You’ll discover our American-made tactical gear to it is in of the highest possibility quality and also extremely advantageous to military, one-of-a-kind operations units, and also law enforcement. Ours online save is open up 24/7 and we stand ready to respond to questions and requests. Veteran proud, us are realm Tactical USA.

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Patent Pending (choose), Aluminum, hard Brass or Black)

Exclusivity made for EMPIRE TACTICAL USA

Weight -5oz Aluminum ,1lb Brass

5x3x.5 inch

Made in the USA

CAD Designed, CNC milled

knuckle Beer party opener

Can be placed to girlfriend bar or an installed to your watercraft for rope rigging

100% badass

IMPORTANT legal INFORMATION:This tool is intended for opened bottles, together a work of art, or a screen piece, not as a weapon. Empire Tactical USA will certainly not be hosted responsible because that the use, misuse or abuse the this party opener.If you space not sure about the legality of any kind of item because that sale on our website, girlfriend MUSTcontact your regional District Attorney"s Officeand ask them if you deserve to carry or ownsuspected items in your state.Many states allow you to own suspected items however not carry them. Doubt items are not to be offered as tools or to cause bodily damage or damage to personal property in any kind of way. That is YOUR responsibility to know the law prior to you order.

pick Customize original AluminumTumbled Grey original AluminumSWAT BlackSOLID BRASS
original Aluminum Tumbled Grey original Aluminum SWAT black color heavy BRASS
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BADASSERY "Engaging in look at impossible tasks and achieve success in a path that provides all onlookers totally awestruck."