desire to capture your flag, made out of her undies.Copy This.
Girl friend hax my heart.Copy This.
Girl, do you have actually sleight the hand? due to the fact that I listen you provide pretty rapid hand jobs.Copy This.
Girl, i am going to search and also destroy her strike zone.Copy This.
Girl, I gained a hardpoint to display you.Copy This.
Girl, I want you poor no issue what your loadout is.Copy This.
Girl, I"https://rwandachamber.org/ll totally give my headshots come you.Copy This.
Girl, would certainly you be interested to finish the Fucking objective to unlock the new trophy?Copy This.
Girl, you blast shield isn"https://rwandachamber.org/t strong enough for numerous mini me.Copy This.
Girl, you warm IRL.Copy This.
Girl, friend hotter 보다 a M2 Flamethrower.Copy This.
Give me head after ns land a headshot on you?Copy This.
Have girlfriend fallen from heaven? You have to be a care package.Copy This.
How numerous COD points does it take to unlock top top nudes?Copy This.
How numerous shots walk it take it to meet you? ns got many reloads babe.Copy This.
I ain"https://rwandachamber.org/t about KDR girl, the genuine deal is CDR, cum cock ratio.Copy This.
I ain"https://rwandachamber.org/t going come Turtling my turtle anymore.Copy This.
I to be a choob, want to see my true skill?Copy This.
I am a straight shooter for your heart.Copy This.
I am dice to dual tap that wonderful underpass of yours.Copy This.
I am legendary.Copy This.
I to be pro v both mine game and my dick.Copy This.
I hope your head IRL is together soft together in game.Copy This.
I know just how to use my firearms in any kind of position.Copy This.
I have to be a noob, since I desire to use this tube.Copy This.
I promise i won"https://rwandachamber.org/t explode quickly.Copy This.
I"https://rwandachamber.org/d dice a million times for you even if it mess up my K/D ratio.Copy This.
Instead the dropping the bomb in game, how about we obtain some action in bed?Copy This.
Is your name Duty? since I love to answer your calls.Copy This.
Is your Tac resist solid enough for my 9-bang? We much better test that out.Copy This.
My aimbot is solid for your pussy.Copy This.
My prick is FFA, come get a piece of the action.Copy This.
My love for you will never gain nerfed.Copy This.
My predator missile is coming because that you.Copy This.
No pulling out, ns am emptying shells into you tonight.Copy This.
Oh babe you destroyed me in ko today? My turn to damage you tonight in bed.Copy This.
Ready for part KEM to your chasm?Copy This.
Ready to acquire your pussy overkilled?Copy This.
So what do I must do in bespeak to generate inside you?Copy This.
Some point is wrong through my auto-aim, ns can"https://rwandachamber.org/t take it it off you.Copy This.
That"https://rwandachamber.org/s not m60 nor Ak in mine pants, i am simply happy to watch you.Copy This.
Up for PK action in bed?Copy This.
Want a private enhance of cod in bed?Copy This.
Want to have actually a DM on who"https://rwandachamber.org/s coming first?Copy This.
WOOT time because that someCopy This.
You room the only bomb that ns don"https://rwandachamber.org/t mind being blown up with.Copy This.
You blow me girl, favor a C4.Copy This.
You punch me so tough I am about to provide you a headshot.Copy This.
You catch my hardpoint.Copy This.
You can pwn me anytime.Copy This.
You looking remarkable in the CoD outfit girl.Copy This.
You make me hard at very first scope.Copy This.
You so warm you are just a glowing blob of light in heat scope.Copy This.
You sure know exactly how to manage my grenades. Ns explode in seconds.

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Copy This.