Bull of the Day: MarineMax (HZO)

by Jeremy MullinPublished on November 05,2021

The water is heat for this boating stock.

HZO rapid QuoteHZOPositive Net readjust


Bull that the Day: swimming pool Corp. (POOL)

by Tracey RyniecPublished on November 04,2021

Outdoor products remain red hot on the reopen.

POOL fast QuotePOOLNegative Net readjust

consumer-discretionary sleeve

Bull of the Day: ExxonMobil (XOM)

by Madeleine JohnsonPublished on November 03,2021

This power giant is benefiting from increased demand and higher oil prices.

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XOM rapid QuoteXOMPositive Net readjust

energy oil-energy

Bull of The Day: lytic Blockchain (RIOT)

by Daniel LaboePublished top top November 02,2021

RIOT presents us with a distinct opportunity to achieve bitcoin exposure in ~ a sizable discount as its underlining profit driver bring away flight

TSLA fast QuoteTSLANegative Net adjust RIOT quick QuoteRIOTNegative Net change BTC fast QuoteBTCNegative Net change BITO fast QuoteBITONegative Net change


Bull that the Day: progressed Micro devices (AMD)

by Kevin CookPublished top top November 01,2021

Still trading at just 8X sales vs NVDA at 21X, Lisa Su lights up semi sector again

AMD fast QuoteAMDNegative Net change MSFT quick QuoteMSFTNegative Net readjust NVDA rapid QuoteNVDANegative Net adjust GOOGL fast QuoteGOOGLPositive Net adjust NET rapid QuoteNETNegative Net adjust

artificial-intelligence automation autonomous-vehicles cloud-computing robotics self-driving-cars semiconductor

Bull that The Day: Accel entertain (ACEL)

by Brian BolanPublished top top October 29,2021

This stock is meant to show 125% topline development this year and reports earnings early next week.

ACEL fast QuoteACELPositive Net change

gambling gaming

Bull of the Day: Salesforce (CRM)

by Benjamin RainsPublished ~ above October 28,2021

Salesforce has broadened through part rather huge acquisitions in the last numerous years to aid it diversify as it competes for prominence in the ever-growing cloud software market...

AMZN rapid QuoteAMZNPositive Net readjust AAPL fast QuoteAAPLPositive Net readjust MSFT fast QuoteMSFTNegative Net change CRM rapid QuoteCRMNegative Net change ZM fast QuoteZMNegative Net adjust

cloud-computing revenue tech-stocks

Bull the the Day: Olin (OLN)

by David BartosiakPublished top top October 27,2021

Inflation is great for companies prefer this one.

OLN quick QuoteOLNPositive Net change


Bull of the Day: Winnebago markets (WGO)

by Jeremy MullinPublished ~ above October 26,2021

Investors should buy the post-earnings dip.

WGO fast QuoteWGOPositive Net readjust

construction travel-leisure

Bull that the Day: Lithia motors (LAD)

by Tracey RyniecPublished top top October 25,2021

Car sales remain red hot.

PAG fast QuotePAGPositive Net readjust GPI rapid QuoteGPINegative Net change SAH rapid QuoteSAHNegative Net adjust LAD rapid QuoteLADNegative Net adjust


Bull the the Day: Fastly (FSLY)

by Kevin CookPublished ~ above October 22,2021

All eye on Nov 3 report as development hiccup shows up over and big customers remain on board

FSLY rapid QuoteFSLYNegative Net change AAPL fast QuoteAAPLPositive Net readjust PYPL fast QuotePYPLNegative Net change SHOP rapid QuoteSHOPNegative Net adjust NET quick QuoteNETNegative Net readjust

cloud-computing internet social-media software video-games

Bull that the Day: Teck sources (TECK)

by David BartosiakPublished top top October 21,2021

Inflation means huge money because that mining stocks as the dollar weakens.

TECK fast QuoteTECKNegative Net change


Bull of the Day: city Outfitters (URBN)

by Madeleine JohnsonPublished ~ above October 20,2021

Growing demand and two new, effective brands space pushing this retailer higher.

URBN quick QuoteURBNPositive Net adjust


Bull of The Day: NVIDIA (NVDA)

by Daniel LaboePublished on October 19,2021

NVIDIA is the most amazing chipmaker in the market today, creating chips through unmatchable capabilities that have transformed this service into the superstar the is

NVDA fast QuoteNVDANegative Net change SFTBY fast QuoteSFTBYPositive Net readjust

artificial-intelligence automation semiconductor tech-stocks

Bull of the Day: Rocket carriers (RKT)

by Jeremy MullinPublished top top October 18,2021

Can this stock lift off into earnings?

RKT fast QuoteRKTNegative Net adjust


Bull that The Day: heath Catalyst (HCAT)

by Brian BolanPublished on October 15,2021

This stock had actually been report losses but posted a break-even quarter in the more recent print and that might start a new trend.

HCAT fast QuoteHCATNegative Net change

business-services cloud-computing hmo hospitals

Bull the the Day: Walmart Inc. (WMT)

by Benjamin RainsPublished on October 14,2021

Walmart Inc. (WMT) posted a banner year in 2020 and also its outlook remains strong. Now, that year-long underperformance could make for an enticing entry point into the world"s largest retailer...

AMZN quick QuoteAMZNPositive Net readjust TGT fast QuoteTGTNegative Net readjust WMT quick QuoteWMTNegative Net readjust COST quick QuoteCOSTNegative Net change FB rapid QuoteFBPositive Net adjust GOOGL quick QuoteGOOGLPositive Net change SHOP fast QuoteSHOPNegative Net change

consumer-discretionary consumer-staples e-commerce earnings retail

Bull of the Day: Nutrien (NTR)

by Tracey RyniecPublished on October 13,2021

Fertilizer prices space soaring and also so room earnings.

CF quick QuoteCFPositive Net adjust MOS fast QuoteMOSNegative Net readjust NTR rapid QuoteNTRNegative Net adjust


Bull of the Day: Revolve team (RVLV)

by Madeleine JohnsonPublished top top October 12,2021

A huge celebrity hire coupled with solid earnings is advertise this fashion-forward retail stock higher.

RVLV fast QuoteRVLVPositive Net readjust

e-commerce retail

Bull that the Day: Alpha and Omega Semi (AOSL)

by David BartosiakPublished on October 11,2021

The well-documented chip shortage is leaving some service providers with vast profits.

AOSL rapid QuoteAOSLPositive Net adjust


Bull the the Day: Mesa Laboratories (MLAB)

by Kevin CookPublished top top October 08,2021

Key M&A rises sales & EPS, opens up path to new business v Clinical dielectrics Division

MLAB quick QuoteMLABPositive Net change DHR rapid QuoteDHRNegative Net adjust PACB rapid QuotePACBNegative Net readjust NVTA fast QuoteNVTANegative Net adjust NTRA quick QuoteNTRAPositive Net adjust

genetic-testing genomics clinical oncology-screening smart-health

Bull that The Day: TJX providers

by Daniel LaboePublished ~ above October 07,2021

A new wave of consumer is being ushered into this flourishing economy with a penchant because that value and also convenience: TJX"s brand-new omnichannel platform equips the firm with both

TJX fast QuoteTJXPositive Net change

apparel furniture-retailers sleeve

Bull that the Day: Square, Inc. (SQ)

by Benjamin RainsPublished ~ above October 06,2021

SQ share soared for approximately 12 months right off the coronavirus lows and its current underperformance gift a reasonably enticing buying opportunity, especially with a large acquisition collection to nearby in early 2022.

JPM quick QuoteJPMNegative Net readjust FB fast QuoteFBPositive Net readjust ETSY rapid QuoteETSYNegative Net change PYPL rapid QuotePYPLNegative Net adjust SHOP rapid QuoteSHOPNegative Net adjust SQ rapid QuoteSQNegative Net adjust HOOD quick QuoteHOODNegative Net change

e-commerce income fin-tech finance tech-stocks

Bull that The Day: Tesla (TSLA)

by Brian BolanPublished ~ above October 05,2021

Strong production and also delivery numbers space only component of the bigger story through this EV stock.

TSLA quick QuoteTSLANegative Net adjust

alt-energy autonomous-vehicles battery electric-vehicles ride-hailing robotics self-driving-cars semiconductor

Bull the the Day: Thor markets (THO)

by Jeremy MullinPublished top top October 04,2021

RV demand proceeds to admire investors.

THO rapid QuoteTHONegative Net change

auto-tires-trucks building and construction

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