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Who Is Brendan Eich?

Brendan Eich is an American computer scientist, software developer, and also entrepreneur.

Eich is the developer the JavaScript – a programming language the is most typically used in internet environments.

Eich is likewise a co-founder that Mozilla Foundation and a co-founder of Brave software – the developer of the privacy-focused Brave internet browser. He briefly served as Mozilla CEO yet resigned 11 job after appointment due to attacks from progressive activists after it to be revealed he had actually supported California’s pro-traditional marriage ballot initiative i m sorry sought to specify marriage as in between a man and a woman.

In the time due to the fact that he has come to be a major privacy proponent and a vocal critic of release culture.

Eich is currently the CEO that Brave Software.


Brendan Eich Wiki-Style Biography and also Background

Brendan Eich’s LinkedIn profile states that he i graduated from Santa Clara University in 1983 v a bachelor’s degree in Math/Computer Science. In 1985, he graduated from the University of Illinois in ~ Urbana-Champaign through a master’s level in computer Science.

From 1985 to 1992, Eich worked as a Software Engineer in ~ Silicon Graphics. After ~ leaving Silicon Graphics, Eich worked as a Software Engineer in ~ MicroUnity until 1995.


The advance of JavaScript in 10 days

In 1995, Eich to be hired by Netscape together a Principal Engineer/Chief Architect. At Netscape, Eich was assigned the task of producing a functioning prototype that a programming language that would certainly run in the Netscape net browser. Inspired by the programming language Java, Eich’s programming language would come to be known together JavaScript.

Eich comment as adheres to on the positioning of the programming language that developed:

If I had done class in JavaScript earlier in may 1995, ns would have actually been told the it to be too much like Java or the JavaScript was competing with Java … ns was under marketing order to do it look prefer Java yet not do it too large for the britches … required to it is in a silly tiny brother language.

According to Computer, the programming language “would need to appeal come nonprofessional programmers lot like Microsoft’s Visual simple and interpretable for straightforward embedding in webpages.”

JavaScript was occurred in 10 job in 1995 to accommodate the tight relax schedule of Netscape 2.0 Beta.


Brendan Eich in ~ Mozilla

In 1998, Eich and Netscape executive Mitchell Baker co-founded Mozilla to construct the Netscape browser’s source code right into an open-source project, according to CNET.

Netscape to be shut under by its parent company AOL in 2003, after i m sorry Eich and Baker carried out the move of Netscape’s job-related to Mozilla Foundation.

In 2005, Eich and Baker set up Mozilla Corp. As a for-profit reality within Mozilla Foundation.

According come Eich’s LinkedIn profile, his duties at Mozilla include Chief Architect (2003 – 2005), CTO (2005 – January 2013), CTO and SVP Engineering (January 2013 – march 2014), and CEO (March 2014 – April 2014).

Washington company Journal writes the the appointment of Eich as Mozilla’s CEO triggered hefty criticism as result of a $1,000 donation he had made in 2008 come California Proposition 8 – a constitutional amendment that intended to half same-sex marital relationship in the state. BBC writes that although Proposition 8 was initially passed, it to be overturned by the us Supreme Court in 2013.

Here is a video from the time reflecting the gradual activists’ criticisms of Eich:

On April 3, 2014 – 11 job after Eich’s appointment – Mozilla announced the Eich had actually stepped down as the company’s CEO.

As a column in Forbes detailed at the time:

Brendan Eich recently stepped under as CEO the Mozilla, developer that the Firefox web browser. It might be an ext accurate to say he was forced out in the wake of a climbing boycott versus him. The backlash versus Eich is regarded his place on happy rights, yet many feel that the campaign versus him is the own type of discrimination and also intolerance.


Brendan Eich’s Brave Browser

Courtesy that Brave.com.


In might 2015, Brendan Eich co-founded Brave Software – the developer that the Brave web browser.

In respectable 2016, TechCrunch reported the Brave Software elevated $4.5 million in particle funding.

The Brave web browser places heavy focus on privacy, blocking website advertisements and also preventing task tracking. Individuals may likewise participate in the Brave Rewards routine to check out Brave advertisements in exchange for Basic fist Tokens (BATs). Earn BAT might be withdrawn or gifted to contents creators of the users’ choice.

According to CoinMarketCap, BAT’s value has been roughly $0.10-$0.20 because that the bulk of the history, despite it got to the vicinity of $1.5 in feather 2021.

Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com.


During the early Coin giving (ICO) of BAT, Brave raised around $35 million. TechCrunch states the this amount was elevated in less than 30 seconds.

As the June 2021, Brave had 33.8 million monthly active users and also 11.7 Million daily active users. Between March 2021 and June 2021, the number of verified content creators ~ above the Brave communication has increased native 1,000 to around 1.2 million.


What Is Brendan Eich’s net Worth?

Brendan Eich’s net worth is approximately $130 million, follow to unconfirmed estimates discovered online.

In might 2019, when Brave was looking to raise $30-$50 million to support its activities, the this firm valuation was at around $133 million, follow to CoinDesk. The industry cap that BAT was in the vicinity the $800 million in June 2021, according to CoinMarketCap.

During Eich’s years at Mozilla, Google began paying Mozilla royalties for featuring Google find as Mozilla Firefox’s default find engine.

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According come All points Digital, in 2010, Google added 84% of Mozilla’s $123 million in revenues. In December 2011, Mozilla fix up its search aristocracy contract with Google for 3 years, v Google agreeing to salary approximately $300 million per year in royalties.