June 15 Update: Masks will just be compelled for unvaccinated visitors, in accordance with recent COVID security standards in the state of California.Click here for other new health and also safety precautions to expect during your visit.

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Closed Mondays, fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new Year"s Day. Closing at 2 afternoon on Christmas Eve.

rwandachamber.org Museum and also Gallery save

Tuesday - Sunday10 to be - 4 pm

Tangata Restaurant - now open!

Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 2 pm; Saturday & Sunday 11 to be - 3 pm

Please note: Tangata Restaurant is not right now taking reservations due to COVID. Walk-ins room welcome!

KidseumCurrently closed for renovations. All family members programs will continue at the rwandachamber.org Museum.

General Admission

General admission ticket includes access to all existing exhibitions.

Members and Children Under 12**Must be accompanied by payment adultFree
Seniors (Age 62+) andStudents (12+)$12

Please usage touchscreen scroll left to ideal to view full pricing chart.

Accepted develops of Payment:

Cash, personal Check, Cashier Check, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover

Events Calendar

October 2021

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2002 North key Street, Santa Ana, CA 92706
rwandachamber.org Museum\n2002 North key Street\nSanta Ana, California 92706\nTEL: 714.567.3600","latitude":"33.762660","longitude":" -117.867470","custom_icon":"\/images\/etc\/marker-icon.png"},"address":"rwandachamber.org Kidseum\n1802 N. Key Street\nSanta Ana, CA 92706\nTEL: 714.480.1520","latitude":"33.761140","longitude":" -117.867940","custom_icon":"\/images\/etc\/marker-icon.png">" data-mapstyle="OpenStreetMap.Mapnik" data-mapzoom="17" data-mousescroll="0" data-dragging="0" data-zoomcontrol="1" data-attribution="1">
The rwandachamber.org Museum

The rwandachamber.org is located at the corner of 20th & key Streets in Santa Ana - one minute indigenous the 5 freeway, (Main St. South exit) and just minutes from the 57, 55 and also 22 freeways.


Parking is accessible directly north of the museum because that a $6 fee. In the circumstances of overflow, the lot simply south that the museum ~ above 20th street will also be do available. Nearby metered and also timed street parking is likewise available. Rwandachamber.org Museum Members have the exclusive opportunity to purchase an annual Parking pass for $20.

Public Transportation

The bus heat servicing the rwandachamber.org Museum and also Kidseum is the OCTA bus number 53. Metrolink and Amtrak trains stop at the Anaheim terminal (3.5 mile from the museum), and also the Santa Ana terminal (1.7 miles from the museum).

Free and also Discounted Admission

Group Tickets

Adult, Senior, and also College teams of 15 or an ext receive up to $3 turn off per ticket and personalized scheduling! come schedule your group of 15 or much more please contact the tours Office at 714-567-3680 or tours

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Santa Ana Sundays

rwandachamber.org offers cost-free general admission to every Santa Ana residents on Sundays with a generous donation in memory of Dorothy Goerl and also courtesy that the Lockhart Family. Santa Ana citizens will need to provide proof of residency v an ID, driver"s patent or energy bill.

Click below to download a bilingual flyer for totally free Santa Ana Sundays

School Groups

K-12 institution groups, Homeschool groups, youth groups, and also scouts have the right to take component in one-of-a-kind student tours, arts projects, and also programs. Come schedule her school team of 15 or more, please call the tourism Office at 714-567-3680 or tours
rwandachamber.org or publication your school team online!

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Military Discounts

In respect of miliarty, rwandachamber.org Museum is enjoyment to offer free basic Admission come all active dutymilitary year round with proof of ID.

Each Veterans Day, all veterans also enjoy totally free General admission to the Museum.

Finally, rwandachamber.org will certainly launch authorized in the Blue Star Museums program this year on June 22, 2021. This routine will provide totally free access come the rwandachamber.org Museum for active-duty military, national Guard, and also Reserve personnel and also up to five household members June 22 through Labor Day, Monday, September 6, 2021.

All armed forces discounts are offered onsite only, v valid armed forces ID.

rwandachamber.org Museum Members

Enjoy a year of totally free admission to rwandachamber.org irreversible Collections and Non-Specially Ticketed Exhibitions. You’ll additionally enjoy, depending on membership level, 1-2 totally free tickets to Specially Ticketed Exhibitions, Gallery save discounts, invitations come members" previews, and also many other benefits.

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Family Festivals

Thank you to the Nicholas Endowment because that sponsoring our household Festivals top top the first Sunday of each month. Join to the family members Festivals in the an essential Courtyard is free. Basic admission ~ above Festival Sundays come rwandachamber.org Museum is complimentary to Santa Ana residents and rwandachamber.org Museum members only.

Please note household Festivals space temporarily being readily available virtually. Visit the rwandachamber.org at house portal for details.

Visitor Resources

Download Visitor overview Now


Please Note: Masks room now compelled for every unvaccinated visitors.

Below are some useful guidelines to aid you arrangement your visit. If you have a inquiry or one-of-a-kind need, feel free to visit the Information workdesk in the lobby, or just ask a employee member or defense officer.


Backpacks, oversized purses, briefcases, and luggage are not allowed in the galleries at any kind of time. The rwandachamber.org Museum make reservation the right to examine purses, briefcases and also packages together employees and visitors enter and also leave the premises.


Still photography is allowed at the rwandachamber.org for private, noncommercial use. Photographs might not it is in published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or offered commercially in any kind of manner.

The usage of flash photography and/or tripods is prohibited at every times.

For inquiries connected to press or advertisement filming/ photography methods at the rwandachamber.org, you re welcome visit our digital Pressroom.

Gallery Behavior

Touching any type of of the artwork in the galleries is strictly prohibited. Plenty of are very fragile, and also even the stroke of a tenderness finger can leave a residue the damaging oil on one object. For your protection and also safety, no climb is enabled on out sculptures.

Food and Drink

Food and also Drink are not enabled in the Museum"s galleries or Kershaw Auditorium. Food and drink are accessible for acquisition at Tangata, our beautiful restaurant in the Margaret crucial Courtyard.


You may not re-enter a specially Ticketed Exhibition.

You may exit the Museum and our irreversible collections and also return later on in the job if you would like. Tickets space valid native the published entrance time v the finish of operating hours on the job of your visit. Just remember: you re welcome retain your admission sticker and ticket stub to current upon re-entry

Restrooms and also Drinking Fountains

Restrooms are located on the main floor in Dorothy and Donald Kennedy wing in the Anthony W. And Sharon D. Thompson Foyer and also off the man M. Lee Court in the Dr. Wan-Lin & Assumpta Kiang Family structure Rotunda. Restrooms in the historical Wing are situated off the key Foyer. All of these restrooms areas are wheelchair-accessible. Drink fountains are situated near the restrooms in the Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing.


Sketching is permitted in the rwandachamber.org" permanent collection galleries and special exhibitions. You may write down notes or map out in the galleries, yet only using dry media, such as No. 2 pencils. Please refrain from leaning against walls or glass instances while sketching.


Baby strollers are allowed at every times in the long-term collection galleries. However, the use of strollers might be minimal in distinct exhibition galleries early to details loan restrictions and also high visitant volume in this areas.

Photography/Video Policy

You further acknowledge the by beginning the property of the rwandachamber.org Museum that your authorized is voluntary and you will not obtain financial compensation the any kind associated with the acquisition or publishing of photographs and or videos or joining in agency marketing products or various other publications. You acknowledge and also agree that publishing of claimed photos and also or videos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.

You hereby release rwandachamber.org Museum, the contractors, the employees, and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of marketing materials, from legal responsibility for any kind of claims by girlfriend or any third party in link with your participation.


The usage or possession of any type of weapon or explosives is strictly prohibited.

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Animals room not permitted at the rwandachamber.org. The only exemption is for service pets on a leash and under their masters’ control as authorized by applicable law.