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Q. A heating aspect of resistance (at its operating temperature) 534 Ω is linked to a battery of emf 735 V and unknown inner resistance . That is found that heat energy is being generated in the heater facet at a rate of 85.0 W. What is the rate at i m sorry heat power is being generated in the inner resistance that the battery?

Q. A bit with a fee of q = -5.10 nC is moving in a uniform magnetic field of vecB=( -1.24 T ) hatz. The magnetic pressure on the particle is measure up to it is in vecF= ( -7.60×10-7 N )haty.

Calculate the x ingredient of the velocity the the particle.

discover the stress in the horizontal cable

As displayed on the right, a uniform boom through a mass of 30.0 kg and a length of 2.00 meter is suspended in ~ its left end by a short friction bearing and also supported at its right en

What function do lock play in air air pollution

What room the assets of complete combustion of hydrocarbons? What are the commodities of incomplete combustion? exactly how are nitrogen oxides (NOx) formed, and also what role do lock pla

What is the new rate that rotation of the device

A solid, slim disk has a moment of inertia of 3.00 x10-2 kg.m2 and spins openly on a frictionless axis at 25.0 rev/min. Mean then a 0.300-kg round of putty is reduce verti

Slits space closed v the time in between photons

as soon as doing the classic double slit experiment is the time among emitting photons far-reaching at all? Say, a single photon is emitted; the scientist waits T seconds, and then e

uncover the required turns proportion for the transformer

A neon sign calls for a 13 kV rms voltage. This is come be obtained from a 220 V rms power supply making use of a solitary transformer. Find the forced turns ratio for the transformer

A steel section of the alaskan pipeline had actually a length

A steel section of the Alaskan pipeline had actually a size of 65 m and also a temperature the 12°C when it was installed. What is its adjust in size when the temperature drops to a frig

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What to be the electrons speed as the left the negative plate

2 2.00 cm diameter disks spaced 2.239 mm apart from a parallel key capacitor. The electrical field in between the disks is 445,140.438 V/m. What to be the electron\"s speed as the

recognize the best coefficient of power

A thermoelectric refrigerator removes heat native a refrigerated room at -5°C in ~ a price of 130 W and also rejects it come an atmosphere at 20°C. Determine the best coefficient o