Blade and Soul make basics

After you with level 11, you have the right to sign 2 contracts v crafting guilds and 2 with gathering guilds. In tongue & spirit you do not craft items yourself – you location orders with her crafting guild and wait because that them to finish your item (aka. Pay the NPC a little amount of money to do the task for you). After ~ a small amount of time the order will be done, the item will be delivered and you will gain experience (trust) through that specific guild. Of food you are cost-free to leaving crafting/gathering guilds at any time and also switch to an additional one but remember the you will lose all suffer you got with them so far.

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It might be a bit confusing at an initial so it’s much better to take a look right into all 14 guilds beforehand and also plan what you desire to level as every one of them have various connections and requirements.

There room 7 make guilds (names may vary relying on patch/translation friend play on):

Blacksmith (Weaponsmith) – weapons, repair hammers etc;Alchemist (Grand medication Institution) – elixirs, potions, antidotes;Priests (BoPae) – tables (BoPae), advancement stones;Local flavor (Cooking) – food (healing/boosting stats and so on);Potters – bottles, containers, mining picks, polished materials;Jewellers – accessories, gems, tricks to chests;Astrologers (Monarch Church) – escape talismans, unsealing talismans, resurgence talismans;

To make it easier afterwards – below you have all the signs for make guilds:

And 7 gathering guilds (names might vary depending upon patch/translation you play on):

Farmers (Harvest)Woodcutters (Lumbermill)FishermenHuntersHerbalists (Medicinal)Miners (Geology)Organshchiki (Masonry)

To do it easier later on – here you have all the symbols for collection guilds:

Each make guild is connected to 2 collection guilds – you will certainly be making use of their sources to craft. Of food you are always cost-free to choose what girlfriend want and buy products from Auction House yet it’s easier and cheaper to craft them yourself.

Here is a simplified photo showing i m sorry crafting guild calls for items indigenous which gathering guild:

Leveling crafts

You have the right to level her crafts by merely ordering guilds to create materials because that you all the time. That takes time and also money yet is yes, really worth it as on higher levels you automatically unlock brand-new designs for items. It works a bit different with guilds of gatherers – girlfriend unlock brand-new gatherable resources by finding your samples almost everywhere the world. Locations of all of them will be in a separate article.

After placing your craft a tiny icon will appear on bottom of your screen and also when you float over that a small craft home window will pop up reflecting the condition of your current crafts. From there on you deserve to simply gather goods and also repeat the same orders.

Keep in psychic that greater level crafts need rarer ingredients and craftable items do by various other guilds.

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Leaving a crafting or collection guildIf you desire to leaving a guild you deserve to do it by simply right-clicking the guild logo design in the do Tab (L) and also choosing the “Leave Guild” option.