Searching other unrelated I taken place to hear around Vermivorous The Invincible, a monster allegedly close to Terramorphous in difficulty and booty quality. He"s apparently quite real:

How do you acquire this point to spawn? finest I can tell it entails getting Varkids come evolve. How many evolutions does that take and what"s the best method to acquire him to generate quickly?


You need to uncover a Varkid larva, permit it come pod right into an adult Varkid. Then enable this to pod transform into a gibberish Varkid, wait till they type into a pod yet again, into a Super gibberish Varkid. Let the pod transform once much more into an Ultimate gibberish Varkid.

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After that it will need to kill other monsters, (like a Goliath would) and eventually that will form a pod, and also it will come to be Vermivorous. Source (note that is a vid, he has a kind of humor that is not for everybody)

Unconfirmed: Some resources say that Varkids need other Varkids around for one to transform into a pod. No sure about this one.


Larva -> Pod -> Adult -> Pod -> badass -> Pod -> Super badass -> Pod -> Ultimate badass -> let it go on a murder spree -> Pod -> Vermivorous.

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Basically what you have to do is run around and kite a team of Varkids (draw aggression yet don"t kill) until they prosper into morph pods. Do no kill the varkids or pods. Because you require a big number of Varkids, ns recommend Tundra Express; that has more Varkids 보다 Caustic Caverns and there are less non-varkid enemies. You can aggro every Varkids ~ above the map while illustration minimal non-Varkid fist as well.

Each "evolution" from a pod will reason a varkid to flourish stronger and take longer prior to their next pod stage. Keep in mind that no all varkids will grow beyond a specific point.

Also note there"s no one Vermi. Every Varkid has actually a opportunity to enter the following stage, for this reason while it"s feasible that nobody of the Varkids on the totality map will transform right into Vermiorous, it"s possible that several will turn right into Vermi (this is unpleasant):


The times for each stage, native the Borderlands wiki:

Larval/Blood > Adult Pod = 10s Adult > gibberish Pod = 20s gibberish > Super badass Pod = 30s Super gibberish > Ultimate badass Pod = ~40-60s Ultimate gibberish > Supreme badass Pod (Vermivorous) = ~100-120s

Basically the trick is if girlfriend don"t see any kind of morphs because that a minute (two minutes as soon as you watch Super Badasses), your "batch" of varkids is "rotten" and also none of castle will proceed to evolve. Friend can consider lower level varkids "rotten" before the later on forms. Larval Varkids just take a matter of seconds. Begin culling anything below Badass Varkids ~ 30s come a minute to remove distractions. Super/Ultimate badass varkids can be very difficult on their own, so once you"re sure they"re not going to change you have to put lock down.

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Once a batch is rotten, you deserve to hurt them and see if the forces any kind of to morph (from my experience it doesn"t) and then just slay your current set, then move on come a various one. To avoid being swarmed, just piss off one or two sets of varkids in ~ once, then cull the set before moving on to another.

After trial and error of my own (and other resources) I"ve additionally found the following relevant tidbits:

Varkids don"t need to kill various other things to "level up" like GoliathsVarkids need aggro to grow. They can flourish if they"re aggroed on various other monsters, but aggroed ~ above players and not death anything works fineVarkids do have to be given time come evolve, enhancing with each morph pod step (table below)Varkids don"t have to be hurt to morph (I"ve heard hurting them increases the chance of them morphing, but from mine own trial and error this appears to be bunk. If you have any kind of data concerning this that"d be helpful)