Upgrade her commute and also make traveling funny again with the enhanced Board Mini X by enhanced Boards. Quick shipping in Europe. Authorized retailer.

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Zboard 2 Blue is the cheaper, lighter, and less an effective twin of Zboard 2 Pearl. Both boards space uniquely designed and have deck sensor controls the offer interesting riding experience.
Boosted plank Mini X Landing Page
ZBoard 2 Blue Landing Page

raised Board Mini X details


ZBoard 2 Blue details


enhanced Board Mini X

What space some alternatives?

When comparing enhanced Board Mini X and ZBoard 2 Blue, girlfriend can also consider the adhering to productsBajaBoard- This is an electrical skateboard designed particularly for all-terrain riding. Heaps of power, outstanding top speed, and a price to match. Great if you have the budget and also enjoy kicking up part dirt.

SPECTRA Silver- · All-powerful 4WD electrical skateboard v world’s first 3D Posture regulate System· 23mph optimal speed and also ~20 miles range· every wheel brake strength by regenerative hub motors· 3 regulate Methods: posture Control, remote Control, application Control.

Boosted Board- An electrical skateboard to solve the last mile problem

Onewheel+- A new world the rideable terrain

Segway miniPRO- Hands-free, self-balancing transporter. No a hoverboard.

Magneto electrical Skateboard- cursed to do high-quality skateboards and also longboards in ~ affordable prices.

Boosted board Mini X vs BajaBoard
Boosted plank Mini X vs SPECTRA Silver
Boosted board Mini X vs raised Board
Boosted board Mini X vs Onewheel+
Boosted board Mini X vs Segway miniPRO
Boosted plank Mini X vs Magneto electric Skateboard
ZBoard 2 Blue vs BajaBoard
ZBoard 2 Blue vs SPECTRA Silver
ZBoard 2 Blue vs raised Board
ZBoard 2 Blue vs Onewheel+
ZBoard 2 Blue vs Segway miniPRO
ZBoard 2 Blue vs Magneto electrical Skateboard

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