void mi_start_curr_serv(void)#if 0 //stmt#endif I"m obtaining an error together "error: expected declaration or declare at end of input" in my compiler. I might not find any kind of error through the above function. Please aid me to know this error.

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Normally that error occurs as soon as a } to be missed what in the code, because that example:

void mi_start_curr_serv(void) #if 0 //stmt #endifwould fail v this error as result of the lacking at the end of the function. The password you posted doesn"t have actually this error, so the is likely coming from part other part of your source.


For me this problem was caused by a absent ) at the finish of one if declare in a duty called by the function the error to be reported together from. Try scrolling up in the output to uncover the very first error reported by the compiler. Solving that error might fix this error.


You probably have actually syntax error.You most likely forgot to placed a } or ; somewhere over this function.

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For me it to be a lacking } parentheses in a role called through the code wherein the error was reported. Was also reported on password calling the function that dubbed the role missing the }. So deserve to be hard to find if you carry out not understand what you are looking for.

Try to ar a

return 0;

on the end of your password or simply erase the


from your main functionI expect that ns helped

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