“Broken Flowers” - the plot job in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you will meet, relocating along the plot the Novigrad. The mission begins immediately after the completion of the story search “Novigrad Dreaming”. In the course of the assignment, you will learn about the love (and not so) adventures the Dandelion during the absence of Geralt, referrals to books and also past games will also occur. During the mission, friend will have actually the chance to invest the night with among the ladies and also enjoy the bed scene, take component in steed racing and also listen come an exceptionally beautiful song of a bard still unfamiliar come you.

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In addition, countless players are challenged with the truth that they have the right to not obtain into the villa Var Attre - we will likewise consider this in the food of the quest. Well, let's gain started.

The Witcher 3: Wild hunt - the passage of the plot task “Broken Flowers”

After completing the “Novigrad Dreaming” quest, the pursuit “Broken Flowers” will begin automatically. We will be called to walk to “Rosemary and Thyme” searching for the bard Dandelion. Arriving at the appointed place, focusing on the map, instead of Dandelion, us met one old friend of the Zoltan Chivay. And also they discovered him in ~ the very moment as soon as he to be throwing part vagrants the end of Sage by the scruff. No sooner had the witcher and also the redheaded to speak hello, as soon as a brand-new party the rags appeared, and the redheart suggested to Geralt to recall the great old work of massacre. Girlfriend cannot usage swords and also signs, but Zoltan will help you, therefore there must be no problems. After ~ a couple of cuffs, the vagrants still gained out that Sage, and also we again returned to the conversation with the redheart.

Unfortunately, Zoltan does not also imagine whereby Dandelionis now. He stayed away because that a while and hoped the upon returning to Sage, the would have actually a delicious lunch and cold beer waiting for him, and also found only devastation and tatters. Friends pertained to the conclusion that it is worth experimenting Sage, and maybe lock can discover some hints that will certainly lead them come Dandelion.

The subject we need will be highlighted through or there is no a witch's instincts.


A kind diary the the owner the the school will be situated near the emergency exit on the window. Geralt is surprised at the reality that a poet friend can keep a diary, however still decides come read. In the diary, in addition to the latest purchases the products and also other information, there will certainly be exciting entries about the girlfriends of Dandelion. However the Dandelionis a poet, so the documents are, of course, in verses! So, Zoltan and Geralt had a excellent idea the he would certainly ask about the critical girlfriends that Butter, possibly he permit out around where the gulf to be going. Separating the girls among themselves, the witcher and also the red men made decision to separate.

Important! prior to you go to the girls, friend can and should speak to Zoltan around them. By doing this and also asking about the girls, particularly Rosa Var Attre, friend will considerably facilitate your task and during the pursuit you can easily get right into the home of Var Attre. Recognize out around the other girls is not important for the assignment, but if you are interested, chat through the old-time redhead.


So, Geralt has actually 5 beautiful females on the list:

Vespula Laundress;Teacher Marabella;La Valette Molly family members maid;Mysterious Elihal;The daughter of a Niltaphard diplomat Rosa var Attre.

We have to go about all the girls, and also it walk not matter in what order we will execute it. Let's begin with Elihal and also Vespula because they space not much from Sage.

Having reached the designated place, rather of the secret girl Elihal us will discover an plain elf, and also a male. Having actually said that we were sort of looking for Elikhal, the girlfriend of Dandelion, the elf would ask to wait a minute, after i m sorry “a little” would be transformed.


No, this is no a joke, this is precisely the Elihal we were spring for. However, further we will find out the details of one elf's acquaintance v Dandelion, and, as much as his tastes are specific, he will merely be a pan of transforming images. And additionally a tailor v his very own studio. With Lyutikom, they in which method met in a bar and often talked. However, Geralt chose not come ask that in an ext detail, and also simply found out if Lyutik had said nothing lately. Elf replied that that didn’t, only ran his coat through a hem or affix a button. Optionally, you deserve to ask Elikhal what he was talking about with Dandelion, and also hear the story around the fate of the alchemist Kalkstein, whom you may understand from the first Witcher. An interesting and rather sad story.

But around the location of Dandelion Elihal to know nothing, therefore it's time to walk to the next girl - the laundress Vespoule.

The wash is also located exterior the walls of Novigrad, not far from Elihal’s tailor, and we will certainly go there. We came down on the laundress simply at the moment when part gangsters demanding a monthly fee involved press her. There room several feasible answers, and also it relies on girlfriend whether every little thing will be decided peacefully or by fights. Take into consideration the alternatives for replicas and their consequences:

I'll pay for it - Geralt have the right to pay for the laundress indigenous his pocket. After ~ receiving 200 crowns, the gangsters will calm down and also leave.Vespula has actually a brand-new security - by picking this option, you have actually the opportunity to solve whatever peacefully. Bandyugans will certainly be interested in what a new washer had actually for the new roof. The answer "My" will result in a fight v swords, but the "King the the Beggars" will make lock resign and leave home.


After the leave of the gangsters, the girl herself will certainly speak come the savior, however we cannot find out anything new. Yes, Dandelion checked out her and also for some factor was interested in how the neighborhood baths space arranged, how long lock work, etc. We likewise learn the Vespula recorded Dandelion with some girlfriend that is not in his diary - a blonde v a beautiful figure. Or one artist, or a prostitute, who will understand them. Goodbye Vespoula, it's time for us to walk to the next young lady.

The estate of La Valette and also the villa Var Attre room close by, so let's very first go to the teacher Marabella. Geralt will declare in ~ the appointed location right during the lesson. The teacher will certainly ask to wait because that the end of the lesson, however we can insist top top a conversation appropriate now. I recommend the 2nd option, it opens up funny questions around the job of kids witch. The lesson about the job of the witcher will certainly not last long, yet you will have actually the possibility to answer exactly how lustful the witches are, even if it is they kill the kings and listen to the beautiful story about the witches and knights.


After a couple of questions, Marabella will certainly announce the lesson together finished, and also we will have the possibility to talk about the lacking friend, Dandelion.


However, here we also do not understand anything worthwhile. In addition, throughout the last date, Dandelion was an ext interested in a mushroom textbook 보다 a girl. And when he eliminated his hand from she knee to the web page of the book around mold, the girl realized the they could not do anything. Indigenous that moment on, she no longer saw Dandelion.

We have only 2 girls left - the maid Molly or Rosa Var Attre, who is in a villa that is an overwhelming to reach. For starters, walk to Molly, to leave the most daunting thing "for dessert".

The mansion of the family members of La Valette (with which us have already met in the video game The Witcher 2: The Assassin the Kings) is situated on the square the contrary the villa the the Nilfgaard lawyer Var Attre. Draw close the door that the estate, a cut-scene will certainly begin, in which the guards already wanted to drive the witcher away, but the conversation itself would be interrupted by Baroness La Valette.

Next, the video game presents us through dialogues, which will certainly differ depending on which plot decisions you made throughout the i of The Witcher 2: Assassin the Kings.

If Geralt killed Ariana La Valletta, the eldest son of the Baroness, then she certainly would not be happy to view the murderer that his son. Mme. Geralta will fulfill coolly and even readjust her plans for today.


If Geralt pardon Ariana, then the Baroness would certainly happily accomplish the witcher and even present him to basic Voorhis, that left the estate with her.

In any type of case, we will certainly further discover out that their maid Molly is no longer Molly, yet Mrs. La Attard. For she obtained all the dividends, after i beg your pardon she married the nephew the La Attard family and is now the lady that high society. Top top weekdays, she constantly spends time with her girlfriend Patricia Vegelbud on her estate, city hall the jumps. That is there that we can find her and talk about Dandelion. General Voorhis will be friendly towards the Witcher and will say the he to be going to walk to the manor simply now to watch the races. In addition, from the market to walk together. There is no suggest in refusing and choosing the 2nd answer, we will instantly transfer come the heritage of Vegelbuds in addition to the general.


As the turned out, Morvran Voorhis loves steed racing and also horses really much and also happens consistently here. ~ a quick dialogue around elite horses and also Roaches, the general will market the witcher a ride, a horse for the gyeongju is given a choice. If girlfriend agree and win - gain a better general saddle. Come agree or no - her business, the task “Broken Flowers” will proceed even in situation of loss. The basic rides well and the totality race will be behind you, so execute not relax. And also in instance of victory, enjoy the well-deserved prize!


At the end of the race, we will lastly have the possibility to speak to Molly and also the general (or baroness) will certainly tell you on which communication to discover a girl. In a conversation v Geralt, Molly will certainly complain about the brand-new obligations that the mistress who fell on she lately, and will likewise confirm the presence of a blonde troubadgeress whom us have currently heard from the laundress Vespoula.

However, Dandelion stood for the blonde together his sister, and Geralt to know perfectly well that Dandelion has actually no sisters.


We also learn the Dandelion borrowed money from Molly before disappearing. And besides money, he was going to hire a boat. Laundries, mushrooms, mold, boat. What go the bard plan? We will not discover out yet, for Molly has not seen an ext Butterfly. After that we say goodbye come the girl and it's time to return to Novigrad. The fastest alternative is to speak to general Voorhis again and also say that you are already going to go back to the city.

So, it's time to talk to the critical girl, Rosa Var Attre.

How to obtain to the villa Var Attre

Back in Novigrad, if friend teleported together with the general, the witcher will certainly be right in the square wherein we deserve to see the villa Var Attre. It"s time to speak to the last girlfriend, the daughter that a Nilfgaard lawyer.


There space 3 means to get in the villa Attre:

Through the main entrance is the easiest way. Remember, in ~ the beginning of the assignment, I claimed that you must talk with Zoltan about Rosa? we learned native the handsome guy that Rosa’s father consistently hires fencing teachers for his daughter, yet they don’t take it because that long. This is the details we currently use. We approach the door, we try to open and also the guard will certainly speak to us. We are presenting a brand-new fencing teacher, and we space escorted inside the defended villa Var Attre!Well, the third way - through the rocky ledges. We go approximately the residence ~ above the left and also find oneself on the ago veranda that a neighboring building - the brothel “Passiflora”. We check out the fountain, revolve from it to the right, go under the stairs and see the rocky ledges. Simply as after the sewer system, us climb them and also find oneself in the garden that the villa Var Attre.

So, if friend hit the residence among the workarounds, then walk to a woman's voice and also meet through a young girl. Present ourselves together Geralt, girlfriend of Dandelion. ~ that, she will present us come the guard as a new fencing teacher, and also you will begin the lesson. If you hit the villa with the main entrance, the guard will instantly take you to the girl, after i m sorry the training through wooden swords will certainly begin.

In the an initial battle it is sufficient to reduced the girl to fifty percent hp so that she is satisfied through the lesson. Climate you have the right to talk, Geralt admits the he is not a teacher at all, yet simply a witch and is in search of his girlfriend Dandelion. Rosa will certainly say the yes, she remembers her “teacher the rhetoric”, but instead of finding out something, Dandeliontried to drive approximately her. But talking come an energetic girl will certainly be bored and also the second battle will start, in i m sorry Geralt has to take under all her childhood ha. If you beat the girl both times, then she will offer to hold another private great tomorrow, and if you desire to clock the love scene, climate you should agree. Girlfriend can complete the mission the following day.

Shortly ~ the finish of the second battle, Rosa’s twin sister, Edna Var Attre, will appear, who, together it turn out, constantly created letters to Dandelion and also tried to mix him v Rosa. Sisters Var Attre start to quarrel and also Geralt has to separate them. The witcher will certainly ask them about the political case in Novigrad lately, around Dandelion and also at the finish of the conversation Edna will cite the surname of Dandelion sweetheart - Cyran native Kovir. That very same girl us heard around from Molly and also Verpula. V this info we need to go back to Zoltan.

Where to uncover Zoltan

Find Zoltan we have the right to in Sage. He additionally interviewed all the girls, yet found naught interesting.


Having discussed Cyranca from Kovir, Zoltan will immediately understand that Edna meant. This is Priscilla, the Dandelion of Dandelion , the troubadour, who is now in Novigrad and also performing in The Kingfisher Inn. Dandelion fell in deeply right into her and also spent a many time v her. Having determined that we need to fulfill her, us agree with the red men to accomplish in Kingfisher in ~ sunset. Us arrive at the designated ar on the map, meditate till 18:00, if necessary, and also go to the tavern.

The scene begins with an extremely beautiful track of Priscilla, in which Geralt and Yennefer room singing about love, back the names are not mentioned. If not laziness, you can listen come the track in various other languages, the sounds very beautiful on every one.


After the speech, Priscilla will discover out in Geralt the an extremely witch and ask him come go approximately a different room v him. Below we discover that Dandelion to plan to plunder the treasury the Sigi Royven, among the leaders of the underworld the Novigrad. And also after the no one saw the bard. On this task, the “Broken Flowers” will be completed and two new story searches will show up - “Get Junior” and also the mission that “Count Reuven's Treasure”.

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The bugs that were encountered throughout the job “Broken Flowers”

In beforehand versions the the game, football player complained around a bug in which the guard at the estate refused to go to the basement to begin training. Assisted the shipment or restart the job. In the next versions of the game, the pest was fixed and also now every little thing is working properly.