Father’s day is a very important job for difficult Rock Daddy because of what it represents – the everlasting bond between a father and his children. There is no the affect of my dad, hard Rock Daddy would certainly not exist, at least in its present form. This particular day has constantly been bittersweet for me since becoming a dad since I tragically lost my dad much less than a year prior to my first child was born. It’s been practically 13 years because his passing, but I deserve to still hear mine dad’s indigenous ringing in my ear, and often times, out of my mouth through my own children. Share stories around my dad v my children has offered them a link to him that goes lot deeper than a storage of a guy that castle never got the possibility to meet.

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Last year, top top the first Father’s job after the launch of hard Rock Daddy, I placed out my Top 5 difficult Rock Songs for Father’s Day. It to be a challenging list to compile because of the scarcity of songs in the genre that pay tribute to fathers. The end of all the songs on the list, one stood over the rest since it defined my feelings virtually perfectly. Black rock Cherry’s “Things My father Said” records the emotions that space felt by a child who loser his dad at a fairly young age, but never got the chance to to speak goodbye.

Even though it was practically 13 years ago, ns still psychic our last goodbye, however I didn’t recognize that it to be going to be the last one at the time. Us were celebrate the bear of the first grandchild in the family, and my dad was beaming v pride together he organized that tiny bundle of happiness in his arms. The is an iconic picture in our family members to this day. Sadly, his grand days it is long only around a month or so prior to his untimely passing. That small baby in the picture turned 13 this Father’s day weekend, a number the really renders you appreciate exactly how much time has actually gone by and how quickly it seems to have happened.

Since the day, three other grandchildren have been born, including my 2 children. No one of the kids ever obtained the opportunity to know the man who would have actually been affectionately known as “Poppy,” however they every love him just the same. His time on planet was short, however the influence that he made will certainly last a lifetime.

My dad never really sat me or my siblings down to teach specific life lessons; he just shared his thoughts v us ~ above a constant basis in one honest, and also often times, hilarious way. Since he no intend to share this lessons in a official way, he might never have known the affect that they had on me. I don’t think that ns realized them myself until I ended up being a dad, and also started sharing them through my children.

I deserve to relate come so numerous of the lyrics in “Things My father Said,” however a couple of of castle still get to me whenever i hear the song…

“I expect my father to know the seed that we’ve sewn still grow”

“One point I will never ever forget is the day that I shed you”

Losing my dad is something the I have never obtained over. The i of time has eased the pains of his loss, yet there is a void in mine life that just cannot be filled. I’ll never ever forget the day the I lost my dad, but much more importantly, I’ll never forget all of the storage that us created and also the lessons that he taught me that have helped me to become the dad that i am this particular day to my kids. On this and also every Father’s Day, ns remember the “things my dad said” and smile, even if that is with a heavy heart.

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“Things My dad Said” lyrics (see video clip below)

The things my father claimed would make me a better man

Hard work and the love of friends, a woman the understands

I hope my father to know the seeds we’ve sewn tho grow

At night ns go to sleep and pray the is watching end me

Somewhere there’s a star it is shining

So bright that I can see her smile

And all that I require is one critical chance

Just to hear you, you say goodbye

Sometimes ns remember once you taught me to tie my shoes

One thing I will never ever forget is the day the I shed you

I expect you always know the auto that we developed will constantly roll

Somewhere there’s a star that’s shining

So bright that I have the right to see her smile

And all that I require is one last chance

Just come hear you say goodbye

And if you have actually a dream you far better hang on because that dear life

And as soon as that cold wind blows, simply let it happen you by

Yeah…things my father said

Yeah, yeah… yeah, yeah, yeah

Somewhere yes sir a star that’s shining

So bright the I have the right to see her smile

And all that I require is one critical chance

Just come hear you, you to speak goodbye, goodbye

Just to hear girlfriend say….goodbye


motherwolfweb says

February 20, 2017 in ~ 11:39 am

Thank girlfriend so lot for sharing this. Ns was just looking this song up and found your blog. Ns can’t tell you just how much her words copy my very own feelings. I lost my dad very unexpectedly almost 4 year ago. The has ravaged me. I loved the so lot and few months after losing him ns was pregnant v my little boy. My first and only. Yet i have felt together grief end the reality that my dad never obtained to watch my small boy or know he exists. And also that my tiny boy never obtained to fulfill my dad. I was therefore close to my dad. Ns loved his stories. That made me laugh. He to be my civilization really. And also it wrong me losing him. I’m still working through my grief and find it tough to permit go. Yet I like what you said exactly how I deserve to share stories and memories of my dad through my tiny boy. And I will perform that. My tiny boy has also been battling cancer i beg your pardon was an additional shock. But things are slowly acquiring better. He had his portacath the end a couple of weeks back and is hope on the roadway to better things. He is 3 top top Saturday. I shed my dad in March. It still kills me. Give thanks to you for your post. I can’t imagine 13 year going by without my dad. X

AW says

February 21, 2017 in ~ 11:00 am

Wow! I’m therefore glad the this to be able to aid you in some way, and that your little boy is starting to get better and winning his battle. Ns really appreciate you sharing her story, specifically this time that year together the days are rapid approaching come yet an additional of my father’s birthdays that us cannot memory together.