When friend shop because that a brand-new hoverboard, there are tons of points to consider. The course, you desire safety, an excellent speed, long ride times, and also the coolest attributes as the finest price. But looks also matter. You may want a cool spring hoverboard or simply one in your favorite color. I understand that, especially since my favorite shade is blue. Ns love getting every little thing in blue, and also if you share my affinity for the shade you’re probably searching for blue hoverboards. We’ve scoured all the existing hoverboard models to uncover the ideal blue hoverboards available. However we looked past the shade at every the features and prices to find the best ones available. Inspect out the comparison chart below and the full reviews in the next section.

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Blue Hoverboards comparison Chart

Check out our to compare chart because that blue hoverboards. If you want to check out our detailed review of each hoverboard model, scroll down to the next section.

NamePhotoRatingWheel SizeFeaturesBuy
Swagtron T1

4 Star Rating6.5 inchLED headlights, 12 mile distance, 1 year warranty

Hover-1 Chrome 2.0

4 Star Rating6.5 inchLED headlights, Bluetooth speaker, smartphone app


4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchLED headlights, max speed 7.5 mph, good for beginners
Sisigad Pure Color
4.5 Star Rating6.5 inchLED lights, Wheel Lights, Bluetooth Speakers
4 Star Rating6.5 inchLED lights, max speed 7.5 mph, Bluetooth

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Best Blue Hoverboards

Swagtron T1 Hoverboard

If safety is your an initial concern when it concerns hoverboards, then any type of of the models from Swagtron are wonderful choice. Their T1 version was the very first hoverboard to satisfy the new strict certification requirements in 2016 and it’s a wonderful choice because that anyone in search of a safe ride. Plus, it come in blue! The safety features encompass a Sentry Shield battery v UL 2272 certification that will certainly not over warmth or record fire. It additionally has Safe avoid technology, so if friend suddenly lose power if riding it, your hoverboard will certainly glide come a for sure stop. The LED headlights will store you clearly shows in short light conditions.

The Swagtron T1 is a good entry-level version for anyone interested in a hoverboard. It has actually two riding modes: a cultivate mode and a regular mode. Add to the 6.5″ wheel side is an excellent for kids, teens, and also adults, so anyone in the family can ride it.

Available colors: black, blue, garnet, yellow, pink, white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 8 mph

Max Distance: 12 miles

Notable features: UL 2272 certification, LED headlights, 2 talk modes, 300 watt double electric scooter motor, lithium-ion battery, 2-3 hour fee time, LED headlights, rubber bumpers, Sentry Shield battery protection, max load 220 lbs., 1-year warranty

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Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Blue Hoverboard

If you prefer a little shine on your blue, this chrome hoverboard version from Hover-1 is slick option. The timeless hoverboard style features cool wheel lights, as well as LED headlights and also bumper lights. You can customize this lights making use of a free smartphone app. Usage the application to track ride stats choose speed and also distance, battery percentage, and also even the gps location of her hoverboard. You’ll additionally stand out as soon as you cruise by listening to her favorite music on the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Hover-1 is a an excellent hoverboard option for the whole family thanks to three skill modes: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Everyone can conveniently learn to ride this hoverboard on beginning of the person mode.

Available colors: chrome blue, gunmetal, chrome pink

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 7 mph

Max Distance: 6 miles

Rider load Range: max load 220 lbs

Charging Time: 4.5 come 6.5 hours

Notable features: UL2272 Certified, IPX4 water-resistant, Bluetooth speakers, smartphone app, customizable LED lamp (wheel, headlights, and also fender), general practitioners tracking, 150W motor, 3 ride settings (beginner, intermediate, and also expert)

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LIEAGLE Blue Hoverboard

The LIEAGLE is a good beginner hoverboard perfect for kids and brand-new riders. Completely safety certified, the LED headlights and also flash wheel lights add a fun edge come this straightforward model. This standard hoverboard design features a bolder matte blue shade with black non-slip tight pads. Affordably priced, riders young and old have the right to enjoy this cool ride.

Available colors: blue, pink, purple, white

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 7.5 mph

Max Distance: 10 miles

Rider weight Range: 44 lbs. Come 264 lbs.

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Notable features: UL2272 Certified, Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, wheel lights, bumper lights, three-month warranty

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Sisigad speed Wheel Hoverboard

I love the speed Wheel version from Sisigad. Great, affordable alternative if you’re in search of blue hoverboards. There’s a bunch the bright, beautiful color in a fun architecture thanks to the LED lights. Flashy is a good way to explain this hoverboard. It attributes the conventional LED safety lights, as well as flashing lights on the wheel. This is a hoverboard that is meant to it is in seen.

In enhancement to the funny colors and lights, the speed Wheel likewise has Bluetooth speakers to play music while friend ride. The 6.5″ wheel dimension is perfect because that kids, teens, or adults. Teenagers will love exactly how cool they look talk this flashy hoverboard.

Available colors: blue, turquoise, purple, white, pink

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 6 mph

Max Distance: 6 miles

Rider load Range: max weight: 220 lbs.

Charging Time: 3-5 hours

Notable features: UL 2272 Certified, Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, wheel lights, 160W twin motors

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XPRIT Hoverboard

If friend really desire to look at cool, this is a blue hoverboard that stands out from the rest. Native the chrome end up to the sleek design, you will certainly be seen many thanks to the LED headlights, fender lights, and wheel lights. The level board style is perfect for kids, teens, and also some adults, v a max driver weight of 160 lbs.

XPRIT is perfect for casual speak at home or in the park ~ above cement. Usage the built-in carrying take care of to quickly take it through you wherever you desire to ride.

Available colors: chrome blue, black, chrome gold, chrome violet, pink, white, graffiti, azure

Wheel Size: 6.5″

Max Speed: 7.5 mph

Max Distance: 3-6 miles

Rider load Range: 44 lbs. To 160 lbs.

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Notable features: UL2272 Certified, Bluetooth speakers, LED headlights, fender lights, wheel lights, integrated handle

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