I purchased the Bushnell AR scope due to the fact that I required an optic for neighborhood 3-gun matches and varmint hunting. The limit had whatever I was looking for at a an extremely inexpensive price. Ns opted to acquisition a Bushnell due to the fact that I have not had any problems with any kind of products the I have used indigenous them. This consists of some of your low end scopes and also some higher end ones.

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The limit was placed on mine AR in a Warne RAMP mount and it fit perfectly. When sighted in, i tried the end the BDC reticle v some 55gr ammo. I was just able to shot the autumn compensators in ~ 200 and also 300yds, yet they appeared to be accurate enough. The BDC is calibrated for your conventional 55gr ammunition, however should likewise work adequately v 62gr ammo. The BDC reticle is to be zeroed in ~ 100yds and then has dots because that 200, 300, 400, & 500 yard drops. The 600 drop mark is where the line gets more comprehensive (think duplex reticle). Ns would have actually liked it far better if Bushnell had actually put a dot at 600. I use heavier bullets and also just plugged them into a ballistic program so that I know what the fall actually room in comparison.

This scope has some pretty features. Because that one, it has resettable target turrets. Once sighted in, you can take the gave allen wrench, loosen up the screw top top the top of the turret, traction the knob up and also turn to zero, and also push it ago down, climate tighten up the allen screw. The AR collection scopes also have a next parallax adjustment, which is very nice as soon as adjustment is needed while looking through the scope. I uncovered the scope come be really clear because that the price, specifically at the reduced settings. After adjusting past about 11x it it s okay a tiny bit blurry about the edges. The eye relief must be more precise in ~ the greater magnification also. The reticle is calibrated at the greatest (12x) magnification also, however I didn"t have any type of problems seeing any type of targets at this magnification.

Now for the points I didn"t like about this scope. It is heavy, weighing in at an ext than 21 ounces. It is definitely noticeable once mounted. The target turret clicks are a tiny bit mushy. But I yes, really didn"t suppose any more at this price point. The limit is also long in ~ 12". No unmanageable, but it could be shorter. The other remarkable dislike is the small blurriness about the leaf at greater magnifications.


Even through the flaws stated above, I do like this scope. It has the right attributes at fantastic price. It deserve to be used with both eyes open up down in ~ 3x and also can magnify smaller targets in ~ the 12x setting. If you"re not concerned about weight, this could be a great scope because that your next AR.

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Claim come Fame: Inexpensive Tactical scope because that AR format rifles in .223(5.56)

Target Market: Those looking for a decent inexpensive optic through some higher priced features


Drop region 223 BDC reticleSide parallax adjustmentReset come zero flexible target style turretsSecond focal planeFully multi-coated opticsFinish: Matte Black1" tube diameterLength (in / mm): 12 / 305Drop Zone-223 BDC ReticleField of see (ft
100m: 0.25 / 6.95Power / Obj Lens: 3-12x 40mm

What other aesthetic alternatives or finishes space available? None, comes in Matte black only.

What others room saying?:

Bryan top top Amazon: 4 the end of 5 stars

Pretty good scope: Install and also zeroing to be pretty easy. Ns bought this and the Millett 1 piece mount sold as a combo here on Amazon. The mount permitted forward counter to improve eye relief top top my level top AR. Eye relief (real world) is around 4 inches. The eyepiece is big and the optics art crisp. Both eyes open up works great. No as crisp as the Nikon I have in the very same price selection but acceptable. Over there is both a focus and also a parallax adjustment to make certain you acquire the cross-hairs in sharp focus which is nice. The turrets room a small mushy and also don"t give great tactile feedback but are acceptable. The zoom has actually no stops which i don"t really like and also it"s quite high initiative which might be the price because that a weather seal ~ above this scope. Readjust zoom needs a firm fixed on rifle since even v bipod, girlfriend need good leverage to readjust it. For this reason far, it has actually held a crisp zero v 40 shots and also the MOA device is nice for no shoot ranging. This is a great varmint limit IMHO. If it remains as great as it has been while new, I will be really happy.

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CavScoutDM on Brownells: 5 out of 5 stars

Great scope
Unbelievable price:
 I an installed this limit on my just finished 24" Long variety AR15 and also I couldn"t it is in happier. Repeatable, clear, and the BDC works great with just a small practice. Bushnell hit a house run through this one, I simply wish I"d checked out the 18X as I would have bought it rather of the 12X. No issue though as I said before they knocked it the end of the park through this one!

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I require it now! Availability: Amazon, Brownells, or your regional gun shop.

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Side parallax adjustmentTarget style turretsReset to zero turretsGood glass clarity at many magnifications