Here"s wherein to find Fortbyte #52, available with bot spray in a robot manufacturing facility in "Fortnite: fight ... <+> Royale".

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Credit: epos / Erik Kain

The 14 days Of Fortnite room over halfway over, together Season 9 draws inexorably towards its conclusion. Main 9 start tomorrow through a new batch that challenges.

And now we have actually yet one more Fortbyte—one that the last. Fortbyte #52 is "accessible with Bot Spray within a robot factory." In bespeak to access this Fortbyte, you"ll should spray the Bot Spray, which is earned at Tier 85 the the Season 9 fight Pass. That"s the highest Tier requirement we"ve checked out so far.

Bot Spray

Credit: epos / Erik Kain

The robot manufacturing facility is recognized as push Plant, where you can now view a giant robot under construction. What the robot will do once it"s fully built stays to it is in seen. Perhaps a huge showdown between the robot and also the monster that"s been running amok all throughout the map, damaging Polar Peak"s castle and also leaving prey Lake in tatters.

Fortbyte 52 location

Credit: epos / Erik Kain

As you can see in this image, the byte is located in the central-eastern section of push Plant, top top the soil floor. This is ~ above the upper tier of pressure Plant whereby the robot is gift constructed, not down the stairs close to the lava. It"s tucked in the corner where the natural volcano wall meets the created concrete wall:

When you acquire to the bottom, simply use the Bot Spray and also the byte will come to be accessible. Search it and add it come your cultivation collection.

Fortbyte 52

Credit: epic / Erik Kain

And that"s every there is to it! ns will keep in mind that the first time i attempted to obtain this Fortbyte that didn"t show up. I observed several other players" Bot Sprays and also another player was standing there as if confused. Ns think the was simply a glitch for everyone, or at least for some people. So if this doesn"t present up, merely load earlier in and it need to be there.

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This isn"t the first buggy Fortbyte. Fortbyte #67, whereby you have to glide v triangular rings, additionally gave people some trouble.

In any case, great luck young padawans!


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